Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knicks fans, you have it all wrong

So I wake up this morning at 4:30 AM to get my Rack workout on to get pumped for the day and I turn the radio on to the local sports talk radio show just because I enjoy hearing Knicks fans whine. I really do.

I feel the need to say something to Knicks fans and Carmelo Anthony's college coach who is about as bias as they come.

Listen guys, I hear the comparisons of Anthony to Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and Magic and the argument always comes back to the fact that those guys had a sidekick who helped them win. Their Robin helping out Batman and this is the reason why Carmelo Anthony hasn't won.

Knicks fans, you have it all wrong. Carmelo Anthony ain't Batman, he's Robin.

Carmelo Anthony has a single skill which is scoring. He doesn't have anything else in his utility belt. His belt is strictly for holding up his tights.

Carmelo Anthony doesn't have shutdown defense in his utility belt that can stop the likes of Stephenson in the fourth quarter.

Carmelo Anthony doesn't have ferocious rebounding in his utility belt that could battle West or Hibbert.

The villains of the league have never worried about a team that Anthony was on because they knew he was Robin wearing Batman's costume. When are Knicks fans going to realize that too?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet dreams Knicks fans

Many fans will applaud the effort of the Knicks tonight.

They will talk about their team's fighting spirit and how tough it was to go into enemy territory and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The talking heads in the media will pull out all the cliches regarding how the Knicks fans should be grateful for this playoff run after not experiencing such in 13 years and tie a bow around this season.

What no one will talk about is how JR Smith never boxed out the man he was guarding, Stephenson tonight,  a single time this series and it was the offensive rebounding from the Pacers back court that was the hidden key to their domination over the Knicks.

JR didn't give you much in the way of scoring again either. Utterly useless without a bottle in his hand.

If you are a Knicks fan you can only hope that JR Smith opts out of the final two years of his contract and tests the free market. You guys are counting on JR taking is fundamentally poor drunk act on the road to another team next season, we both know it.

I am sure that the guys in Knicks management are ready to see him go as well.

I have to say that I enjoyed watching father time jump on Jason Kidd's back every time he has attempted a jump shot since around my birthday in April.

Can we be honest about Mike Woodson's failure as a coach due to keeping Copeland on the bench for the first four games of the series, only to use him out of sheer desperation? I don't think he learned that under Larry Brown.

This year was the Knicks best chance to make it to the finals with this group.

Next season Derrick Rose is back with the Bulls and will most likely contend with a seasoned Brooklyn Nets team who will also upgrade the coaching position. Not to mention the Pacers getting better just because of their experience this year and all the cap space and draft picks they have giving them the ability to add a piece or two.

The Knicks won't be getting anywhere near the second round of the playoffs for foreseeable future. Was Carmelo Anthony really worth only this? Are you not entertained? I am for certain.

You had the head of the current Pacers brain trust, Donnie Walsh, building you exactly the type of team that eliminated you and advanced in the playoffs tonight without Carmelo Anthony but that wasn't good enough for you and James Dolan.

Hopefully we can mature as a city and stop all the "Gotta have a superstar" foolishness. You gotta play team basketball with good young role players and hope you add a star to take you over the top. You don't get rid of the young role players for the sake of having a star. Unless you aren't really about the business of winning.

Now let me turn this computer off and fall asleep to all the whining from callers on the New York City sports radio shows.

Sweet dreams Knicks fans until, well you guys have a long until coming.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 106 - Knicks 99

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You fools

Let's not fool ourselves. James Dolan did not sign Carmelo Anthony with any hopes of winning a championship. Anthony was needed to justify increases in cablevision rates and ticket prices. Don't think that Dolan is shedding any tears as he rakes in his money over the failures of the Knicks. You suckers fell for the Carmelo Anthony show hook line and sinker.

You all were so happy giving up cap space, future draft picks and a bunch of very young decent players for the Carmelo Anthony show. What you are seeing is exactly how every season of the Carmelo Anthony show has played out so it should be no surprise and nothing to be upset about.

You fools even feel for his temperamental co-star from the previous show, JR Smith, thinking that he had changed his act and the show would end different this season. JR is prepping for next season's remake of the Harry Houdini show with his disappearing act.

Coach Woodson is simply there for comic relief, much like Mr. Bookman or Aunt Esther. Someone to be a foil to the stars and a fool for the audience. He's doing his job well.

When I was a Knicks fan the very last time I really enjoyed them and thought of them as my team Carmelo Anthony was no part of it. They were a scrappy young bunch playing a fun style of basketball and each member was very easy to cheer for.

Was that group going to compete for a championship as it was configured? No, however they were entertaining and had youth which gave a fan some hope along with first and second round draft picks.

Well, the current team ain't built to win a championship either and now you Knicks fans are locked into Chandler, Amare and Anthony for the next three years meaning you have zero hope of your team ever winning a damn thing.

The Knicks' season will officially be over on Friday night but in truth it ended tonight against a young team with no superstars that just plays team ball, much like the pre-Anthony Knicks.

Get used to this Knicks fans, you have a number of years to endure this before things have a chance of getting better.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 93 - Knicks 82

Saturday, May 11, 2013

They don't have a chance in hell

With five minutes remaining in the third quarter Carmelo Anthony picked up his third personal foul. A smart coach would have immediately sat Anthony down and replaced him with Amare Stoudemire.

A smart coach.

Coach Woodson on the other hand leaves him in to pick up his fourth foul only a minute later and then takes Anthony out for Stoudemire but also removes Raymond Felton.

