Friday, November 27, 2015

nothing will save them

With Porzingis and Lopez on the bench most of the game due to foul trouble it was easy to diagnose the Knicks loss tonight.
Someone please tell me what to do.

No interior defense allowed Wade and Bosch to do whatever they wanted against the back up big men of the Knicks deep in the paint.

What the Knicks needed tonight in particular was a guard who could penetrate the lane and take the ball to the basket. That is the specialty of Jerian Grant.

Why the coach, Derek Fisher, is keeping Jerian Grant's minutes down recently is unfathomable to me since Galloway and he are the two best point guards on the team.

Forcing minutes on Calderon that he doesn't deserve makes no sense and Arron Afflalo isn't the defensive player that Vujacic is and his offense is not making up the difference.

The Knicks were not outclassed last night they were out coached, as they were the past two losses.

And with the second team still scoring poorly last night as they have for the past month the Heat handled the Knicks rather easily.

The Knicks are playing like they are lost because their coach is lost.

If this team doesn't improve its conditioning and Fisher his basketball intelligence nothing will save them from another losing season.

Knicks lose again Heat 97 - Knicks 78

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mediocre Basketball

The Knicks were 4 of 21 in the fourth quarter tonight. Of those 21 shots 5 were taken by Carmelo Anthony and he only made 1 of them. Afflalo missed all four of his.

It seems as if the only formula the Knicks have is bringing old Anthony sidekicks from his Denver days whom he is comfortable allowing to shoot in the 4th quarter other than himself.

Sounds like a winning plan to me. Look at all the rings they got in Denver doing that. I hear Von Wafer and Allen Iverson aren't doing anything these days maybe Phil can make room on the roster for them too.

If the biggest stars and highest paid players go a combined 1 of 9 in the fourth quarter against good teams you need to look no further for a reason why they Knicks can't finish games at home and why they will be a middle of the road mediocre basketball team all year.

Knicks Lose Again, Cavaliers 90 - Knicks 84

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fisher has no balls

Don't let anyone's bullshit trip you up. The Knicks lost tonight because Derek Fisher is a poor coach.

Down to the last 15 seconds tied at 93 Fisher allowed the Knicks to revert to the same old isolation basketball to Anthony. The isolation offense that has gotten the Knicks into so many championship games since Anthony has been a Knick. If it's just going to be the same old pass the ball to Anthony and get out of the way then what does the team need Fisher for?

Carmelo misses the shot so bad it didn't even touch rim which gave the Hornets back the ball on a shot clock violation. Really, you can't even hit the rim dude?

With 3.7 seconds left with the game tied you'd think that Fisher would have his longest and most athletic players on the floor. You want the Hornets forced into a jump shot and not something easy around the basket. Especially with Porzingis who had been intimidating in the paint all night.

But no, after the Hornets had the initial inbound pass deflected out of bounds with 2.1 seconds left and Porzingis on the bench Robin Lopez loses Zeller underneath the basket, Porzingis had been blocking and changing Zeller's shot all night, and Zeller catches the inbound pass for an immediate layup and the winning basket.

Fisher sucks as a coach right now. He is going to lose games like this all season because he is a poor situational on the fly coach. Most importantly the Knicks should be running a real triangle but he hasn't the balls to tell Carmelo Anthony no.

Knicks fans, I don't want to hear your blood clot crying about the possibility of .2 more seconds being on the game clock after the Zeller make. Yes it would have made the difference for the "three" made by Porzingis which was waved off because he didn't get it off in time. However, you got a gift last night when the refs missed Carmelo Anthony standing all kinds of out of bounds which helped them beat Toronto so shut it.

Knicks Lose Again Charlotte 95 - Knicks 93

Friday, October 30, 2015


A night after the season opening win, after all the laughing and chest bumping was over tonight the Knicks faced an Atlanta Hawks team filled with seasoned veterans and a healthy roster and got man handled.

Curb your enthusiasm Charles Barkley and the rest of you Knicks fans, If you finish .500 feel fortunate.

You are not going to sneak up on anyone and win the east or compete for a championship. Enjoy the handful of wins when they happen but don't lose your heads. The Knicks will get to the first round of the playoffs and then get bounced.

Sorry but this is still just a mediocre team.

And Jose Calderon couldn't guard Mount Rushmore.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 112 - Knicks 101

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Let's focus on basketball people

I will not be writing about the alleged ass whooping Derek Fisher took from the hands of Matt Barnes over Derek's dating of Barnes' ex-wife.

It's gossip, rumor and I can't substantiate any off it so stop asking me about it.

