Friday, July 20, 2018

Oklahoma City Thunder have just traded Carmelo Anthony

The Oklahoma City Thunder have just traded Carmelo Anthony, Justin Anderson and the 2022 conditional draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks for Dennis Schroder, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and to complete the trade Atlanta sends to the 76ers Mike Muscala.

This does not mean that Anthony's hopes for playing in Houston are over because the Atlanta Hawks will most likely buy out Anthony to save a ton on luxury taxes and at the same time make him a free agent.

I still don't believe Mike D'Antoni will approve of the team signing Anthony to the Rockets but the Rockets are now able to make him an offer they could live with. Stranger things have happened.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Joe, really bro?

For some reason only known to them several sports reporters in NYC feel that Kawhi Leonard being traded to Toronto offers a window of opportunity for his acquisition by the Knicks.

Kawhi has thwarted all talks regarding any other team than the Lakers, it must be a slow news day.

I thought nothing could possibly be more ridiculous until I read what trouble Joe Benigno is in with his current lawsuit.

Joe, really bro?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Knicks have signed Mitchell Robinson

It has been reported in the NY Post that the Knicks have signed the second round draft pick Mitchell Robinson to a three year 4.8 million dollar contract.

I think Robinson might be the sleeper of the draft and I could easily see both him and Kevin Knox competing for NBA rookie of the year.

They will get lots of playing time with Porzingis out of the way.

Good job with the signing but it's not going to help them win the east now that Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan.

Friday, July 6, 2018

This is going to be fun

It is being reported that the Oklahoma City Thunder plan to buy out Carmelo Anthony before the end of the summer.

My friends are asking if he will end up with the Lakers.

I can only say I hope so because the Lakers are going to be a three ring circus next season.

With all the crap going on with LeBron and him not even speaking with the coaches before signing, the Ball family and all their foolishness and Magic Johnson's desperation to see the Lakers win to keep his position with the team there is going to be a show every night win or lose.

The Lakers might be more fun following than the damn Knicks next season. Who'd have thought that?

Stephen A. thinks that Melo would be the perfect with the Houston Rockets but that's ridiculous.

If he wouldn't play for D'Antoni when he was with the Knicks and this was his team why would he play for Mike D'Antoni now.

And why in the hell would D'Antoni want him when Carmelo was the reason he was ran out of NYC?

I said it once before and I'll say it again, the best place for Anthony is Toronto but he wouldn't do the smart thing and play for the Raptors. He still needs to be in the spotlight.

This is going to be fun.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Have the Knicks found gold in Knox?

Fortunately Trae Young was acquired by Atlanta in a trade with the Mavericks taking the Knicks off the hook of doing something really stupid.

Unfortunately, the following two picks removed Mo Bamba and Wendall Carter off the board. Both of whom were no brainer can't miss prospects.

Then we were left worried anticipation for the Knicks selection over the next 8 minutes because it meant that the Knicks "braintrust" would be forced into thinking. As New Yorkers we know how much bad luck the Knicks have when they think.

I was hoping that the Knicks would take my fifth option which did fall to them. Robert Williams from Texas A&M was there for the taking. It was not to be however.

Michael Porter Jr. had been hiding his medical records from various teams meaning he has something to hide which will be problematic for the future of his career.

You know what that means.

With the 9th pick in the 2018 NBA draft the Knicks select Kevin Knox SF from Kentucky.

A small forward, right, because the Knicks need a small forward so badly.

This season he will be the focal point of the team without out Porzingis so he'll have any and every shot he wants.

He might even be in contention for rookie of the year with the amount of points he'll have the opportunity to put up.

He should be a solid pro in about ten years when he's playing with the Cavaliers or the Celtics. Is he the second coming of Bernard King? Only time will tell.

Have the Knicks found gold in Knox?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Don't say I never gave you anything.

On the cusp of hearing that James Dolan is still so petty that he snatched away the comped season tickets to Ethan Hawke because he dared to criticize the way Dolan was 3rd party running the Knicks I got the news that the Knicks had no luck in the lottery draw and now have the 9th pick in this years NBA draft. Another loss for the franchise.

All this days after we find out the Porzingis is most likely lost for the entire season but not rehabing in the United States. He's off in Lithuania or Latvia or where ever he's from chilling and counting his money.

This means that whomever the Knicks draft it will be his season for development without having to worry about making room for KP and sharing shots and minutes.

The rumors around the city have the Knicks going after a point guard.
I can only assume these rumors are correct just because that is the woirst fucking thing those idiots at Madison Square Garden could do.

