Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get use to it

With the new collective bargaining bringing a real salary cap, nothing of value to trade and Chauncey owed 14 million next year what you see this season from the Knicks is exactly what you're going to get next season.

Get use to it.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bobcats 114 - Knicks 106

Oh I got my Denver Nuggets hat today.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Making stars of OK players

This instant and impatient society which is always looking for a quick fix makes stars of ok players like Marshmellow Anthony.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bucks 102 - Knicks 96

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeff Van Gundy, what a fucking idiot

Was it any surprise that the Knicks lost tonight? Nope, most rationally thinking folks knew they were going to lose and I am personally hoping they lose every single game for the remainder of the season.

A total meltdown and not making the playoffs will make for our only chance of getting Mike Damphoni's walking papers handed to him.

The problem I had with bullshit during this game came not from the team but the announcers.

First, I must apologize to Charles Barkley for calling him the dumbest commentator on the NBA. I was wrong. That title belongs to Jeff Van Gundy. What a fucking idiot.

Of course Van Gundy spent most of the night slurping Anthony and making the usual excuses for him.

Of course Van Gundy took cheap shots at the players who were traded. All the punk has are cheap shots. But the crap that fell out of his mouth the irked me the most was the claptrap about Knicks fans wrongly thinking that the team before the trade was going to compete for a championship.

Really Jeff? Who the fuck told you that? I certainly didn't.

Let me explain exactly what many Knicks fans like myself really thought about the team that began the season since you don't have a got-damn clue.

Most fans had zero expectations of the Knicks competing with the likes of Boston, Orlando or Miami. You think we didn't have the ability to read the fucking roster and see that there wasn't an experienced and legit center on this team as well as very little depth?

This team hadn't made the playoffs in nearly a decade nor had it won a championship in damn near forty years. How the fuck was anyone going to think that they were going to compete for a championship this season you douche-bag?

All most fans wanted was hard and competitive play every night.

We wanted to see our young players develop into a cohesive unit that entertained us each game they played.

Bottom line is this Jeff we watch games on television for the same reason we watch the Amazing Race, to be entertained.

Working hard, playing smart, being scrappy and beating the lesser teams while making it to the playoffs were all the Knicks fans asked for this year in the way of an entertaining season. Which in my humble opinion wasn't too much to ask.

Now that I have explained our expectations before the trade for Anthony you punk let me explain our anger after the trade.

We received a point guard who every "expert" with a column and fool behind a microphone said was a major upgrade over Felton. Gallinari and Chandler combined couldn't carry Marshmellow's jockstrap in most "experts" opinions.

Yet this veteran point guard and two all world forwards have lost to sub .500 teams and are now themselves below .500 and all you can muster in the way of an excuse is a lack of practice. Practice? Practice ?!? We talkin' bout practice?!?

We are angry because unlike you professional clowns the fans know that this isn't fantasy basketball. A star for the sake of having him doesn't make a team let alone a better team.

We are angry because a group of young over achievers were able to play with more smarts, passion and selflessness than the 165 million dollars worth of super stardom we currently have and now we are below .500.

Jeff, that's why we are angry you fucking idiot and that's why we are not about to calm the fuck down.

Got it now?

The Knicks Lose Again Magic 111 - Knicks 99

Monday, March 21, 2011

You've gotta love this trade more and more everyday

Tonight ball movement got the Knicks a lead and then one on one isolations by Carmelo and Stoudemire got them behind which ultimately resulted desperate jump shots and of course, a loss. Again.

You've gotta love this trade more and more everyday. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

And we can stop all this silly talk about the Knicks playing up to the level of their competition?

The new additions play to the level of their egos. Sometimes it results wins, most times it results in losses.

At the time of this post the Denver McNuggets were up by 28 points at the half over Toronto.

Yes, I am going to keep brining this up.

The Knicks Lose again, Celtics 96 - Knicks 86

Hey Carmelo fans, how's your trade working out for ya?

Now, from what I heard out of rabid Carmelo fans and tabloid journalists in NYC wasn't Carmelo Anthony supposed to be 10 times better than Gallinari and Chandler combined?

Wasn't Chauncey "Mr. Bigshot" Billups supposedly an upgrade from Felton even with his 35 year old arthritic knee?

And now the Knicks are spiraling out of control and on the verge of missing the playoffs, once again becoming a lottery team.

