Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JR Smith is injured and you are a fool to remain a fan of the Knicks

It's so weird. Just yesterday I had a discussion with a Knicks fan who was touting how great the Knicks are going to be this upcoming season especially now that JR Smith has his new contract, has learned his lesson and will now be a very good boy.
'What bunch of idiots will sign me now?'

I don't think its my place to talk people out of their dreams no matter how ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with hope, usually.

I say usually because it is now being reported that JR Smith underwent two major surgical procedures almost around the same time we had our discussion yesterday and will be out from 12 to 16 weeks. When he does comeback it will take him some time to knock off the rust as the Knicks slowly manage his minutes until he is full strength.

There are rumors that the Knicks knew that JR had knee issues but didn't know the extent. If true that is a little disturbing to find out now that we know JR had a torn patella tendon and a torn meniscus which were both repaired on Monday afternoon.

This should tell Knicks fans that management either did not do their due diligence before before giving another player with a bum knee a four year contract or they did know and never bothered to court Tony Allen, OJ Mayo or another player to replace damaged goods. The Knicks don't have access to Google? http://bit.ly/1bF1s0G

I think both the Knicks and JR knew that his knee would be an issue on the open market and the money they were offering JR he'd never get anywhere else and if he does recover his new contract would be a bargain.

The later is the most likely scenario but Knicks fans, here is the issue you need to concern yourselves with.

You were expecting to prove to Carmelo Anthony how good a team he has around him especially with the return of the Sixth Man of the Year as the second leading scorer and for the team to make another run at the Eastern conference title. Well those hopes are dashed now.

By the time JR is one hundred percent the leading teams will be so far ahead of the Knicks in the standings that even if they make the playoffs they will most likely be in sixth place and facing the Heat in the first round. We all know what the outcome of that is going to be.

Do you really think that Carmelo Anthony is not going to opt out and move on from this homemade team after next season?

Your team's best chance to get better fast is to find a team that Anthony would be willing to re-sign with and make the trade for a bunch of young players and draft picks. You need to get something for him before he leaves to have some real hope for the future. Did you not learn anything from what Denver did to you?

I almost forgot, the Knicks did get Ron Artest to agree to a deal yesterday so they should be fine now.

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  1. Your comments are truly oblivious to reality. Carmelo isn't going anywhere and its not about Money. This you will see over time. JR will heal in time to be the major threat he was last season, and the team will SHOCK YOU with play that you so obviously can't seem to fathom at this point...LOL