Friday, November 26, 2021

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Devon Booker had 21 points in the first half tonight. This game was pretty much over at halftime.

The Knicks went on several little runs but Booker dug a hole too deep for the Knicks to climb out of.

Booker finished the game with 32 points and showed RJ Barrett, who only had 10 points, what an aggressive star looked like.

The Suns came into the garden tonight 15-3. Everyone knew that the Knicks were no match for them but they weren't even competitive. 

Chris Paul is the type of leader and floor general that the Knicks have lacked for decades. CP3 makes the Suns a well oiled machine. 

The Knicks have nothing like CP3 on this roster and lack basketball IQ as a unit, there are the differences in organizations.

Where is the Knicks defense that this team so proudly hung its hat on last season? Without it even if they squeak into the playoffs they will be one and done for certain.

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Knicks lose again Suns 118-97 Knicks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Playing in Madison Square Garden is just what every scrub in the league needs.


Knicks fans don't start all your whining about how the team should never have given Julius Randle an extension. You same people were chanting "MVP" after every big shot Randle made last season.

This is the same Julius Randle that everyone praised for working so hard to improve his game and his desire be here.

There will be no Randle trades and coach Thibodeaux will not be fired.

To hear it from you guys the Knicks were not only the best team in the city but were on the cusp of making a run for the NBA title. What had happened?

Do you now realize how crazy you all sounded?

The Knicks are not driving you guys crazy. You are doing that to yourselves.

The Knicks last season was comprised of mediocre talent whose defensive hustle allowed them to fight above their weight. But this was never really a good team.

Signing broken down old point guards and allowing underappreciated defensive talent to walk was clearly a recipe of disaster. You guys had to know this. Stop acting surprised that you guys were going to be lucky if the Knicks made the playoffs this season.

The bar was set so low for this franchise that the stubborn unimaginative Thibodeaux actually won coach of the year last season.

Again, a guy came off the bench for the Magic and had his best night. Terrence Ross who normally averages 10 points per game had 19 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds.

Playing the Knicks in Madison Square Garden is just what every scrub in the league needs to gain his confidence, have a career night and carry his team to victory.

The Knicks are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Knicks Lose Again, Magic 104 - 98 Knicks.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

I was 100 percent correct.

Do I really need to recap this one? I don't think so. I told you what was going to happen before the game in the previous post and I was 100 percent correct.

If you were smart you would have taken my wise words and made some money Knicks fans instead of just being salty over the truth.

Knicks Lose Again, Charlotte 104 - 96 Knicks. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

New York Knicks fans your ignorance brought this all on yourselves.

Coming off last year’s surprising season, with the emergence of Julius Randle as a star and the vaunted Knicks defense the city was excited for a deep playoff run this season.

But something strange has happened. 

Just a couple of weeks into the new season the Knicks and the fans are shook.

With the vast improvement of the roster the Knicks don't even look like a playoff team.

Knicks fans are in a quandary as much as the Knicks coaching staff searching for the problem that is source of their angst.

Well Knicks fans, look no further than your defense, particularly in the backcourt. 

The Knicks so far this season according to is ranked 26th out of 30 teams.

So far, this season opposing teams bench players are coming into Madison Square Garden and having career scoring nights, mostly from the backcourt.

The Knicks have the worst defense against the 3-point ball of any team.

Where is the intense defense? Where is the guy that forced shooters to rush shots or completely run away from the three-point line?

Where is the guard big and strong enough to switch to a big player and still manage to force difficult shots?

Well Knicks fans, that guy is now playing for the Dallas Mavericks and his name is Frank Ntilikina. 

The other night due to injuries Frank was forced to play against the Spurs and despite only having six points Frank was the margin of victory for Dallas.

Frank's defensive energy, toughness and size made his minutes a +24 against the Spurs and sealed the deal in victory.

This was never appreciated by New York as an organization or fan base and now the team is spiraling out of control and one of the worst defensive backcourts this team has had in decades.

Tonight, against LaMelo Ball and the smooth Gordon Hayward Knicks fans, who you got to even make the game difficult for those dudes let alone stop them? 

In Frank you had a guy who could handle defensively any teams best point guard, shooting guard and small forward on any given night. 

In Charlotte, just as against most teams this season, the Knicks have no one who can give any resistance to those positions and the Knicks get ate up especially when RJ Barrett is having another of his inconsistent shooting games.

Last season in Knicks chatrooms, discords, and forums it was so interesting seeing these low basketball IQ fans dogging Frank. Some of them even going so far as questioning his sexuality because they only measure dominance by the number of points a player scores. 

Little did they know or understand that they had the equivalent of Dennis Rodman but in the position of guard.

Like Dennis, the guy’s mere presence and annoyance on defense is enough to be the margin of victory even when his point total is in the single digits. All because there was no flashing field on the scoreboard showing how many points that man prevented.

New York Knicks fans your ignorance brought this all on yourselves. Good luck at even making the playoffs this season all because you people don't know as much about basketball as you think you do. But believe me, you are going to learn this season.

Frank I am so happy for you. Find peace in your game and continue to ball out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

You guys can always watch the Nets if you want to see good basketball.

Coach Thibs went contrary to his nature and allowed the bench to finish out the game once it got close and it cost the Knicks tonight.

Thibs must have left his short leash in the locker room which he needed when the Knicks defense failed to protect the 3 point line and allowed the Milwaukee Bucks to hit 26 3 point shots on their way to victory.

The three point line is where the elite teams live and die in today's NBA so if the Knicks can't step up and force shooters off the three point line then they don't have a chance to compete in the playoffs. If they make the playoffs.

Let's face it Fournier was a sexy signing but completely wrong for the make up of this team. He is inconsistent at scoring and God awful at defense all the time.

It was a scrappy effort again tonight but geesh how many scrappy defeats must you fans endure before you toss your cookies. Can we agree that "always in the game" no longer means anything?

What is extremely alarming that no Knicks fan can dispute is how terrible this team plays at home. If you can't win in Madison Square Garden there is zero hope for you this season.

Next for the Knicks is Charlotte in Charlotte so they might have a chance to win but then the following three games will be played at the Garden which doesn't look promising. You guys can always watch the Nets if you want to see good basketball.

Knick lose again, Bucks 112 - Knicks 100 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

At least the Giants won today.

Rubio going INSANE in the garden right now!!!!

Knicks fans, your team let Ricky Rubio look like the Spanish Michael Jordan today? 

On this vaunted Knicks defense Rubio had a career high 37 points and was damn near perfect from the three point line.

The Knicks defense looked like a turnstile today as the Cleveland Cavaliers abused them after the Knicks beat a short handed Bucks team in Milwaukee the other day.

The Knicks are too inconsistent to ever be taken seriously as a contender. I know that hurts the heart of many but when you allow Cleveland to run you out of your own building on a Sunday afternoon you can't think you are ready to compete for any kind of title.

Tomorrow you get Philadelphia and God help you because Embiid is going to have a field day with this softer version of the Knicks.

This team fell for the Jedi mind trick that convinced them of having the talent to out score anyone and not continue to focus on defense.

No guys, this ain't that team. When the defense is as pathetic from start to finish as they were today you still have a number of years of rebuilding ahead of you.

At least the Giants won today.

Knicks lose again, Cleveland 129 - Knicks 109