Friday, February 5, 2016

Fisher must go and so should Anthony

The first half of last nights game has to be the absolutely worse performance I have ever seen by any Knicks team in my 40 something years on this planet.
Yes you

You talking about not giving a fuck. This team looked like 10 guys were picked of the street and asked if they wanted to play some ball for money on national television.

Down by 27 points at the half it is reported that Derek Fisher had to question their very existences as players and as men.

It seemed to have worked as the Knicks stormed back in the second half and even briefly took the lead in the fourth quarter.

But reality set in along with fatigue and the Pistons were able to win by 6 points.

This team has clear tuned Fisher out and only yelling and questioning why they are drawing paychecks could motivate them to play in a season in which making the playoffs and not giving the Celtics a lottery pick, because the Celtics have the Knicks first round pick in the coming draft, is so important.

Fisher must go and so should Anthony while he is still serviceable enough to get something for him.

Knicks Lose Again, Detroit 111 - New York 105