Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a fucking ingrate.

So JR Smith is pissed off because the Knicks put almost half a million dollars in his brother's pocket before they cut him for a player that they can actually use. What a fucking ingrate.

Instead of being thankful that they allowed his brother to live out the dream, albeit a brief one, that millions of kids have even though he wasn't worthy based upon his game JR is now tweeting bullshit about disloyalty.


Well this is what James Dolan gets for bringing this knucklehead here in the first place. I hope JR retires an old man in a Knick uniform.

Friday, December 27, 2013

That's not the real story

I could go on about how the Knicks refused to defend the corner three point shot. I could question why Coach Woodson abandoned the zone defense in the second half that was affective enough to help create the lead in the first half. But why since that's not the real story.

Yes the Knicks lost again, we know and they are going to continue to lose because there isn't anything elite about them.

No, the real story is about Masai Ujiri.

You know, the guy who fleeced the Knicks when he was the GM of the Denver Nuggets who orchestrated the Carmelo Anthony trade.

You see, Masai is now the GM of the Toronto Raptors who got Dolan again when he talked him out of the tough old players that kept the team stable and competitive enough to get 54 wins last season for Andrea Bargnani who himself is now the subject of Knicks trade rumors.

Like the bastard or not Masai has put together a team that is now at the top of the Atlantic division with key victories against the Oklahoma City Thunder and tonight against the Knicks. It looks like Toronto is about to pull away from the rest of the division and dash all of Woodson's foolish talk about winning the division this week.

Not going to happen Knicks fans you must now contend with Masai Ujiri not only destroying any hopes of your GM putting a real team together but now the guy is building a direct competitor to your Knicks.

What is your excuse now Knicks fans?

Knicks lose again, Toronto 95 - Knicks 83.

Your fancy schmancy freakin' superstar

There are two tried and true was of building a championship basketball team.

The first way is by acquiring young players via the draft or young free agents with potential and building a solid team. Then, hopefully one or more of those young acquisitions becomes a superstar which your solid team matures around.

The second way is similar to the first with the exception of using the cap space and draft picks that you wisely hold on to as you build your solid young team to acquire a free agent superstar to take your solid team over the top.

The idea that you can trade all the pieces of a young developing team away along with draft picks all the while sacrificing cap space to acquire one superstar and still put together a solid team on the cheap is and was ridiculous. It is also the exact formula that James Dolan implemented that has failed miserably.

Today I was listening to WFAN and I have to tell you at times I think that Joe and Evan have rocks in their heads. We're not even going to talk about Bill Daughtry at ESPN radio who wears his skintight Knicks City Dancer uniform to the station every night.

These are the same guys who always argue after Carmelo gets 50 and the Knicks lose that it's not Anthony's fault because he doesn't have anyone around him to pass the ball to for help. Well guys, is it possible that he doesn't have anyone to pass to and won't anytime in the near future because of the lack of trade-able players, draft picks and no cap space? Go ahead and tell me, I'll wait.

The Knicks fan will never see Carmelo Anthony compete for a championship in a Knick uniform and with even fewer gutsy players on the team this year they may not even finish .500 with your fancy schmancy freakin' superstar.

James Dolan will never admit his error and trade Anthony while he can get something for him and Anthony knows that this group of geniuses in management don't have a clue on how to bring him the help he needs. How can Anthony possibly stay here after this season?

Patience is what is needed to turn the Knicks around but it too was included in the trade to Denver.

Monday, December 16, 2013

There ain't no moral victories you losers

With six seconds remaining down by one point the Knicks didn't call a time out after the Bullets scored what was the winning basket.

All you Knicks fans say that there is no one else to pass the ball to and he has to take the big shots I don't want to hear any fucking crying about how Anthony lollygagged his way up court.

I don't want to hear about poor time management on the part of coach Woodson for not calling a time out. What did you need a time out for when the play was just going to be "give Carmelo the ball"?!? You got what you think is your best option no matter what and you lost. Quit your bitching.

My Nets on the other hand are getting healthier by the day, guys are assuming roles that best suit the team and we dusted the 76ers by 36 points. We are taking off baby.

Apparently Prigioni broke a toe and will be out for a couple of weeks and with Raymond Felton in dress pants tonight due to a hamstring injury what are they going to do? Maybe JR can play the point, if he feels like it.

Knicks apologists will talk about all the good that was gotten out of the game like Shumpert's excellent defense, JR deciding to earn his money and make some shots. Hey your fucking team lost to the Bullets at home. There ain't no moral victories you losers.

Who cares, the Knicks lose again, Washington 102 - Knicks 101

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You are a fool to still be a fan of this team

Mike Isola reported in the New York Daily News last night an explanation for the single shot JR Smith took in the game against the Celtics the other day.

According to Isola, Woodson and Smith got into a heated exchange after the Chicago game over some very foul and insulting language JR said to Woodson during the game. Woodson had been trying to get Smith to improve his shot selection and last year's sixth man of the year took exception to Woodson's coaching and let off some very rude slick talk on the bench.

Well, as geniuses do, the next opportunity JR got to show who's the boss was the Celtics game in which he registered a single shot and got two points from two free throws. Acting like a goddamn baby he really showed up Woodson by waiting until the fourth quarter to take one shot. How you like those apples coach?!?

This is all Dolan's fault. He signed this guy unbeknownst to the coach at the time who did not want him, didn't do his due diligence to check out the knee he wrecked while playing in China, and paid no attention to his past antics in Denver.

JR destroyed any chance of advancing in the playoffs last year with his selfish cheap shot on Jason Terry and he started this season suspended for five games because he had drugs in his system.

WTF are they holding on to this idiot for?

It should be JR, Felton and Metta World Peace going through luggage checks at JFK before their flight to Toronto not Shumpert or the 2018 first round pick.

These fucking Knicks lose even when they win. LOL You are a fool to still be a fan of this team.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Guess what the outcome was?

With the woeful shooting of Shumpert and last year's sixth man of the year JR Smith deciding not to take a shot until the fourth quarter, the bulk of the scoring had to come from Carmelo Anthony with a little help from Amare who went into the fourth quarter with 18 points.

As is the norm with this team the offense in the last five minutes went into complete isolation for Carmelo Anthony and zero ball movement. However with Melo being so exhausted he had no energy left for good shots.

Now you'd think he'd try going hard to the basket and looking for Amare, who has turned back time in the past week, but nooo. Sir Shootalot has it in his head that he is the only one allowed to shoot with five minutes or less on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Guess what the outcome was? Go ahead, guess.

Knicks lose Again, Boston 90 - Knicks 86

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can you believe that?

Last night, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers had Pablo Prigioni and Raymond Felton spinning like tops with the assortments of crossovers and behind the back dribbling he did to them.