Raymond Felton and Amare have a history of playing the pick and roll extremely well together but it seems that Woodson is hell bent on not playing these guys together.

It's almost as if he is afraid of seeing them successful together. I have my theory on why this would be the case but I'll keep my conspiracies to myself for now.

Even at 10:40 of the 4th quarter when Woodson sent Felton back in he at the same time pulled amare and replaced him with Anthony although Amare hit a three point shot at the end of the 3rd quarter and got credit between periods for a put back shot. You decide for yourself what's going on with his substitution patterns. Like I said, I have my theories.

With Amare back on the bench and illness keeping JR Smith from giving offensive help the Pacers pull away from the Knicks and never relinquish the lead again.

The problem with the Knicks is Woodson's inability to offer any type of offensive wrinkle to force the Pacers out of their defensive comfort zone.

Tonight Woodson had the services of Amare Stoudemire and either didn't have the intelligence or the guts to feature him and Raymond together just to see if they could at the very least force the Pacers big men into foul trouble.

If the Knicks can't give Amare opportunities to help they don't have a chance in hell of advancing.

There are actually people who feel that it would be foolish to play Amare because it would throw off the "chemistry" of the team and now is not the time to play Amare into shape. Are they fucking insane. Unless you can get scoring from the low post there isn't going to be a tomorrow.

This team must play and be coached with desperation because they are in desperate times. All hands on deck now especially when the genius at the helm wouldn't even play Copeland who as they say "has been contributing during this run". That contribution remark is the argument for not playing Amare by many of the "experts" in New York.

This town has turned completely against Amare including his coach but the fact is they aren't going anywhere without him, like it or not.

I didn't give the Knicks much of a chance in this series anyway but I had no idea it would be this ugly for them and it's not going to get any better.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers  82 - Knicks 71

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mike Isola, hit yourself in the head

Did you see Mike Isola's column today?

This fucking idiot has had it in for Amare Stoudemire since Amare's initial return to the team late last year.

Today, this "journalist" had the audacity to publish a column about some conspiracy theory that Amare Stoudemire is secretly controlling Mike Woodson and Jim Dolan and underhandedly finagling his way back into the lineup using some secret plot that only Amare and Mike Isola know of.

This idiot Isola really has to be stopped.

What offensive scorer do the Knicks have on the low block that can put pressure on Hibbert and West with his quickness and draw fouls forcing them to sit early? Mike I'm talking to you fucker, who do they have other than Amare Stoudemire who can do this?

You mean to tell me that Woodson needs to be tricked by Amare into taking advantage of his skills for a few minutes each night by Amare himself?

Isola you showed yourself today to be the fucking joke of a reporter I always knew you were.  Go and hit yourself in the head with something very very hard.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Isn't this exactly what these same guys did in Denver with little success?

The only chance the Knicks have to defeat the Pacers in the second round of the playoffs is running the offense through Raymond Felton as he runs the high pick and roll.

It should be Raymond's decision to set players up for the best possible shot and to draw defenders.

Today's game began that way for some inexplicable reason at the end of the first quarter and for the rest of the game Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith got it in their minds that they should be the ones bringing the ball up court and running the offense.

The Pacers were just waiting for that to happen and seized the opportunities to jump out to a big lead based on Melo's poor shooting and Smith reverting to his old knucklehead form.

Isn't this exactly what these same guys did in Denver with little success?

When they did decide to step things up through Raymond and attack the rim it was too little too late and the Knicks lost what should have been a very winnable game.

At some point Coach Woodson must speak to Anthony and Smith and forcibly tell them that Raymond will setup their shots and no one else. If he doesn't then Woodson's history of getting bounced in the second round of the playoffs will repeat itself.

The reckless offense that got the Knicks to the playoffs simply won't due against the very physical play of the Pacers, particularly when the referees are not going to bail the Knicks out while the Pacers push them around.

Amare' Stoudemire is the type of player that the pacers have no answer for, let's see if he returns in the next game or two and how much time he gets.

Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 102 - Knicks 95

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pressure bursts pipes

There is an old saying, "Pressure bursts pipes". Well, it destroys Knicks shooting too.

In the second game in which Woodson should have made the decision to run all offense through Raymond Felton and not Anthony or Smith poor coaching and not poor play was the Knicks demise.

There are "famous" radio personalities who argue that Carmelo Anthony's ball hogging doesn't take shots away from anyone who can make them. Well, the past two games you fools have been dead wrong.

Anthony's history isn't a fairy tale it is actual fact. He gets tight in the playoffs and has been a failure in the post season for the majority of his career.

Woodson, who is either unable to see that his star couldn't hit an elephant in the ass with a tennis racket or was simply in denial, failed to make the high pick and roll the central offense tonight even with Melo and Smith on the floor and it cost them the game.

The Celtics have figured out how to take away the three point shot and Bass is playing defense inside of Carmelo's jersey.

JR Smith celebrated much too soon also and had a very John Starks Game 6 in the Finals like game. He was awful.

For all you Knicks fans who call radio shows with your cockamamie schemes to get rid of Amare Stoudmire I'll bet you wish you had Amare tonight didn't you?

Can someone explain to me why Copeland, who is the only big man left with real offensive skills and could but serious heat on the Celtics to defend has not played in the two Knicks losses? Coach Woodson is really making some questionable decisions right now.

Knicks fans prepare for a NY Mets like collapse because I can smell it cookin'.

Knicks Lose Again, Celtics 92 - Knicks 86