Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeremy in Heat

I don't think anyone in his right mind thought that the Knicks were going to win last night but I didn't expect to see just how pathetically they lost.

Jeremy Lin was underwater and awe struck, that was evident from the beginning. However there is no excuse for the "having trouble dribbling" and the play of Stoudemire, Anthony and Davis.

Instead of acting like this was a playoff game, coming out fired up and taking pressure off of Lin they got out hustled and shot poorly the entire game.

Good teams are going to take away the hot option every time. Where were the other ten players when they shut down Lin?

Has Baron Davis turned into an old man that forgot how to play basketball? If Jeremy Lin is the product of the D'Antoni system and anyone at the end of the bench of most NBA teams could duplicate Lin's production so far then what is Davis' excuse?

Is Mike D'Antoni so hapless a coach that he couldn't think to throw the Heat a curve ball just to shake the Heat up for a little while just to get some points and close the gap?

Let's hope the Knicks are thoroughly pissed off and jump on the Heat with both feet when they come in the Garden if they have any balls and Jeremy Lin isn't so dumbfounded that he forgets how to dribble the ball.

The Stephen A Smiths of the world are hoping you fail Jeremy. They are pals with the stars in the league and are laughing at you now because you stole the headlines from their friends and they got to exact some revenge last night. What are you going to do when you see them again Jeremy?

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 102 - Knicks 88

Monday, February 20, 2012

They aren't good enough

The Knicks have a very bad habit of sleep walking through the first half of games against teams they feel they should beat. They aren't good enough to mail in any games especially since they are barely over .500 and half-ass defense just ain't gonna cut it.

Hopefully this team will start to feel the sense of urgency necessary to win enough games to get a playoff seed six or higher. If they continue this foolishness they will be a bottom seed and promptly bounced from the playoffs in the first round for a second consecutive year.

The mindset of this team must be Crush, Kill and Destroy against every opponent every night. How they could allow the Nets to out hustle them on their own floor is disgusting.

This team needs to decide right now if they are going to continue to be the same old Knicks or the Treadstone Assassins.

The Knicks Lose Again, Nets 100 -  Knicks 92

Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't make me go HAM on you kid

Before Jeremy Lin restores peace to Syria and makes Zero Point energy a reality would someone mind asking him to cut the turnovers in half?

Any point guard that throws more turnovers than assists sucks at the position no matter how much the world loves him.

The Knicks Lose Again, Hornets 89 - Knicks 85

Friday, February 3, 2012

This has to stop immediately

Every minute that Toney Douglas is on the floor the opposing team is playing with six players. He has no business being paid to play professional basketball.

I can't understand why Jeremy Lin did not play in the second half when he was the only Knick guard penetrating, passing and not tossing up unwarranted shots.

This one is on Mike D'Amphoni. When he is shown the door he needs to take Toney Douglas with him.

I find it very hard to believe that the Knicks cannot find a serviceable point guard in Europe or the D League. This has to stop and immediate moves must be made. This team cannot continue to hang its hopes on some version of Baron Davis that decides to play when he is cleared to play.

Ray Allen's late threes wouldn't have meant anything if the Knicks had a setup man at the point at the start of the second half. The game would have been over by the end of the third quarter.

The Knicks Lose Again, Boston 91 - Knicks 89