I almost felt sorry for them because I know they'll have to fly back to New York with the ankles wrapped and elevated on the plane which can't be the most comfortable position.

Yet again I heard Michael Kay running his big mouth defending Carmelo Anthony and exclaiming "Who should he be passing the ball too!?!".

Kay, he should be passing the ball to the four other millionaires on the floor with him so that the team can play "good" basketball.

I know you have been a Knick fan your entire life and you have rarely seen well played team ball in the Garden but sound basketball will always get more wins than not especially in today's league when so few teams do and it doesn't require a great deal of talent which is exactly the state of the Knicks.

Stephen A is right and I have said it for months myself, if you fools think that Melo is signing up for more of this crap you are as stupid as I think you are.

Amare and Andrea Bargnani were the only players blocking shots and attempting to hustle on defense last night, can you believe that?

Knicks lose again, Cleveland 109 - Knicks 94.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

They're baaaack

You silly Knicks fans. LOL

Your team beat up two bums last week and you thought that the season had turned around. Hilarious.

I told you before that this team has very poor memory of success. The ball movement stopped today, they went back to those ugly ass orange uniforms and got blown out but the Celtics today.

The Boston club is supposed to be rebuilding and it began on the Knicks' asses.

If anyone was wondering where the Knicks were who started the season, they're baaaack.


Knicks lose again Celtics 114 - Knicks 73, you read that right.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The real Knicks showed up

And the Knicks lose again.

Anthony Davis, of the New Orleans Pelicans,  fractured a bone in his hand early in the first period in Madison Square Garden and the Knicks were able to play inspired basketball in his absence.

Anthony Hardaway Jr. had his best night as a pro hitting open shots which were the result of ball movement on the offense. The likes of which hadn't been seen by this team since the days of Mike D'Antoni.

Raymond Felton was a huge factor in the first half with his timely dishing and swishing.

Even Carmelo Anthony got into the act finding the open man and passing the ball for the better shot.

But we know the Knicks by now. They can't handle prosperity.

The Knicks get amnesia in the fourth quarter when they are playing well and resort back to that same old game which now has them 3 - 13 with nine straight losses.

Playing good basketball for four quarters is an impossibility for this group because of he whose name shall not be mentioned.

Those wacky Knicks fans showed up at the Garden tonight and acted as if this was finally going to be the night that their loyalty and devotion would be rewarded. But it was all for naught. The real Knicks showed up for the last half of the fourth period and handed the Pelicans a victory gift wrapped for the holiday season.

 And the Knicks lose again. New Orleans 103 - Knicks 99

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blah Blah Yadda Yadda

So I wake up today with all this ruckus about how I am so wrong for saying that Anthony shouldn't have taken the final shot last night. That every other team gives their best player the final shot and I don't know anything about basketball for suggesting they attempt something other than one pass one shot.

Well, let me tell you fuckers something. Your Knicks are not every other team. Your team fucking stinks. They suck. Anthony ain't Jordan you dick heads. You have no choice but to try something not so obvious when you have a chance to win a game.

In football teams that run flea flickers, end arounds and statue of liberty plays do so because they are not big enough or strong enough to over power the opponent and execute whatever they want. That's the Knicks. They must resort to trickery when they have a remote chance of winning because Anthony against everyone else has fallen short all year.

Last night Anthony against everyone got his weak shot sent back by Randy Foye. He is not clutch right now so you have no choice but to draw up some misdirection even if the ball falls into his hands for the last shot.

Your team is 3 - 12. Let me repeat that 3 - 12 and Anthony has played in every game this season. How has just handing him the ball worked out for you douche bags?

Anthony's code for the team "lacking chemistry" means that the Shumpert/Amare faction of the team hates his guts.

I hope to God they go 3 -79. I'd take that over a Nets championship.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Only one Anthony can get away with this kind of stuff

I have the NBA League Pass and it was really interesting clicking from game to game and watching all the players that the Knicks got rid of for Anthony helping their teams win, including the team the Knicks played tonight, and watching the New York Carmelos lose miserably again.

I had to chuckle at that.

Does that mean that those teams will win championships? Of course not but what it does reinforce is the understanding that a team is comprised of players, not just hitching your wagon to a single supposed star and wishing for the best. You know, the James Dolan philosophy of team building.

With 12 seconds left in the game and down by two points instead of moving the ball and driving to the basket, which got the Knicks back into the game, you know what happened when Anthony got his hands on the ball. That's right, one pass one shot which clanked on the side of the rim and fell off giving Denver the victory.

Only one Anthony can get away with this kind of stuff.

Knicks lose again, Nuggets 97 - Knicks 95

Denver on Friday night

I should have written post about the Knicks last loss but they are beginning to bore me now.

They are so pathetic that I need to take a break from watching them every once in awhile but I will be ready for the ass kicking they get in Denver on Friday night.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It takes time

This afternoon folks are questioning last nights play of Shumpert on defense.

Clyde has even said that Shumpert he has "lost his swagger".

Well, the truth is, the same thing that is happening to Shumpert is exactly the same thing that happened to the young guys just before the Anthony trade. Trade talk is kryptonite to the confidence of a young player.

The pre-Anthony group was about to go over .500 and even Landry Fields wasn't in the witness protection program at the time.

However when the trade talks got serious Chandler, Landry, Gallinari and Mozgov all spit the bit and played like they were afraid for their very lives.

Each day there were stories about how upset many of them were about having to leave New York City.

That kind of stuff affects the play of all young players so the reporters and Mike Woodson need to back the hell off of Iman Shumpert and let him deal with this however he can.

Trades strip the naivete off young players and forces them to be hardened mercenaries. It takes time to become condotierri.

Very interesting

I find it very interesting that Jason Kidd not being in uniform as a Knick this season is quite possibly the main reason for the Nets and the Knicks starting so horribly this season.

Knicks lose again, Pistons 92 - Knicks 86

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well well well

When I created this blog my heart bled for the Knicks. I had so much hope for the future even when there was absolutely nothing to realistically indicate that happy days would return.

We don't need to get into all the failed GM's, the Isiah Thomas debacle and the awful tenure of Stephon Marbury. Madison Square Garden was a disaster and the Knicks were the laughing stock of the league.

Then, the NBA commissioner David Stern stepped in and forced James Dolan's hand to hire Donnie Walsh to handle the team and we began to see rays of hope again.

Donnie knew that he had to put an entertaining product on the floor so he brought in Mike D'Antoni who although had not won a championship did have a knack for turning a bunch bums into the basketball equivalent of Cirque Du Soleil.

Then Donnie brought in a bunch over achieving and athletic young players while managing to get rid of a bunch of over bloated contracts and keeping the team's draft picks.