Everyone is alive and the season is about to start, let's focus on basketball people.

However, if the rumors are true Barnes not only kicked Fishers ass and spat in his former wife's face he is one emotional little bitch. She's an "Ex" for a reason fool and you met her when she was 12 years old you creep.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Great move Phil

So let me get this straight. 

The Knicks had a Maurice Ndour on its summer league squad, Ndour averaged 9.6 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.0 block, 1.0 steal and 28.3 minutes in 5 games (4 starts).
He scored a team-high 23 points in New York’s victory over Philadelphia, making Okafor look like a child the way Ndour scored on him and blocked his shots.

Phil Jackson let the Dallas Mavericks out bid them because the Knicks wouldn't guarantee the first year of Ndour's contract. Only to turn around and sign a guy from Harvard who didn't even get drafted and averaged a mere two points this summer for Utah.

Fucking genius.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

No One's Coming To Help You

As of today, 7/2/2015, David West, Gregg Munroe and a gaggle of other solid big men the Knicks made cap room for while getting no picks in return when trading Shumpert, Chandler, Felton and Smith last season have all said no and gone to other teams.

All of the "the future is now" tweets meant nothing because no one wants to play in New York with Carmelo Anthony so the Knicks will not have any chance of winning this season. And there will be no first round draft pick as a reward for all the losing you will be experiencing this next season because the Knicks gave it up for Andrea Bargnani.

Knicks fans, no one's coming to help you.

If James Dolan were an adult he'd realize that the Anthony experiment failed and its time to trade the guy for a bunch of draft picks and players to fill out the roster this season.

If Anthony were an adult his team would put together a package with the other teams willing to trade for him and present it to James Dolan along with him expressing his interest to move on.

If Phil Jackson were an adult he'd sit down with Anthony's team and Dolan in the same room at the same time and lay all this out and demand that something be worked out to get Anthony on a contender while the Knicks formally commit to rebuilding.

Summer league starts tomorrow I think and the season will be here in no time. Someone needs to step up this afternoon and do the right thing once and for all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Boy!

So apparently Carmelo Anthony reached out to Kristaps Porzingis and had a nice conversation on Saturday. How sweet.

I wonder if him being ripped for being such a sucky leader had anything to do with it.

I don't care what kind of white washing the team, Anthony and his friends in the media do after the fact Knicks fans none of it matters. Let's see the guy rebound and make assists in addition to scoring next season if he really wants to do something new to help the team win now.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Plea to Kristaps Porzingis:Stay Away From Carmelo Anthony

Kristaps, may I call you Kristaps? Kristaps, if you you want to succeed in New York and stay a happy and successful New York Knickerbocker for the majority of your career you must heed this warning: Stay Away From Carmelo Anthony.

Pay no attention to him. Do not adopt his mentality as a teammate and do not make him your mentor. Now let me explain why.

Moments after you were drafted Anthony's first communication to the world were messages filled with negative innuendos.

The first tweet was:"What's understood doesn't need to be spoken upon." Now what kind of fucking shit is that?

He couldn't even muster up enough class to even fawn being a good teammate and welcoming you to the city and the Knicks. He acted like a straight up bitch and a child.

He could have said 'I don't know much about the young man but he had great workouts, I trust Phil Jackson and our scouting staff and welcome both young men with open arms and I will help to make them as successful as I can'.

But, did you get that Kristaps? You got a guy who can't even keep his displeasure in house. He had to display all his immaturity and lack of leadership for the world to see.

Anthony then went on to send out the hashtag "#TheFutureIsNow". We both can easily interpret this to mean that he is the team and the Knicks had better start worrying about right now when he is the star and focal point. What class, what a mentor.

No Kristaps, I am not saying be disrespectful to Anthony or anyone else in your organization. You have lots of work to do and if you displayed such immaturity in response you will be vilified even before you step on the court. However, what I am saying is keep in mind that Anthony won't be around MSG when you are at the peak of your career so don't allow his behavior to influence you. Just look at the other guys Anthony has mentored.

First it was JR Smith who was originally his side kick in Denver who learned under Anthony that he can do whatever he wants no matter how crazy or disruptive as long as he scores every once in awhile.

Then there was Iman Shumpert who had a great deal of potential but was more concerned with pleasing Anthony instead of his coaches and working on his craft. He should be a much better shooter and ball handler at this point of his career and I firmly believe that he isn't because he acquiesced those skills to Anthony and Smith. His mentors and big brother.

Lastly there is Tim Hardaway Jr. who looked like he was really going to be something special but once he got under Anthony's wing his game suffered and now all three of those guys are on other teams.

