Sunday, December 19, 2021

Randle is not a star Thibs, for your own longevity, stop coaching as if he is.

If no other game this season showed you what is wrong with the Knicks last night had to have sealed the deal.

Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier were aggressive last night against the Celtics and the offense ran extremely well.

When Walker, 29 points, and Fournier, 32 points, played as if Randle wasn't on the floor in the 3rd quarter the Knicks 41 point quarter was the highest of the season.

In the fourth quarter, when Randle and Coach Thibodeaux ran the offense as if Julius is a super star who has to close out the game the Knicks fell apart and again New York handed a victory to a team which it should have easily beaten.

After the game Kemba Walker was asked if he wanted to stay in New York he did not say he does, he stated that he wants to play. Walker clearly put the coach and Knicks management on notice, play me or trade me. 

Walker has no allegiance to this organization anymore if he ever had any since he was banished to the hinterlands by coach Thibs.

And now we know why Thibs benched Walker. In Thib's mind Randle is the star and if anyone can't play well with him then he doesn't exist. Fournier makes too much money for such a banishment so Kemba was made the example.

This coach has hitched his wagon to Randle and it is going to be the very reason why he loses his job here. Randle is not a star Thibs, for your own longevity, stop coaching as if he is.

Knicks lose again, Celtics 114 - 107 Knicks.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

It's not bad in MSG, it's really bad

Quentin Grimes set the Knicks rookie record for three point shots in a game with 7. Grimes finished the game leading all Knicks scorers with 27 points.

It was all for naught however because the Knicks got their asses kicked by the Bucks this afternoon as Giannis registered his first triple double of the season.

If the season ended today the Knicks would not be in the playoffs and I have a feeling it'll be the same when the season ends.

It's not bad in MSG, it's really bad and it is not going to get any better.

A younger more forward thinking coach would focus on developing Sims, Grimes, Quickley, Toppin and Barrett. Preparing them either to be the cornerstones of this franchise or solid desirable pieces for superstar trades in the near future.

In order to do that the coach of the year would have to shift his paradigm and I don't think it's going to happen with this old dog.

Knicks lose again, Bucks 112 - 97 Knicks.

Friday, December 10, 2021

The Kings of New York lost again

Down the stretch of the final minutes of tonight's game you could clearly hear NBA Coach of the year Tom Thibodaux yelling "ISO, ISO".  Which meant that he wanted to run an ISO offense through Julius Randle. 

Of course this did not work as the Raptors could hear him yelling it also and collapsed on Randle the moment he touched the ball.

Randle scrambled to find an open man but the other Knicks could not find the basket when they did get the ball and the Knicks lost the brief lead it had in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. 

You need look no further than at the difference in fast break points to diagnose why the Knicks lost. The Raptors had 21 fast break points and the Knicks only 9. Again this team was out hustled. 

On the bright side, Evan Fournier must have gone vegan because he had a whooping 9 points and zero assists tonight.

The Kings of New York loss to the Raptors leaves both teams with the record of 12-14.

In the next three games the Knicks face the Bucks, the Warriors and the red hot Rockets at Madison Square Garden where the Knicks out right suck. Which in all likelihood means that the Knicks will be 5 games under .500 in the next few days.

Wait, Tom Thibodeau was really named coach of the year last season?

Knicks lose again, Toronto 90 - 87 Knicks

Thursday, December 9, 2021

A bad case of the bubble guts

The Knicks fans showed more fight on YouTube and in the Discords than the

Knicks did against the Pacers tonight.

Everything was thrown at each other during the arguments. Kemba being banished by coach Thibs, the lack of chemistry between Randle and Fournier, the weak effort coming off a win the night before and sorry front office management.

I loved every minute of it.

Thibs didn't really explain why the Knicks played lifeless, but he did look emotionally drained. No more lies to tell his fans, I guess. Evan Fournier had a more visceral answer for his poor play.

Evan Fournier told reporters that he ate a steak in San Antonio the night before and had a bad case of the bubble guts which slowed him down. I am certain the trainers have Imodium AD if he really had the dookies that bad before the game tonight.