Donnie's Knicks were not in position to win a championship but they were a lot of fun. The city had a team of young guys to rest their hopes on for the long term but that wasn't good enough for James Dolan.

Still listening to the likes of Isiah Thomas and sports agents James Dolan pushed Donnie to get Carmelo Anthony at all costs after Lebron James signed with the Miami heat.

All the young players were traded away in addition to future draft picks which meant hopes for long term growth were dashed. The team that Donnie was coerced to put together under the instruction of James Dolan had to win immediately but how could they?

Young penetrating point guards were shoved out the door, athletic small forwards were gotten rid of and a young solid back up center was made fun of as the savior Carmelo Anthony arrived in town.

Now look at this team. A mix of broken down has-beens, point guards who couldn't stay in front of the Statue of Liberty, a sixth man of the year with a bum knee and a marijuana habit which got him suspended and a one dimensional "super star". James Dolan had the balls to guarantee a championship out of this mess. The man is clearly drunk with his own power.

I was always called negative when I brought all this up in the past but today the mainstream press has now jumped all over the bandwagon and begun to call out Dolan's meddling publicly. Well well well.

I don't know if pointing out the obvious by these reporters is an attempt to shame Dolan into backing off or just stories to sell newspapers but I do know that as long as James Dolan continues to believe and act as if he knows a damn thing about running a basketball team the Knicks don't have a prayer of being a championship contender.

I know that certain people read this blog and I am not going to call anyone out but please pass the tip below to Felton and Prigioni.

When guarding a quicker point guard stop looking at the guys face and only keep the ball in your periphery. Focus instead on the space just above his belt line and stay in front of his center mass. This way you will not get beaten on cross overs or struggle with playing the screen. No matter how a guy fakes or dribbles he is not going anyplace without his belly and anyone living is quick enough to stay in front of a man's center mass. Thank me later.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

He deserves better than the Knicks

With eight guys in double figures scoring for the Atlanta Hawks you Knicks fans can't blame a single player for this loss. Your entire team, coached by a defensive guru, sucks on defense.

They looked lost and confused on switches, getting back on fast breaks and defending screens and pick and rolls.

If I were still a Knicks fan I'd be shouting for Woodson's fat head but since the Knicks constant losing at home (1-6 with 5 straight losses) benefits my team the Brooklyn Nets I'm simply going to enjoy this.

The couple of minutes when the Knicks were actually getting back into the game Felton, Anthony and Smith were off the floor. Prigioni was the point and moving the ball well to find Hardaway Jr., Shumpert and Stoudemire for good shots.

But we all know that Woodson can't let good fortune go on for to long before he makes one of his patented genius moves. So he put JR Smith into the game who stopped all ball movement so that he could jack up his off the mark shots and the game went back into the Hawks favor and they never looked back.

Anthony stood up for the last three minutes of the game on the sidelines just watching. If I could read minds I'd guess he was saying to himself, 'There's no way in hell I'm staying here for two more years of this shit.'.

Expect his management team to say to the rest of the league that it is not a forgone conclusion that he will return for the extra few dollars the Knicks can offer, when he opts out of his contract at the end of the season, so enter your deals fast and often.

I wasn't enamored with the Iman Shumpert draft pick but I have really come to like this kid. Shumpert played solid defense and stepped up his scoring in the second half tonight.

I hope he gets traded soon because he deserves better than the Knicks and James Dolan.

Knicks lose again Hawks 110 - Knicks 90

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get used to it

The Knicks were beaten by a better team tonight but there are some alarming things to realize about the game of so called veterans at this stage of their careers that makes you concluded that they will never be winners.

Dumb fouls in the final two minutes aside, when will Carmelo Anthony learn that you stick with what works and what was working tonight was dribble penetration and then passing the ball once or twice for the best shot.

Anthony was not the sole reason why the team lost the game especially with Metta World Peace allowing Lin and Harden to make three pointers in his face.

It would have also helped if Prigioni and Felton could stay in front of people but they aren't going to get any quicker with their lateral movement any time soon so why not continue to attack the Rockets in the only way that they could not stop which was ball movement and dribble penetration.

Well Knicks fans it's going to be just like this for the next two years so get used to it.

Knicks Lose Again, Rockets 109 - Knicks 106

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dolan's ass

It was reported today by Mike Isola in the New York Daily News that the New York Knicks are considering trading Iman Shumpert to Denver for Kenneth Faried.

Last year Stephen A Smith went on a rampage when he discovered that James Dolan had a personal problem with Shumpert and was thinking of trading him at that time.

Knicks fans your meddling ass owner is the sole reason why your team will never win a championship and the main reason why I jumped ship as a fan never to return.

This idiot Dolan actually thinks he knows something about putting a winning basketball team together and hasn't managed to get out of the second round of the playoffs in 18 years.

It appears that if you don't kiss Dolan's ring he wants no part of you. If you dare speak up or look out for yourself his little ego simply can't handle it.

In order to stay in the good graces of this guy you must humble yourself and accept whatever money or position he gives and receive it gladly.

Shumpert is not just a young talent with the potential to be great, Shumpert stood up for himself numerous times to management it is burns Dolan's ass to have this "ingrate" around. Especially now that the savior JR Smith has returned to the lineup Shump is expendable in Dolan's mind.

Shumpert balked at playing in the summer league to showcase himself to other teams for the benefit of Dolan. When reporters asked him how walking out of the summer league would bother Dolan Iman had the courage to say that he isn't worried in the least about James Dolan. The same James Dolan who himself fell asleep during a playoff game last season.

Knicks fans you keep all your ridiculous championship fantasies because I know that they keep you warm during the cold winter nights but if you will ever get honest with yourselves you'll know that as long as James Dolan continues to meddle your team isn't going anywhere.

If the trade rumors are right the Knicks will lose again without even playing a game.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Knicks would be destroyed

I didn't bother to watch today's game against the Spurs and I don't understand how anyone who wasn't paid to cover that game would. We all knew that the Knicks would be destroyed and they were.

Knicks lose again, Spurs 120 - Knicks 89

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

James Dolan's pets need to run and hide, now!

Since Woody has been coaching the Knicks I have yet to see a single stretch of minutes in which Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire shared to floor together while Carmelo Anthony was getting a blow.

The few minutes Amare did play tonight he looked lost and confused because he was on the floor with Anthony. We know two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time but Woody can't seem to get that through his fat head.

It seems that this ball headed idiot of a coach refuses to allow Felton and Stoudemire do for five minutes what they were so successful doing when D'Antoni was coaching this team.

