Friday, October 30, 2015


A night after the season opening win, after all the laughing and chest bumping was over tonight the Knicks faced an Atlanta Hawks team filled with seasoned veterans and a healthy roster and got man handled.

Curb your enthusiasm Charles Barkley and the rest of you Knicks fans, If you finish .500 feel fortunate.

You are not going to sneak up on anyone and win the east or compete for a championship. Enjoy the handful of wins when they happen but don't lose your heads. The Knicks will get to the first round of the playoffs and then get bounced.

Sorry but this is still just a mediocre team.

And Jose Calderon couldn't guard Mount Rushmore.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 112 - Knicks 101

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Let's focus on basketball people

I will not be writing about the alleged ass whooping Derek Fisher took from the hands of Matt Barnes over Derek's dating of Barnes' ex-wife.

It's gossip, rumor and I can't substantiate any off it so stop asking me about it.

Everyone is alive and the season is about to start, let's focus on basketball people.

However, if the rumors are true Barnes not only kicked Fishers ass and spat in his former wife's face he is one emotional little bitch. She's an "Ex" for a reason fool and you met her when she was 12 years old you creep.