Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well well well

When I created this blog my heart bled for the Knicks. I had so much hope for the future even when there was absolutely nothing to realistically indicate that happy days would return.

We don't need to get into all the failed GM's, the Isiah Thomas debacle and the awful tenure of Stephon Marbury. Madison Square Garden was a disaster and the Knicks were the laughing stock of the league.

Then, the NBA commissioner David Stern stepped in and forced James Dolan's hand to hire Donnie Walsh to handle the team and we began to see rays of hope again.

Donnie knew that he had to put an entertaining product on the floor so he brought in Mike D'Antoni who although had not won a championship did have a knack for turning a bunch bums into the basketball equivalent of Cirque Du Soleil.

Then Donnie brought in a bunch over achieving and athletic young players while managing to get rid of a bunch of over bloated contracts and keeping the team's draft picks.

Donnie's Knicks were not in position to win a championship but they were a lot of fun. The city had a team of young guys to rest their hopes on for the long term but that wasn't good enough for James Dolan.

Still listening to the likes of Isiah Thomas and sports agents James Dolan pushed Donnie to get Carmelo Anthony at all costs after Lebron James signed with the Miami heat.

All the young players were traded away in addition to future draft picks which meant hopes for long term growth were dashed. The team that Donnie was coerced to put together under the instruction of James Dolan had to win immediately but how could they?

Young penetrating point guards were shoved out the door, athletic small forwards were gotten rid of and a young solid back up center was made fun of as the savior Carmelo Anthony arrived in town.

Now look at this team. A mix of broken down has-beens, point guards who couldn't stay in front of the Statue of Liberty, a sixth man of the year with a bum knee and a marijuana habit which got him suspended and a one dimensional "super star". James Dolan had the balls to guarantee a championship out of this mess. The man is clearly drunk with his own power.

I was always called negative when I brought all this up in the past but today the mainstream press has now jumped all over the bandwagon and begun to call out Dolan's meddling publicly. Well well well.

I don't know if pointing out the obvious by these reporters is an attempt to shame Dolan into backing off or just stories to sell newspapers but I do know that as long as James Dolan continues to believe and act as if he knows a damn thing about running a basketball team the Knicks don't have a prayer of being a championship contender.

I know that certain people read this blog and I am not going to call anyone out but please pass the tip below to Felton and Prigioni.

When guarding a quicker point guard stop looking at the guys face and only keep the ball in your periphery. Focus instead on the space just above his belt line and stay in front of his center mass. This way you will not get beaten on cross overs or struggle with playing the screen. No matter how a guy fakes or dribbles he is not going anyplace without his belly and anyone living is quick enough to stay in front of a man's center mass. Thank me later.

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