It's almost as if there is some conspiracy to not see those two actually be successful on the floor without Anthony because it would reveal how unwarranted the Anthony trade ever was. LINK

I do know this for a fact, Andrea Bargnani did not get his first rebound until 7:57 of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter when the Knicks were fighting to get back into the game, yes they were losing to the Bobcats for most of the game, Andrea Bargnani was nowhere to be found. In fact he didn't play a single second in the final period. Where is all that seven foot stretch awesomeness fans were promised when the Knicks made this trade?

With Woody's sucky coaching and the one dimensional offense it will be a miracle if the Knicks make the playoffs and Woody keeps his job.

This Knicks actually lost to the Charlotte Bobcats tonight in Madison Square Garden. At least Charlotte fans can get 50% off Papa John's tonight.

What a pathetic basketball team. James Dolan's pets need to run and hide, now!

Knicks Lose again, Bobcats 102 - Knicks 97

Mr. Dolan, with all due respect sir

It is being reported today that while the Timberwolves were kicking the crap out of the Knicks the owner James Dolan was having a meltdown.

Dolan is said to have torn the new GM Steve Mills a new asshole; even though Mills had nothing to do bringing in any of the players, the coaches or the scouts. According to Dolan, the Timberwolves' 40 point 1st quarter was all Mills' fault.

Dolan was so pissed that the team that he guaranteed would win a championship this season was sucking so hard that he even demanded that the Knick City Dancers, get this, stop dancing. You gotta love this.

Three games into the season James Dolan had a moment of clarity while watching his team getting waxed, had a panic attack and lost his freaking mind.

It is now apparent to him that the past ten years of his meddling, weird relationship with Isiah Thomas, not allowing Donnie Walsh to have autonomy over trades and negotiations and pushing all his chips in on Carmelo Anthony have really screwed this team for the foreseeable future. He is now lashing out hell bent on kicking ass to cover for his mistakes.

Mr. Dolan, with all due respect sir, the ass you need to kick is your own.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Don't make me laugh

Before the 2008 draft I was hoping briefly that Kevin Love would fall to the Knicks because I saw his great potential.

It was brief hope because I knew that the Knicks would either not be fortunate enough to select him or to dumb to take him if he were there. I was still a fan at the time.

At the very least I thought they'd get Roy Hibbert and begin building the team from the inside out.

We all know that neither scenario played out. Gallinari, who was drafted, is no longer on the team because he and half the team along with a bunch of draft picks were traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2011 for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

Five years later the Knicks are no better in the playoffs and Hibbert and Love have turned into front court beasts.

Kevin Love came into the Garden yesterday and showed Knicks fans what happens when you nurture potential and let it grow with the same or similar offensive and defensive philosophy for five years.

Kevin Love went Reggie Miller on the Knicks yesterday and whipped the Knicks handily. Roy Hibbert ran them out of the playoffs last season and you fools think your team has a chance to win a championship this season? Don't make me laugh.

The Knicks lose again, Minnesota Timberwolves 109 - New York Knicks 100

Friday, November 1, 2013

That's just the way it is

Let's see, so the Knicks trade Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, Marcus Camby and a draft pick for Andrea Bargnani and he isn't even on the floor in the last seconds as a decoy? And of course down by a point the ball goes to Anthony with mere seconds left and he missed the shot.

James Dolan is Jerry Jones and Carmelo Anthony is Tony Romo. That's just the way it is.

Knicks lose again, Chicago Bulls 82 - New York Knicks 81.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

With or without Carmelo Anthony

It is no surprise that it is being reported today that Carmelo Anthony has admitted publicly that he is going to opt out at the end of the season. As if I never told you guys this. It makes perfect sense for him to do so because the Knicks can offer him the most money and he can also sign with a team that has the potential to win a championship if  he can negotiate a contract he is comfortable with.

That's all great for Anthony but how does that play out for the Knicks?

Re-signing Carmelo Anthony leaves very little room for the Knicks to sign any type of players that can help the Knicks get past the Bulls, the Nets and the Heat. Remember, the Knicks don't even have a handful of draft picks left after trading for Anthony and Andrea Bargnani.

The only chance for the Knicks to be competitive in the near term is either by trading Anthony now for a crap load of draft picks or allowing Anthony to walk after he opts out and using their cap space to go after a Bosh like free agent and several good grade B players that can form a good team.

However, letting Anthony walk would mean that the Knicks gave up half the team and a bunch of draft picks just to rent Anthony for a couple of seasons with nothing to show for it and I don't think James Dolan has the balls to admit that he made such a colossal mistake. He has no choice but to re-sign Anthony.

Knicks fans, if you didn't run your mouths so f'ing much I'd actually feel sorry for you because your team isn't going to sniff a championship for the foreseeable future, with or without Carmelo.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I am so delighted JR Smith is a Knick

When I checked the stats of this blog I notice a very sharp spike in hits. I guess people were expecting me to go in on JR Smith because he was caught with weed in his system and suspended for five games by the NBA.

I actually think its great. Five games in which he isn't helping his team to win could be the difference at the end of the season for my team, the Brooklyn Nets, to actually win the division and get home court advantage.

So no, I will not curse out JR Smith for being irresponsible. He is an adult and the Knicks problem now and not mine as a fan of the Nets.

I won't curse James Dolan for circumventing his basketball executives and signing Smith initially unbeknownst to them, he has every right to screw the team he owns.

I refuse to yell at JR's surrogate daddy Mike Woodson for not giving him enough tough love, I frankly don't give a damn.

I am delighted JR Smith is a Knick and I hope that he remains one for his entire professional career because I know that his behavior will always spot my team at least five games in the standings. Thanks JR and I know where you can get that fire Diesel when you need to re-up, Holla at your boy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JR Smith is injured and you are a fool to remain a fan of the Knicks

It's so weird. Just yesterday I had a discussion with a Knicks fan who was touting how great the Knicks are going to be this upcoming season especially now that JR Smith has his new contract, has learned his lesson and will now be a very good boy.
'What bunch of idiots will sign me now?'

I don't think its my place to talk people out of their dreams no matter how ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with hope, usually.

I say usually because it is now being reported that JR Smith underwent two major surgical procedures almost around the same time we had our discussion yesterday and will be out from 12 to 16 weeks. When he does comeback it will take him some time to knock off the rust as the Knicks slowly manage his minutes until he is full strength.

There are rumors that the Knicks knew that JR had knee issues but didn't know the extent. If true that is a little disturbing to find out now that we know JR had a torn patella tendon and a torn meniscus which were both repaired on Monday afternoon.

This should tell Knicks fans that management either did not do their due diligence before before giving another player with a bum knee a four year contract or they did know and never bothered to court Tony Allen, OJ Mayo or another player to replace damaged goods. The Knicks don't have access to Google? http://bit.ly/1bF1s0G

I think both the Knicks and JR knew that his knee would be an issue on the open market and the money they were offering JR he'd never get anywhere else and if he does recover his new contract would be a bargain.

