Saturday, December 7, 2019

Yes, I said it.

I made a concerted effort to stay away from commenting on this team.

I mean what was there left to speak about?

The Knicks over the past 20 seasons have the worst record in the NBA. The two common denominators over that 20 year period are Steve Mills and James Dolan.

Mills has proven to be the worst executive in NBA history. Dolan is just a douchebag who feels that basketball doesn't require much thinking so he feels his opinion and ideas are as smart as anyone.

I hate to go here but I have to now. Dolan thinks that if you just throw some money at the colored boys and get a coach he can boss around that's all required for success in basketball. Yes, there is a racial superiority component to the way Dolan runs the Knicks. Yes, I said it.

Look at that way he respects the Rangers. Dolan hired the best people and removed himself from the operations because he feels those people are more knowledgable about the game than him. This has been the formula for success with the Rangers recently.

Dolan has no respect for the intricacies of the game of basketball and the basketball intelligence it takes in order to win.

Had he just left Donnie Walsh alone the team would have been competitive for decades.

Had Dolan allowed Phil Jackson to have complete autonomy Phil would have cleaned house and gotten rid of the old cronies contributing to the climate of failure including Steve Mills.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has gone on record stating that he will not intervene with the running of the Knicks which means nothing is going to change for another 20 years or until Dolan yells at himself at half time of the next blowout and fires himself.

The city must respond now and completely embrace the Brooklyn Nets even if it doesn't want to. It is the only leverage the city has to pry Dolan from the Knicks or force him to take this sorry ass team to another city.

The solution to all this would be Joe Dumars as President and GM along with Mark Jackson as head coach. As a Nets fan I would hate to see that happen.

What a fucking shit show.