Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I fear that we have seen the last

Elfrid Payton is the Evan Engram of the New York Knicks. When he is on the court he is a liability to the team. He dribbles with his head down, not looking at the floor always looking to score when he really isn't that good a shooter. 

Since he got rid of his Sideshow Bob hairdo Payton has played like hot garbage.

Julius Randle did show up and played well. He comes to the arena with that dog in him but he wasn't enough against the Nets.

Brooklyn was down to only nine players tonight due to the big trade today that sent Jarrett Allen to Cleveland and Caris LeVert ultimately to the Indiana Pacers to pull of the deal to acquire the hefty lefty James Harden.

Again tonight Thibodeaux got nothing from his back court and yet Frank Ntilikina was not seen for a single second. Was he also traded today unbeknownst to me? Or maybe his "strained knee" is still bothering him. I don't know but I fear that we have seen the last of Frank in a Knicks uniform. 

KD left the game late in the fourth quarter with the Brooklyn Nets up by 18 but the short handed Nets back ups allowed the Knicks to mount a comeback and made the game appear on the scoreboard much closer than it was.

Of course Kyrie Irving did not play tonight because no one knows where he is right now.

I am really bummed that LeVert and Allen are gone and the only thing that saved Dinwiddie was his torn ACL or he'd be gone too.

And of course the Knicks wore those black knock off jerseys which meant they were going to lose no matter and that makes four losses in a row.

Knicks Lose Again Nets 116 - NYK 109

You guys have a lot of shooting practice to do

I tried to leave y'all alone. I really did. I mean a three game losing streak should have been enough to keep you fuckers quiet going into tonight's game against the Nets but no. 

You guys have the nerve to talk shit because Kyrie Irving is AWOL from the Nets. As if this equals every malfunction the Knicks as an organization has brought upon themselves in the past 49 years. These teams are not equal in anyway and a good spanking tonight should prove that.

It is to bad however that Kyrie wanted to party and hide behind his fake social justice warrior act to miss out on the game. 

Did I want Mr. Irving a Net? No I did not. However, signing Kyrie was the only way to get KD in Brooklyn and it worked. Now that KD is locked down for the next three seasons Uncle Drew and his act should go to Houston straight up for James Harden. 

Brooklyn has enough flat Earth empaths, we don't need another one skipping out on work no call no show while being paid millions of dollars. 

Sean Marks, if you are reading this, get him out of here right now. 

Kevin Durant, Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen and Joe Harris are more than enough to handle to the gang that can't shoot straight from MSG. 

Austin Rivers, wait until you guys make the payoffs before you start entertaining talk of a rivalry with the Nets. You guys have a lot of shooting practice to do in the meantime.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Knicks wore those god awful ugly Nets knock off uniform again last night and I had a feeling it would be the kiss of death.

I must admit however, the Knicks had a nice little run the past few games. They looked like a real basketball team for the first time in about ten years. 

They couldn't handle any of the top three teams in the East including Brooklyn because they lack a lot of talent but they are competitive and playing intelligent ball. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder started the game shooting horribly. OKC couldn't to hit an elephant in the ass with a 2 by 4 and the Knicks got up to an 11 point lead.

In the second quarter however OKC was able to settle down and come storming back to be a point down by halftime.

OKC finished the third quarter up by three points mostly due to some of the most poor defense the Knicks have played all season. 

Even the play of Randle couldn't rally the Knicks back as the Thunder went on to whip the Knicks in the Garden last night.

Knicks Lose Again NYK 89 - OKC 101 Record: 5-4

Friday, January 1, 2021

I thought he was a better coach than this

For three quarters the Knicks did their best to finished 2020 with a win against the Toronto Raptors however, the team's glaring weakness again brought defeat to the franchise. 

The Raptors backcourt of Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet dominated the Knicks guards in the 4th quarter and handed the Knicks team its third loss of the season.

Neither Barrett or Payton had more than four assists and the combined for 26 points for the game. That is usually not enough to win against the average team and certainly not enough against a team the competes for championships.

There was no help from Alec Burke tonight for the Knicks who was out with a sprained left ankle. He is however expected to return to play tomorrow.

Frank Ntilikina had zero minutes tonight and was not reported to be injured. I have no idea what his lack of play is about.

Thibodeau's short rotation is still a mystery to me but you'd think he'd use everyone available if the team is losing. I am still trying to figure out his philosophy but I have to be honest, I thought he was a better coach than this.

Knicks Lose Again, NYK 83 - Raptors 100  Record: 2-3