The later is the most likely scenario but Knicks fans, here is the issue you need to concern yourselves with.

You were expecting to prove to Carmelo Anthony how good a team he has around him especially with the return of the Sixth Man of the Year as the second leading scorer and for the team to make another run at the Eastern conference title. Well those hopes are dashed now.

By the time JR is one hundred percent the leading teams will be so far ahead of the Knicks in the standings that even if they make the playoffs they will most likely be in sixth place and facing the Heat in the first round. We all know what the outcome of that is going to be.

Do you really think that Carmelo Anthony is not going to opt out and move on from this homemade team after next season?

Your team's best chance to get better fast is to find a team that Anthony would be willing to re-sign with and make the trade for a bunch of young players and draft picks. You need to get something for him before he leaves to have some real hope for the future. Did you not learn anything from what Denver did to you?

I almost forgot, the Knicks did get Ron Artest to agree to a deal yesterday so they should be fine now.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A League of Their Own

For you Knicks fans who claim that Andrea Bargnani is going to be the second coming of Dirk Nowitski and that Chris Copeland won't be missed citing his numbers compared to Bargnani you guys seem to over look an important fact when you compare scoring and rebounding numbers.

Andrea Bargnani has been in the league for seven years and was the first overall draft pick when he arrived in Toronto. Chris Copeland was a rookie and getting better as the season progressed and is making 8 million dollars a year less than Bargnani.

Bargnani's best years are behind him, he plays less defense than Copeland and is injury prone. Bargnani has zero upside, he's not going to get any better than he currently is.

Andrea Bargnani has not tipped the scales of basketball dominance in the city back in favor of the Knicks over the Nets, that is folly from a bunch of shook, not shaken, shook Knicks fans.

Oh and as for the caller to the Bill Daughtry radio show stating that he can't wait for the Knicks to kick the Nets teeth down their throats this November, if you really care about the Knicks you had better tell them to keep both feet firmly on the court or the Knicks will be playing in a different league.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Pick and Roll

So let me get this straight the dude who was the GM in Denver, Masai Ujiri, that fleeced Jim Dolan during the Carmelo Anthony trade was allowed to get the best of the Knicks again now that he is the GM of the Toronto Raptors?

I heard a great many sports radio hosts saying that Andrea Bargnani is a huge upgrade over Amare. That Bargnani is a long seven footer and a devastating scorer, all though the numbers don't actually bare that out please see the link

They also profess he is the steal of this year's free agency signings for only having to give up Camby, Novak, Quentin Richardson and some draft picks. But I have a question: Do you really think that the Raptors would have gladly received Novak, Camby and Richardson for all that awesomeness? Really?

Jim Dolan must love getting his ass kicked by Masai Ujiri.

And as for those people who think that Andrea Bargnani is going to get more minutes than Stoudemire, Bargnani is the best thing to happen to Amare' since he learned the pick and roll.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Andrea Bargnani, Really?

Hold on, wait a minute, so the Knicks think that acquiring Andrea Bargnani is an improvement that will keep them on par with the powerhouses of the East? Really?

The same Bargnani with a history of injuries, the most recent resulting in elbow surgery in March of this year that ended his season? Really?

Oh Ok

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Knicks Fans, Your Team Sucks a Fatty

I don't really have anything significant to say but I needed to articulate just how much I am loving how bonkers and desperate the Knicks fans are after the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics trade.

I am listening to the radio and all these idiots are calling shows with all sorts of their ridiculous fantasy Rondo for everyone except Carmelo Anthony trades. They are absolutely hysterical.

If they aren't trying to make foolish trade packages they are attempting to poo poo Garnett and Pierce going to Nets which is just stupid.

Pierce and Garnett without Rajon Rondo took the Knicks to a game 6 in the first round of the playoffs. With the Nets they aren't being asked to carry nearly the load they had too hump last season because they are now on a team with three other all stars.

Knicks fans, your shit is done. Your team sucks a fatty and will do so for the next two years. Just pull up your big boy pants and ride it out you will never see a championship with this group of players including Carmelo Anthony.

Honey Nut Cheerio Treats, mmm mmm

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jeff Van Gundy ain't the only fucking idiot around here

Yesterday J.R. Smith officially opted out of the remaining two years on his contract. Anyone who is fond of the Knicks and possessing half a brain would be jumping for joy right now. However, from everything that I have been reading and hearing the past few days that doesn't include the fans of the Knicks. These idiots are actually begging for Smith to remain a Knick. It's now apparent that Jeff Van Gundy ain't the only fucking idiot around here.

Listen people the good Lord has given you the greatest gift and you can't even see it.

When Smith elbowed Jason Terry he for all intents and purposes pulled down his pants and took a dump on your hopes in the playoffs and you want him back? Are you bastards so used to being a bunch of losers that you can't see an opportunity to get better when it is presented to you?

The focus of the Knicks management should be in trying to offer a decent one year contract to Copeland with the promise that when money comes of the books in the 2014-2015 season they will load him up with a fat deal.

Copeland and Shumpert will more than make up for Smith's 18 points and they certainly will not behave in a manner that is detrimental to the team's success, unlike Smith.

It's time to let J.R. Smith take his lounge act on the road and its time for Knicks fans to grow the hell up.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kevin Durant Partners with Jay-Z, Fuck Loyalty

This post will be brief but I had to write something after listening to radio talk show hosts publicly scratching their heads over the recent signing of Kevin Durant by Jay-Z.

One radio host had a current agent on who made follie of the signing and they both chuckled how foolish this signing was because in their opinion Jay-Z doesn't know anything.

They were also taken aback at the "disloyalty" Durant showed to his current agent.

Well, let me explain to these morons very plainly why Jay-Z is so appealing to today's athlete.

Anyone with a radio or television has heard or seen stories of big name athletes in all the major sports winding up sleeping under bridges, dying of cancer destitute, unable to support themselves and their families when their playing days were done. Guess what, all those guys had "experienced" agents too.

The Geno Smith's, Kevin Durant's and Robinson Cano's of the world didn't sign with Jay-Z because of the the next contract but so that Jay-Z can advise them on wealth management.

These young cats do not want to be the subject of the next ESPN 30 For 30 about broke former athletes.

Jay-Z has not simply made a lot of money rapping he is a very astute
businessman who has turned his rap riches into what will be generational wealth for his descendants. That is nothing to joke about or giggle over.

For anyone to see Jay-Z attracting young and wealthy athletes as simply a matter of these young people wanting someone to hangout with is at least ignorant and at worse borderline racist. Fuck loyalty.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Beast at the Point

Yesterday, June 3rd, the Knicks aged point guard Jason Kidd decided to retire after 19 years of playing in the NBA.