Between Frank Ntilinka, Trey Burke, Emmanuel Mudiay and Tim Hardaway Jr. the Knicks are drowning at the guard position. But they seem hell bent on doing something stupid like drafting Trae Young.

Trae Young is nice don't get me wrong. But if you are building a team to compete against Al Horford in Boston, Jonas Valanciunas in Toronto and Joel Embiid in Philadelphia I can't see Trae Young making life difficult for those guys on both ends of the floor.

Porzingis even in perfect health is neither big or strong enough to handle those guys and that is where the Knicks are dominated by their Easter Conference rivals.

I am going to do something that I never thought I'd do again and that's give the Knicks some help to make the team better for the next ten years for free.

In this order these are the Players that the Knicks must draft if available at the 9th pick.

These guys will anchor the middle of the offense and defense for the next 12 years and help the Knicks not only make the payoffs in two years but actually put the team in position to make a serious run at the Eastern Conference title.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

In order of ranking:
Marvin Bagley III - Center (Duke)

Jaren Jackson Jr. - Center (Michigan State)

Mohamed Bamba - Center (Texas)

Wendell Carter - Forward (Duke)

Robert Williams - Power Forward (Texas A&M)

Now if you idiots ignore me and manage to fuck this up then God help you.

You're welcome.

Signed, A Yo-Yo with a blog

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

David Fizdale is the Knicks new coach, let's hope his wife is on the front row

This afternoon as I watched the Cavaliers dismantle the Toronto Raptors I listened to the press conference announcing David Fizdale as the new head coach of the New York Knickerbockers. Whose wife is a dimepiece I must add.

I witnessed Kevin Love, Kyle Karver, JR Smith, LeBron and George Hill carve the young Raptors up like Thanksgiving turkey while in the background hearing Fizdale speaking about opening up the game with the Knicks. Wanting to run more and play good defense.

That's all well and fine but I sincerely hope Fizdale and the Knicks front office don't make the mistake of attempting to build a team to take on Cleveland.

All of the Cavaliers starters are in their mid to late 30's so building a team to play against this model would be fruitless because all these guys will be no longer in the league when the Knicks players hit their prime.

The mission has to be studying the Celtics and Sixers who have big men who can play around the basket and dominate.

Maybe the notion of running a Riley style of offense hoping to run these big guys into the ground with pressing defense sounds good to Dolan but the Celtics, Raptors and Sixers are extremely young. Trying to out condition their opponents sounds cute but that's not going to work these days.

Fizdale is going to have to hypnotize Kristaps Porzingis and program him to believe that he is Larry Bird and get a couple of bruisers to help him dominate the backboard for time of possession and high percentage shots. It's the only formula for success in the East in the short term.

As much as the Raptors feel like shit management is not going to blowup the team and they will be the most athletic and youngest team going into next season. No bullshit I think adding Carmelo Anthony would take Raptors to the next level.

Cleveland didn't beat them by attempting to out run them. Cleveland played slow down offense with the ball constantly moving for open jump shots and guys cutting to the basket for easy layups and dunks. Meanwhile all of Clevelands young players were relegated to the bench to watch and learn.

It was old school basketball that allowed the Cavaliers to sweep Toronto. Having LeBron helped too but it was a clear demonstration of a super star surrounded by smart players making sound basketball decisions every minute of the games.

Let's see if Fizdale can teach that around these parts.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kawhi Leonard to the Knicks for KP?!?

Frank Isola reported a few days ago that the Spurs are so in love with Kristaps Porzingis that they'd be willing to trade Kawhi Leonard to the Knicks for KP and the Knicks first round draft pick.

If Isola reported it I don't how true it is but let's say he knows what he's talking about in this story.

The Spurs are dying to get rid of Leonard and feel that shipping him off to New York, where they'd hope that he'd lose for the rest of his career, would be very appealing to the Spurs and coach Pop. But I have one question for the Spurs.

If you love KP so much why do you need the Knicks first round pick also?

I'll tell you why.

They believe, and recent history certainly does back them up, that the Knicks won't be shit next season even with Kawhi so not only would they get a seven footer of their dreams they'd get the pleasure of seeing Kawhi suffer and a lottery pick.

No Pop, Leonard is in his walk year so if I were running the Knicks and couldn't get Kawhi to agree to a new long term contract before the trade I would have no part of this "deal". And you damn sure wouldn't be getting a first round pick too.

But if we could do a one for one deal and Kawhi wants to be here I'd make that deal so fast I'd reverse time.

There is no reason in hell why the Knicks would do that trade and the first round draft pick unless James Dolan is really that fucking stupid. Well, we'll see. We know for certain that Isaiah is still holding him by the waist and whispering into his ear on all matters Knicks.