After the laughter passed the talk then went to the trade deadline and who should be moved from this team and why.

It's too bad the chat was more interesting than the game. But we all know the result.

Knicks lose again, Pacers 122 - 102 Knicks

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Don't you ever fix your mouths to say you are the best team in New York City ever again.

I woke up late this afternoon determined to exercise, eat some oatmeal and get some real work and study done. No entertainment for me.

That plan lasted about 5 minutes. I saw my favorite sports YouTuber (The Entertainah Talkin Sports) was doing Knicks play by play so I decided to check in for a moment to see what was going on.

To my surprise, delight and glee the Knicks were getting their asses kicked in the 3rd quarter.

Making the most of this delicious Saturday I turned the game on, killed the play by play and listened to Knicks fans whine and plead for mercy as the Knicks took blow after blow.

I haven't laughed so hard all year, it was beautiful. Even Obi Toppin missing an alleyoop dunk was side splitting for some reason.

I think I know why I reacted this way. 

For the past month I heard a steady stream of lying from Knicks fans about how they were so close last season, the Knicks are the best team in New York and this team has so much more talent than the Nets.

These were nothing but pure sweet lies you told yourselves because you refuse to admit that the Knicks have not been close to winning anything since the Patrick Ewing years.

Your team was blown out at home by a weak Denver Nuggets team and now your are below .500. You are what your record says you are.

Don't you ever fix your mouths to say you are the best team in New York City ever again.

Knicks lose again, Denver 113 - 99 Knicks

Friday, December 3, 2021

This is your franchise superstar?

Fans will argue that Julius Randle had no help last night. He carried the team and no one came to his rescue.

The fact is Randle could have helped himself by making free throws and not turning the ball over.

This is your franchise superstar and that's it? 

DeMar DeRozan was another guard in a long line this season that abused the Knicks back court for 34 points. 

When will this city stop excusing the poor fourth quarter execution just because they lost a close game. Close only counts in horseshoes fans.

"We almost beat two good teams!", you hear the fans cry. Except there is no "Almost" column in the box score. You either Win or Lose.

No more moral victories Knicks fans. You can't on one hand say you played tough then make arguments about being underhanded when you lose. Every team has injuries and guys out. No one is shedding a single tear.

Randle finished the game with 30 points and 6 assists but he also had seven critical turnovers. He giveth and he taketh away.

The rest of the team was no help and it was evident from the first half when the Knicks were completely out hustled by Chicago.

The Knicks plainly do not know how to play together and all that falls on the coach.

1-4 in the last five games, .500 and still you argue that they are a respectable team. Oh really?

Knicks lose again Chicago 119 - 115 Knicks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Julius Randle, you will never be That Guy.

My favorite thing to do these days is visiting Knicks fans pregame shows on YouTube. Boy you should have heard them last night. They were hilarious.💀

They ranged from cautiously optimistic to a bunch of drunks stuck in the 90's with championship fantasies.

Then the game began and at courtside was none other than Spike Lee in his Fedora and pink clown suit. The Knicks fans will make you bust a gut if you let them.

I am not going to give the Knicks any credit for their effort last night just because the score was close and as Stephen A Smith pointed out the stands were full of Knicks fans.

Y'all can come to Brooklyn Stephen A, we'll take your money then whoop you. That's how we do in Brooklyn, ain't nothing new. 

The Nets toyed with the Knicks until halftime then as the third quarter began Durant put the spanking on the Knicks starters to show them who their new daddy is.

Yes the score  was close in the final seconds however I was never in doubt that the Nets would not win with the Slim Reaper on the floor. 

The Knicks resorted to fouling and Julius Randle acting like a big damn baby because the refs didn't give him star treatment.

Julius, at the end of the game there were two future hall of famers on the floor who get the benefit of the doubt and neither of them was wearing a Knicks jersey.

NYC better hope the Knicks don't represent them, or they too are a bunch of losers. Julius Randle, you will never be That Guy.

Knicks lose again, Nets 112 - 110 Knicks