When J.Kidd was young he was a beast at the point and was only second in my opinion to Magic Johnson when comparing pass first point guards and his run with the New Jersey Nets in the early 90's pulled the team up from being the doormat of the NBA to back to back appearances in the NBA Finals.

I can only hope that the current owner of the Nets speaks to Jason about signing a one day contract so that he can officially retire as a Net and we can retire his jersey and raise it to the rafters in Brooklyn.

It's being reported today that J.R. Smith has decided to opt out of his last two years believing that the Knicks will offer him a new larger contract. Between Shumpert and Copeland the Knicks will easily make up J.R.'s erratic 18 points per game. J.R. is making another huge mistake.

I believe the Knicks GM Glen Grunwald did back flips out of bed this morning when he heard the news because J.R. gave the Knicks a way out of dealing with his foolishness and an opportunity to couple his money with Kidd's retired salary to acquire someone like O.J. Mayo.

Mayo would be a instant upgrade over Smith and can assume some point guard duties as well. He'd be the perfect fit for the Knicks and would allow the team to focus on big men in the draft and as free agents.

The Knicks are going to have to deal with the Bulls, the Pacers and the Nets for years to come, all three teams have formidable big men on their front lines.

What am I saying? The Knicks will probably fuck this opportunity up too and resign JR Smith.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knicks fans, you have it all wrong

So I wake up this morning at 4:30 AM to get my Rack workout on to get pumped for the day and I turn the radio on to the local sports talk radio show just because I enjoy hearing Knicks fans whine. I really do.

I feel the need to say something to Knicks fans and Carmelo Anthony's college coach who is about as bias as they come.

Listen guys, I hear the comparisons of Anthony to Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and Magic and the argument always comes back to the fact that those guys had a sidekick who helped them win. Their Robin helping out Batman and this is the reason why Carmelo Anthony hasn't won.

Knicks fans, you have it all wrong. Carmelo Anthony ain't Batman, he's Robin.

Carmelo Anthony has a single skill which is scoring. He doesn't have anything else in his utility belt. His belt is strictly for holding up his tights.

Carmelo Anthony doesn't have shutdown defense in his utility belt that can stop the likes of Stephenson in the fourth quarter.

Carmelo Anthony doesn't have ferocious rebounding in his utility belt that could battle West or Hibbert.

The villains of the league have never worried about a team that Anthony was on because they knew he was Robin wearing Batman's costume. When are Knicks fans going to realize that too?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet dreams Knicks fans

Many fans will applaud the effort of the Knicks tonight.

They will talk about their team's fighting spirit and how tough it was to go into enemy territory and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The talking heads in the media will pull out all the cliches regarding how the Knicks fans should be grateful for this playoff run after not experiencing such in 13 years and tie a bow around this season.

What no one will talk about is how JR Smith never boxed out the man he was guarding, Stephenson tonight,  a single time this series and it was the offensive rebounding from the Pacers back court that was the hidden key to their domination over the Knicks.

JR didn't give you much in the way of scoring again either. Utterly useless without a bottle in his hand.

If you are a Knicks fan you can only hope that JR Smith opts out of the final two years of his contract and tests the free market. You guys are counting on JR taking is fundamentally poor drunk act on the road to another team next season, we both know it.

I am sure that the guys in Knicks management are ready to see him go as well.

I have to say that I enjoyed watching father time jump on Jason Kidd's back every time he has attempted a jump shot since around my birthday in April.

Can we be honest about Mike Woodson's failure as a coach due to keeping Copeland on the bench for the first four games of the series, only to use him out of sheer desperation? I don't think he learned that under Larry Brown.

This year was the Knicks best chance to make it to the finals with this group.

Next season Derrick Rose is back with the Bulls and will most likely contend with a seasoned Brooklyn Nets team who will also upgrade the coaching position. Not to mention the Pacers getting better just because of their experience this year and all the cap space and draft picks they have giving them the ability to add a piece or two.

The Knicks won't be getting anywhere near the second round of the playoffs for foreseeable future. Was Carmelo Anthony really worth only this? Are you not entertained? I am for certain.

You had the head of the current Pacers brain trust, Donnie Walsh, building you exactly the type of team that eliminated you and advanced in the playoffs tonight without Carmelo Anthony but that wasn't good enough for you and James Dolan.

Hopefully we can mature as a city and stop all the "Gotta have a superstar" foolishness. You gotta play team basketball with good young role players and hope you add a star to take you over the top. You don't get rid of the young role players for the sake of having a star. Unless you aren't really about the business of winning.

Now let me turn this computer off and fall asleep to all the whining from callers on the New York City sports radio shows.

Sweet dreams Knicks fans until, well you guys have a long until coming.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 106 - Knicks 99

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You fools

Let's not fool ourselves. James Dolan did not sign Carmelo Anthony with any hopes of winning a championship. Anthony was needed to justify increases in cablevision rates and ticket prices. Don't think that Dolan is shedding any tears as he rakes in his money over the failures of the Knicks. You suckers fell for the Carmelo Anthony show hook line and sinker.

You all were so happy giving up cap space, future draft picks and a bunch of very young decent players for the Carmelo Anthony show. What you are seeing is exactly how every season of the Carmelo Anthony show has played out so it should be no surprise and nothing to be upset about.

You fools even feel for his temperamental co-star from the previous show, JR Smith, thinking that he had changed his act and the show would end different this season. JR is prepping for next season's remake of the Harry Houdini show with his disappearing act.

Coach Woodson is simply there for comic relief, much like Mr. Bookman or Aunt Esther. Someone to be a foil to the stars and a fool for the audience. He's doing his job well.

When I was a Knicks fan the very last time I really enjoyed them and thought of them as my team Carmelo Anthony was no part of it. They were a scrappy young bunch playing a fun style of basketball and each member was very easy to cheer for.

Was that group going to compete for a championship as it was configured? No, however they were entertaining and had youth which gave a fan some hope along with first and second round draft picks.

Well, the current team ain't built to win a championship either and now you Knicks fans are locked into Chandler, Amare and Anthony for the next three years meaning you have zero hope of your team ever winning a damn thing.

The Knicks' season will officially be over on Friday night but in truth it ended tonight against a young team with no superstars that just plays team ball, much like the pre-Anthony Knicks.

Get used to this Knicks fans, you have a number of years to endure this before things have a chance of getting better.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 93 - Knicks 82

Saturday, May 11, 2013

They don't have a chance in hell

With five minutes remaining in the third quarter Carmelo Anthony picked up his third personal foul. A smart coach would have immediately sat Anthony down and replaced him with Amare Stoudemire.

A smart coach.

Coach Woodson on the other hand leaves him in to pick up his fourth foul only a minute later and then takes Anthony out for Stoudemire but also removes Raymond Felton.