Kris, Anthony is not and should not be your mentor. Keep him at arms length, do not allow him in your inner circle or influence you with his bull shit.

Look to Phil Jackson, contact Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley to have bonds with respected big men of old. Hell even talk to Clyde Frazier and soak up his wisdom. But whatever you decide to do stay away from Anthony. You don't need to absorb any of his entitled acting, poor leadership skills having tom foolery.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It hurts your hearts

I thought that I'd be in bed by now but I have stayed up listening to radio hosts and Knicks fans crying and dying over Porzingis being selected with the fourth pick. It's fucking hilarious.

No one knows what any of the guys selected tonight are going to turn into.

Some players we don't expected much from will become stars and others we expect to be future stars will be bums. That's just how it is.

If you are really a fan of Phil Jackson and the Knicks the only thing you should really be concerned with is hoping that Phil has the pieces in place to develop Porzingis to the peak of his ability. But I think I have figured out what is really burning peoples asses.

These people are stuck in the paradigm that the Knicks are supposed to win with Carmelo Anthony. The fans are angry because they don't believe that Porzingis is ready physically to help Anthony make a run for the title and he's not. So, what should that tell you Knicks fans?

It should tell you that Phil doesn't think that he can win anything with Carmelo Anthony so he is building a franchise for the years when Carmelo is no longer the star here. Phil is not going to push his chips in on molding something that Anthony might be able to succeed with. Subconsciously you guys know this and it hurts your hearts because Jackson's plans don't seem to include Anthony.

Phil didn't take Kaminsky or any of the other "NBA Ready Guys" because he sees a bigger upside for Porzingis when Anthony is no longer the face of the franchise. Suck it.

The best thing for the Knicks is to trade Anthony so that Phil can be completely free to shape the team to his 60 million dollar vision.

That kills you fans doesn't it? I am enjoying this so much.

I told'ya

"With the 4th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft the New York Knicks select Kristapas Porzingis."

Monday, June 22, 2015

Knicks will never do it

There are rumors that the Detroit Pistons would like to trade Brandon Jennings for Tim Hardaway Jr.

If Jennings can be proved to be 100 percent healthy then it is a no brainer and should be done in a New York minute. Which means that the Knicks will never do it because they aren't that bright an organization.

A friend asked if the Knicks should trade Carmelo back to Denver for their 7th and 57th pick. If Denver threw in Kenneth Faried I'd do it but the Knicks would never. James Dolan will go to the grave before admitting that the trade to make Anthony a Knick was a mistake and trading him now would be just that.

Carmelo will suck that last nickel out of his current contract in a Knick uniform even if it means the team not becoming as good as it could be and that is why I never will root for this team again in life.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Knicks are going to select Kristaps Porzingis

I never told you guys this but I have a very close high up source on 33rd street. I will NEVER reveal his or her name only to say that they've eaten barbeque at Dolan's Long Island mansion before.

I have it on very good notice that the Knicks are going to select Kristaps Porzingis with the first pick in the draft.

Phil Jackson envisions a future for the Knicks that has Anthony playing a very limited role in a couple of years due to his age and injuries and believes that Porzingis will be the face of the team for the next decade.

There is also the possibility of a coaching change if Jackson can convince Dolan to eat Fisher's contract.

Everything told to me could all be bullshit to throw me off and maybe the 76'ers who seem only motivated by not allowing the Knicks to have what they want will draft KP instead of building a well rounded team. We shall see.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Timberwolves #1 - Knicks #4

The Knicks are so fucking pathetic that they can't even get anything from tanking the entire season.

Tonight the Knicks found out that the worse record in the NBA is worth for them the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft.

Even Steve Mills, whom Phil Jackson wanted out but was kept by James Dolan who promised that he wouldn't meddle, looked bewildered. The only thing that would have made me happier is if Dolan had Isiah sitting there in his place.

I love watching this franchise fail.

Well, we now know that Okafor and Towns will never be Knicks. The question is who will Dolan tell Phil he can draft.

If there was half a brain left at MSG the Knicks would not hesitate to select the Ohio State freshman phenom D'Angelo Russell or Emmanuel Mudiay if Russell is gone. Russell is the second coming of Walt Frazier for real.

But we all know that the smart thing is never in the plans of the Knicks and if those two future star point guards are available Phil will probably be instructed by Jamesiah that he has to take some 7 footer from Laos that no one has ever heard of.

The Knicks lost again tonight and the ball was never even tipped.