What had happened?

Everyone likes to make the argument that the Knicks were only one game above .500 when the trade was made giving up three fifths of the team's starting lineup therefore the players traded for Marsh weren't really all that good. Yet they fail to mention that the poor play was largely due to the young guys being adversely affected by all the trade talk.

However, once joining the Denver McNuggets their play and the team began to soar. Don't believe me? Look back at the Denver box scores since the trade and you'll see for yourself that Denver's ascension is no accident since Felton, Gallinari and Chandler joined the team.

Are the McNuggets now ready to take on the Los Angeles Fakers for supremacy in the west? I don't know, but they'd have a better chance of doing it than the current roster of the New York Bricks.

Get this, we now have the great Marshmellow Anthony publicly stating that the Knicks may not jell at all this season and he's not that concerned about it.

Well, if that don't beat all.

Hey Carmelo fans, how's your trade working out for ya?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carmelo is not a winner

With only 3/10ths of a second left and the Knicks down by two points Jared Jeffries passed the ball correctly towards the basket hoping for a tip in to win the game.

When time expired you could see Carmelo Anthony yelling at Jeffries for not passing him the ball and this gets to my argument why Carmelo is not a winner.

There was not enough time for a catch and shoot the only chance the Knicks had was a miracle tip in but because Anthony is not a team player and doesn't understand that the best possible shot is not always coming from his hand he acted like an immature child and wrongly chastised his teammate.

I blame D'Antoni for some this also because he should have clearly stated during the timeout that there was time for only one option, the tip in, but its obvious that he didn't from the reaction of Anthony.

But I guess we all have to come to grips with the fact that when you think you can make every and any shot like Marshmellow does there is no such thing as a bad shot and never any reason why someone else should be taking any shots at all except for him.

The Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 119 - Knicks 117

Mr. Anthony, are you that selfish?

You know, I have purposely refrained from commenting on the past two losses for the Knicks because I don't want to come off as just a complainer.

However, it has been difficult to do while I watch the Denver Nuggets box-scores to only to see Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler doing so well.

And watching the evening news and witnessing Deron Williams, who I have stated in past posts would have been a better fit for the Knicks, take the hapless Nets on a five game winning streak and improving the players around him isn't helping either.

It is obvious that if the Knicks are going to give up on the D'Antoni system then he has to go because he knows no other way of coaching. But no matter the coach one thing must happen beginning today, Carmelo Anthony has to stop being a selfish baby.

Mr. Anthony, you got your extension and all the money you asked for, there is no reason to continue to play as if you don't have a fucking working synapses in your brain. Refusing to buy into moving the ball on offense and moving your ass on defense makes you look like a selfish idiot of the highest magnitude.

Why can't you just defer to the system that the majority of your new teammates know and buy in to being a team player? Why does it have to be all about you?

I can't say you have a case of Al Harrington's Disease because that disease forces a player to attempt to do too much to prove his worth on the team. Your problem is different.

You have your contract, you have your money and you are playing "at home", which I always thought that was some bogus BS from your camp but whatever, you have everything you wanted. Why can't you give this team and fans some of what it wants which is team basketball within the confines of D'Antoni's passing philosophy and effort on defense?

Dude, are you that selfish?

Friday, March 4, 2011

D'Antoni Must Go

All New faces, same dumb play and poor defense.

What is the same you may ask?

Why it's Mike D'Antoni of course.

D'Antoni must go.

The Knicks Lose Again, Cavaliers 119 - Knicks 115

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Knicks find a way to lose without playing a game

The Knicks lost again this afternoon and didn't even play a game.

How you may ask?

By buying out Corey Brewer and waiving him.

Trading four young players for Marshmellow Anthony and not attempting to acquire Iguodala was the first big mistake and now this?

Maybe it is time for Donnie to fill the vacancy in Indiana now that Bird has gone. I am not liking his latest moves at all.

The Knicks Lose Again, Whatever contending team that picks up Brewer 100- the Knicks 0

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I really like Landry Fields but.....

I really like Landry Fields but the Knicks are not getting enough points from the two guard position and will continue to lose games like this with Landry starting

I am begging the Knicks not to show Corey Brewer the door just yet and insert him into the lineup as the starting two and let Landry back up until he learns to add more to his game offensively.

The Knicks Lose Again, Magic 116 - Knicks 110