Raymond Felton and Amare have a history of playing the pick and roll extremely well together but it seems that Woodson is hell bent on not playing these guys together.

It's almost as if he is afraid of seeing them successful together. I have my theory on why this would be the case but I'll keep my conspiracies to myself for now.

Even at 10:40 of the 4th quarter when Woodson sent Felton back in he at the same time pulled amare and replaced him with Anthony although Amare hit a three point shot at the end of the 3rd quarter and got credit between periods for a put back shot. You decide for yourself what's going on with his substitution patterns. Like I said, I have my theories.

With Amare back on the bench and illness keeping JR Smith from giving offensive help the Pacers pull away from the Knicks and never relinquish the lead again.

The problem with the Knicks is Woodson's inability to offer any type of offensive wrinkle to force the Pacers out of their defensive comfort zone.

Tonight Woodson had the services of Amare Stoudemire and either didn't have the intelligence or the guts to feature him and Raymond together just to see if they could at the very least force the Pacers big men into foul trouble.

If the Knicks can't give Amare opportunities to help they don't have a chance in hell of advancing.

There are actually people who feel that it would be foolish to play Amare because it would throw off the "chemistry" of the team and now is not the time to play Amare into shape. Are they fucking insane. Unless you can get scoring from the low post there isn't going to be a tomorrow.

This team must play and be coached with desperation because they are in desperate times. All hands on deck now especially when the genius at the helm wouldn't even play Copeland who as they say "has been contributing during this run". That contribution remark is the argument for not playing Amare by many of the "experts" in New York.

This town has turned completely against Amare including his coach but the fact is they aren't going anywhere without him, like it or not.

I didn't give the Knicks much of a chance in this series anyway but I had no idea it would be this ugly for them and it's not going to get any better.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers  82 - Knicks 71

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mike Isola, hit yourself in the head

Did you see Mike Isola's column today?

This fucking idiot has had it in for Amare Stoudemire since Amare's initial return to the team late last year.

Today, this "journalist" had the audacity to publish a column about some conspiracy theory that Amare Stoudemire is secretly controlling Mike Woodson and Jim Dolan and underhandedly finagling his way back into the lineup using some secret plot that only Amare and Mike Isola know of.

This idiot Isola really has to be stopped.

What offensive scorer do the Knicks have on the low block that can put pressure on Hibbert and West with his quickness and draw fouls forcing them to sit early? Mike I'm talking to you fucker, who do they have other than Amare Stoudemire who can do this?

You mean to tell me that Woodson needs to be tricked by Amare into taking advantage of his skills for a few minutes each night by Amare himself?

Isola you showed yourself today to be the fucking joke of a reporter I always knew you were.  Go and hit yourself in the head with something very very hard.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Isn't this exactly what these same guys did in Denver with little success?

The only chance the Knicks have to defeat the Pacers in the second round of the playoffs is running the offense through Raymond Felton as he runs the high pick and roll.

It should be Raymond's decision to set players up for the best possible shot and to draw defenders.

Today's game began that way for some inexplicable reason at the end of the first quarter and for the rest of the game Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith got it in their minds that they should be the ones bringing the ball up court and running the offense.

The Pacers were just waiting for that to happen and seized the opportunities to jump out to a big lead based on Melo's poor shooting and Smith reverting to his old knucklehead form.

Isn't this exactly what these same guys did in Denver with little success?

When they did decide to step things up through Raymond and attack the rim it was too little too late and the Knicks lost what should have been a very winnable game.

At some point Coach Woodson must speak to Anthony and Smith and forcibly tell them that Raymond will setup their shots and no one else. If he doesn't then Woodson's history of getting bounced in the second round of the playoffs will repeat itself.

The reckless offense that got the Knicks to the playoffs simply won't due against the very physical play of the Pacers, particularly when the referees are not going to bail the Knicks out while the Pacers push them around.

Amare' Stoudemire is the type of player that the pacers have no answer for, let's see if he returns in the next game or two and how much time he gets.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 102 - Knicks 95

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pressure bursts pipes

There is an old saying, "Pressure bursts pipes". Well, it destroys Knicks shooting too.

In the second game in which Woodson should have made the decision to run all offense through Raymond Felton and not Anthony or Smith poor coaching and not poor play was the Knicks demise.

There are "famous" radio personalities who argue that Carmelo Anthony's ball hogging doesn't take shots away from anyone who can make them. Well, the past two games you fools have been dead wrong.

Anthony's history isn't a fairy tale it is actual fact. He gets tight in the playoffs and has been a failure in the post season for the majority of his career.

Woodson, who is either unable to see that his star couldn't hit an elephant in the ass with a tennis racket or was simply in denial, failed to make the high pick and roll the central offense tonight even with Melo and Smith on the floor and it cost them the game.

The Celtics have figured out how to take away the three point shot and Bass is playing defense inside of Carmelo's jersey.

JR Smith celebrated much too soon also and had a very John Starks Game 6 in the Finals like game. He was awful.

For all you Knicks fans who call radio shows with your cockamamie schemes to get rid of Amare Stoudmire I'll bet you wish you had Amare tonight didn't you?

Can someone explain to me why Copeland, who is the only big man left with real offensive skills and could but serious heat on the Celtics to defend has not played in the two Knicks losses? Coach Woodson is really making some questionable decisions right now.

Knicks fans prepare for a NY Mets like collapse because I can smell it cookin'.

Knicks Lose Again, Celtics 92 - Knicks 86

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thank you father!

The past few days leading up to tonight's game all I heard was the same old bull shit that despite everything that transpired everyone claiming to be a Knicks fan and sports expert swore they'd make the Carmelo Anthony trade again.

We got more of the same old "Well you have to have a superstar in order to win" and "You are an idiot and don't know anything about basketball if you think that the Knicks aren't better with Anthony" vitriol. Well how is your team working out now Knicks fans and sports experts?

The Carmelo Anthony experiment has failed miserably and all you fucking know-it-alls looked like a bunch of fools last night when the team that was made better by getting rid of Anthony and bringing in all the young former Knicks talent destroyed the Knicks last night. Not beat but pounded into the Earth and jumped on top of.

Did you get a good look at what a TEAM without a superstar looked like last night?

Did you see all the hustling, ball movement, selfless play and good coaching?

Did it finally seep into your heads you fucking idiots what basketball is supposed to be played like as your superstar got his ass handed to him so bad that he quit?

I am so got damn glad I am no longer a Knicks fan. LOL Thank you father!

Knicks Lose Again, Denver 117 - Knicks 94

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Damn this team sucks. LOL

Knicks Lose Again, Golden State a Bajillion - Knicks 60 something

Friday, March 8, 2013

Woodson is a poor coach

JR Smith played a helluva game last night. His energy on both ends of the floor was amazing by anyone's standards.