Timberwolves #1 - Knicks #4

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can Craig Carton stop slurping Carmelo Anthony?

So this morning as I am preparing to go to work I heard Craig Carton of the Boomer and Carton show screaming at some Knicks' fan about how stupid the fan was because he dared to conclude, and rightly so in my opinion, that Anthony will never when a championship in a Knicks uniform.

Carton went on and on about how ridiculous a statement it was because, it was too "definitive".

Well Carton, Anthony's history as a player in the NBA and his growing list of injuries including a bum knee and bad shoulders, nothing could be more definitive.

Your dumb owner gave up too much to acquire Carmelo leaving the team nothing to build a team around the guy.

Now that salary is being cleared out and the league wide cap increasing we find out that Anthony has to have dead tissue removed from his knee and his patella reconstructed making him unable to do anything on a basketball court for the next six months.

This means that buy the time the Knicks build a half decent team Anthony will be on the other side of 35 years old and if you think he can't play defense now just wait until 2018 when he is attempting to guard guys who weren't born before he came into the league.

This guy Carton actually said this morning that Anthony was a superstar. Oh, really?

Carton when was the last time Anthony played shutdown defense to win a game? When did he own the backboards and rebounded the team to victory? When did Anthony give up the isolation game and carried his team to victory with a gang of assists?

The answer to all is that he never has. If Carmelo isn't scoring efficiently he's useless. Anthony has never been a superstar and never will be Carton despite all the slurping you do on your show.

Phil Jackson is a fraud to Knicks fans. Your best hope for building a contender had been Donnie Walsh, but that chapter has been over for a while thanks to James Dolan.

Now that Amare' is in Dallas with Raymond Felton, for brief stretches you will be reminded of what these two do together with the pick and roll when there is no Anthony and Dolan getting in the way.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Amare' is a Knick no more

Mike Isola of the New York Daily News has reported that indeed the Knicks and Amare' Stoudemire have agreed to a buyout.

All that is left for Amare' to clear waivers and seek a contender to sign with for the remainder of the season but Amare' is a Knick no more.

My last favorite Knick is gone and the door is closed.

Let's see if Phil Jackson is wise enough to re-sign Jeremy Tyler from that Chinese team, Shanxi Zhongyu now that Anthony and Stoudemire are gone.

Probably not, since that would be the intelligent thing to do.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good luck

As you have noticed I haven't put up any posts in quite awhile. Well, that's because there is no way in hell I am going to sit here and write 60 of the same articles about how pathetic the Knicks are. Just not going to do it.

I am motivated to write something today because of how significant a day of demarcation this is going to be in future Knicks history.

Tonight will be the last time Carmelo Anthony is seen in a Knicks uniform this season.

As I told you months ago when his knee began to bark that Anthony would prolong the surgery just to make an appearance in the All-Star game. Selfish? Yes, but look at who we are talking about.

Also, today is probably the last day, or weekend that Amare' Stoudemire will be a Knick.

It is very likely that the Knicks and Amare' will agree to a buy out and allow Amare' to move on to a contender seeking a ring before he retires from the league.

Many people in this city are still hopeful that embracing losing in hopes for more ping pong balls and Jackson's questionable trades thus far will lead them to the promise land. If not, I can see James Dolan writing nasty emails to Phil Jackson instead of diehard fans who question his ability to manage the Knicks simply based upon his membership in the lucky sperm club.

However you slice it you Knicks fans have endured a lot but brace yourselves because you have about four more years of this before things begin to turn around.

Good luck.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He's going to be the size of the Hindenburg

Before last nights loss to Memphis Phil Jackson attempted a new strategy to help the team. I think it's called minimalism.

That's right addition by subtraction.

Phil got the Knicks in a three way deal with the Cavaliers and Oklahoma that sent Shumpert and JR Smith to Cleveland for a bunch off stiffs that will be razed and a 2016 draft pick I think coming from OKC.

Dalembert was such an upgrade over Tyson Chandler that he's being simply released today.

So with Andrea Bargnani, Anthony and Stoudemire sitting out due to injury you Knicks fans should see some very interesting games through the end of the season.

Speaking of Anthony, how selfish is it of him to delay surgery just so he can participate in the all star festivities.

We all know when he stops running he's going to be the size of the Hindenburg when it reached Long Island.

Why not do it now so he can recuperate before the spring and be in top shape for camp? Oh no. He has his millions and he has his way. Every move Phil has made including re-signing Carmelo has been nothing but a complete cluster fuck. And let's not even talk about that head coach of yours.

What a disaster.

Knicks lose again, Memphis 105 - Knicks 83