Monday, April 18, 2022

If you really love them

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Well Knicks fans, if this were any other franchise, I'd say get'em next season but in the past 20 years that never worked out very well for you guys.

You wasted your lives being Knicks fans, spare your children the same fate. Take them to the Barclay's Center and get given them the gift of a Nets fan starter pack...if you really love them.

 The Knicks lose again, Regular season 82 games - Playoffs Zero.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Kevin Durant, the Slim Reaper

On social media around the world Knicks fans were discussing ways how the impossible could happen tonight.

They talked about how vulnerable the Nets were and that this young scrappy group of Knicks had just what the doctor ordered to finally defeat the team in Brooklyn.

Match ups were carefully looked over and debated including the coaches, all ending with the formula to beat the Nets.

After the first three quarters the impossible actually looked inevitable.

The Knicks lead by as much as 21 points over Brooklyn as beer, hot wings and deviled eggs were consumed all over New York City as if it were one humongous New Year's Eve party. 

But, as has been the pattern for the New York Knickerbockers all season, the lead would shrink as the team unraveled late in the fourth quarter.

Patty Mills finally broke out of his month-long shooting slump to launch and land three-point shot after three-point shot, striking blows to the Knicks defenses. 

Then the Nets unleashed Kevin Durant, the Slim Reaper to step forward in the remaining three minutes to deliver the last death blows to the young Knicks.

Tears replaced cheers across the five boroughs as drunken and deflated Knicks fans dragged themselves back to their dark holes to hibernate until the beginning of the next NBA season.

Knicks lose again, Brooklyn 110 - Knicks 98.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Have we seen the last of Julius Randle in a Knicks uniform?

A depleted Cleveland Cavaliers team came into Madison Sqaure Garden and owned the Knicks.

It was embarrassing to watch New York get manhandled, and I hate the Knicks.

Even RJ Barrett could not finish at the rim today. He must work on this in the off season as well as his mid-range shot. If he can learn how to pull up and shoot that short jumper instead of his familiar pass or head to the basket moves, he'd easily score twenty per game next season and be helpful in the fourth quarter to close out games.

For those who thought that Barrett was better than LeVert I hope this game cleared that foolishness up for you. Caris' game is light years ahead of RJ.

Leon Rose really needs to evaluate his coach's season because he did a rotten job of preparing and developing his young players in my opinion.

Obi Toppin thrives when he is on the court with Quickley and yet the coach of the year started Burks again. I just don't get it.

Toppin got his career high today, but it meant nothing. 

At least losing today ties the Knicks for tenth place in the draft lottery. Should they throw the game against Orlando tomorrow? 

Have we seen the last of Julius Randle in a Knicks uniform?

All I know for certain is that the Knicks lose again, Cleveland 119 - Knicks 101.