JR cannot be faulted for the loss last night because he didn't make the last shot. Cries that he is not clutch this morning is a bunch of bullshit however he was the well that the Knicks went to way to much.

The fault for last night's loss lies on the shoulders of coach Woodson for asking too much of JR Smith and running a predictable play that left the ball in JR's hands.

There was no point of Novack being on the floor if there was no play calling for JR or Raymond to penetrate the lane and then kick the ball out. I would love to see JR ask Clyde to point out two things from each game that he could improve upon and how. Clyde is a resource that could really help JR up his basketball IQ and turn him into a real star.

Tyson Chandler should have been left in the game if Woodson wanted JR to take a jump shot for two reasons. The first being the high pick and roll which would have made some space for JR for a better look against Westbrook and second so that Tyson could crash the boards in the event of a missed shot.

The most troubling thing about last nights game was not the loss. It is the confirmation the coach Woodson is a poor last minute situational coach. He's has no creativity or imagination and makes poor substitutions when the heat is on in the final few seconds.

JR played his ass off last night, too bad Woodson didn't coach his ass off or the Knicks might have pulled this one out.

By the way what the hell is up with not playing Copeland?

Knicks Lose Again, OKC 95 - Knicks 94

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Gift

The Knicks started the game fired up, playing good frustrating defense and had very good ball movement on offense which had them leading by as much as 16 points.

But, if you have followed this team this season you knew it wasn't going to last.

This team's rather low situational basketball intelligence and the need to showboat would be its demise and that's exactly what transpired.

The Knicks allowed Lebron James to cut to the basket for easy layups and dunks time after time.

J.R. Smith's telegraphed passes and ball handling laziness lead to turnovers which resulted in easy points coupled with coach Woodson's bone headed decision to keep Amare Stoudemire on the bench for much of the fourth quarter sealed the deal for today's loss against the Miami Heat.

The Heat were ready to concede the loss and focus on tomorrow's game against the Timberwolves but with all the sloppy ball handling and reckless defense from the start of the second half the Heat gladly accepted the gift the Knicks handed them.

Knicks Lose Again, Heat 99 - Knicks 93

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stop your blood clot crying

This is a .500 basketball team, stop your blood clot crying about it.

Knicks Lose Again, Raptors 100 - Knicks 98

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quitters Never Win

So Ronnie Brewer had to sacrifice his head for the sorry loss last night but it was another very hard head that was to blame.

Brewer hadn't lived up to the billing on defense and he couldn't hit an open shot. He sounds like the definition of the Knicks team as a whole leading up to the all-star break and beyond. Didn't I explain all this a month ago? Am I talking to myself over here?!?

Coach Woodson's hard head has caught up with him and he still refuses to sit Shumpert down, refuses to stop forcing the Amare with Carmelo experiment and is not cracking the whip when this team shows up without fire and intensity.

Jason Kidd's feelings need to be second to the well being of the starting line up but we know that when coach Woodson gets something in his fat head its damn near impossible to get it out.

Now there is talk about him possibly shaking up the lineup. Woodson needs to Taze this lineup inorder to get these dudes out of their comfort zones.

My team in Brooklyn is surging. I hope we get the Knicks in the first round.

Knicks Lose Again, Indiana 125 - Knicks 91

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coach Woodson's hard head

It certainly can be argued that the Knicks lost to the 76ers yesterday because they were looking past them to today's game against the Atlanta Hawks.

You could also say that there is a lot of rust on Felton who returned last night and Amar'e and Shumpert.

Those are good arguments but the reason for yesterday's loss in my opinion had less to do with rust and more to do with coach Woodson's hard head.

Like Toney Douglas last year once Woodson gets an idea in his head he is reluctant to change it until his team is on the brink of disaster.

This force fitting of Amar'e and Carmelo on the floor at the same time does not work and will not work but coach just can't get that through his thick head.

After Melo and JR Smith proved that they couldn't hit an elephant in the ass with a two by four Woodson should have immeditely allowed Felton and Amar'e to work on the court minus Smith and Anthony.

Amar'e was the only guy who showed up offensively yesterday and could have gotten 40 points on the slow footed big men of Philly but because he was on the floor with Melo and Smith his touches were limited and yet he still managed to get 20 points.

I am not saying that Amar'e should start in place of Anthony, not at all, but I am saying that once he agreed publicly to coming off the bench coach Woodson should have put an end to this ridiculous experiment.

Amar'e's role should be as the featured scorer on the second unit working with Raymond primarily at the point.

If not the Philly game will become more of the norm and less of the exception.

Knicks Lose Again, Philly 97 - Knicks 80

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

These teams will meet again

Some Knicks fans will argue that although they lost yesterday to the Nets they took them to the final seconds minus three important players.

The truth is only one of those missing players is asked to contribute much and that's Raymond Felton.

Anthony, Smith and Stoudemire played at full strength but the rest of the team is not deep enough to handle this Nets version 2.0 that has been on a tear since PJ Carlesimo replaced Avery Johnson.

Unfortunately the geniuses at the league office only scheduled two regular season games between these teams making it impossible to see these teams go at it at full strength anymore in the regular season.

I have a feeling that these teams will meet again in the playoffs with the same results as yesterday.

The Knicks Lose Again, Nets 88 - Knicks 85

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deng Dong

Last night the Knicks scored 36 points total for the first half.

The game was over before the third quarter began, don't let the final score fool you.

The Knicks will be .500 in no time. I told you.

Knicks Lose Again, Bulls 108 - Knicks 101

Friday, January 11, 2013

Everybody loves Raymond, now.

The word around town today is that the Knicks lost last night's game because Carmelo was serving his one game suspension. That is true, I can't argue against it but let's be honest.

This team was having issues winning the past month even with Carmelo and for one very important reason and that is no Raymond Felton.

When the Knicks have faced teams with very quick guards without the help of Raymond, Jason Kidd and Prigioni simply look like statues and if their shots weren't falling the Knicks were certain to lose. The games that the Knicks were able to win Carmelo had to rack up 35 or 45 points.

The Knicks had some success without Felton because Anthony is a scoring juggernaut at times but when he is off his game only Raymond can orchestrate the point guard position well enough to get other players in position to score.

Amare Stoudemire is very rusty and looking like a shell of his former self but only because the current Knicks point guards don't handle the ball ferociously enough to keep defenses off balance which would allow for more space for Amar'e to operate.

The return of Iman Shumpert will certainly make the Knicks a better team on defense but this offense is not going to return to being the well oiled machine we witnessed early in the season until Raymond Felton returns to carry the load at the point.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 81 - Knicks 76