It's going to be an interesting off season at the Garden after all.

Fuck this shit I'm out of here

It took Carmelo Anthony one season of playing around other talented players and sacrificing his game in order to play team ball to finally say 'Fuck this shit I'm out of here'.

According to Marc Berman in today's New York Post, Carmelo Anthony stated in his exit interview after the Thunder were bounced out of the playoffs that he is no longer willing to come off the bench and sacrifice his game like a good little soldier.

Anthony attempted to qualify his statements by saying that he is playing for legacy now, not necessarily money. That he has a lot left in his body and his game and is not suited to be sitting on the bench or sacrificing his shots for the betterment of the team.

No shit, I told you idiots how selfish this fool was years ago.

You guys attempted to say that Anthony was just being a ball hog because he didn't have any players around him during his time with the Knicks. You argued that Anthony had to always take the first and last shot no matter what.

So what was the excuse for him this past season Carmelo fans? He was on the same team as Michael Westbrook, an mvp candidate and Paul George who will be the most coveted free agent after the playoffs.

Anthony was chastised for his laziness and inability to play defense and box out which he attempted to do more of but that kind of effort takes energy away from his jump shot which he certainly didn't like.

In game 5 against the Utah Jazz, Carmelo was on the bench when the Thunder rallied back from a 25 point deficit proving that he has just been in the way all year. I think this epiphany for Anthony during that run was the fuel for his argument with assistant coach Maurice Cheeks over returning to the game.

This past season Carmelo could not be a blackhole stopping all ball movement or jacking up whatever shot he wanted because for the first time he played with a point guard who was not only a bigger star than him but most importantly the true leader of the team.

Even with 28 million dollars guaranteed to him next season Anthony's bitching about all the sacrifices he's made coming to Oklahoma City and playing this way and he's not sure if he wants to continue in this role. All because in his mind he has so much left to give.

This fucking guy is incredible.

I am not surprised at his feelings and that he is still the selfish prick the Knicks acquired for a decade of futility. I am shocked that it took him this long to say it publicly.

"I'm not sacrificing no bench role" said Anthony. Of course you're not.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Now you get it?

Now wait a fucking minute. What the hell did James Dolan say the other day?

“Basketball is different than hockey,” Dolan said. “A great player in hockey is the difference, but a great player in basketball is the team."

What asshole?

It took you damn near a decade and that god awful Carmelo Anthony era for you to finally get it through your fucking head?

What did you think Donnie Walsh was doing?

What do you think I have been saying since the inception of this blog?
Now you get it?

After a book comes out detailing how Isaiah Thomas was behind the scenes working behind Donnie Walsh's back to get you to intervene and screw this team?

I hate this guy so much. Its because of him that I can never cheer for the Knicks again. The divorce is final and he got the team.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Formula for the Knicks to Win NOW!

I stayed away from critiquing this team because Carmelo Anthony was finally gone and I thought the Knicks were going to have a chance to begin turning things around.

Well  after half a season there is one thing we know for certain and that is the Knicks can beat the Nets. Other than that they kind of suck.

It would have been nice had the Knicks gotten an entire season out of Porzingas and finally made the playoffs but I fear that KP might not be durable enough to last an entire season and that dramatically changes how the brain trust must think about assembling this team.

It seems to me that the only way to stop the likes of the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets is an older version of basketball.

A version of basketball that slows the game down, plays defense first, second and third and has big men who can play the post to wear out a Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, Ryan Anderson and Clint Capela if they are ever going to compete for a championship any time soon.

Enough of Porzingas running around like he's a two guard or believing that he is the next Nowitzki. In order for the Knicks to win a championship before Joe Benigno retires from WFAN KP must become the next Larry Bird and the front office must look for the next Kevin McHale and Robert Parish either in free agency or the draft.

Who will be the future point guard between Ntilikina and Mudiay will sort itself out when we find out who is the smartest point guard not the most dynamic and athletic.

I am not certain if Hornacek is the coach that can take a reconfigured team built on size, defense and slowing the game down but if he can't he has to go.

The Knicks certainly can't grab and hand check like teams of yesterday but remember for the old Celtics it was about playing smart, moving without the ball and big men who knew how to play defense and position for rebounds. The exact formula that can in my opinion neutralize today's mega-teams.

The Knicks can very easily put such a team together very quickly with KP sliding perfectly into the Larry Bird role if you can brainwash the Dirk Nowitzki foolishness out of his mind.

That is the formula for the New York Knicks to win now. Let's see if they'll do the smart thing.