Thursday, November 3, 2016

The players are selfish and the coach is clueless

The most interesting thing regarding last night's loss to the Houston Rockets, 118-99, was the fact that both the coach and the "stars" on this team completely ignore Kristaps Porzingis. KP is their only hope of winning every game and I fear its going to take the Knicks to be mathematically eliminated before they learn this lesson.

The duo of Anthony and Rose continue to hog the ball and not play within the offense making sure that KP gets touches in his range while at the same time continuing to develop him for the future.

Anthony and Rose feel as if this is their team and Rose his opportunity to get one more max contract. He doesn't give a damn about playing team basketball.

You'd have thought that layup after dunk by the Rockets that Coach Hornacek would have put the teams best rim protector on the court for the entire 4th quarter. But no, KP sat on the bench until for all intents and purposes the game was over with 3 minutes remaining.

Noah's best and most athletic years are a distant memory. Your best hope at center on defense is KP and Noah needs to be assigned to the apposing team's power forward. Fact is Jackson should never have allowed Brook Lopez to leave this team.

Phil Jackson's presence is not always welcomed by the players and some of the media in this town but I'd like to see Phil have one more meeting with the entire team. In that meeting I want Phil to look directly at Melo and Rose and state "This team ain't about you or you. He (KP) is the future and you better start playing like it."

Unfortunately Knicks fans this will never happen in a million years. You are going to see KP not develop enough on either end of the floor because the players are selfish and the coach is clueless.

If you want to watch a New York team hustle on offense and defense and fight until the last second the show is in Brooklyn. The Nets are the most entertaining team in New York City right now even win they lose.

Knicks lose again, Rockets 118 the Knicks 99

by Yo-Yo with a Blog

Friday, October 28, 2016

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Are Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose really complaining that the triangle is taking them out of their comfort zones and guys should be allowed to continue to do what's familiar?!?

Hey you dumb fucks maybe doing what's familiar all these years is precisely why you two idiots haven't won shit.

If I were a Knicks fan I'd jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. But I'm not I just get to sit back and laugh while this team does nothing again this season, Phil Jackson opts out at the end of the season and Rose's stubbornness and stupidity keeps him from a new max deal.

A deal that he isn't bright enough to understand only a winning season and deep playoff run would actually bring him.

Good fucking grief.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Is Derrick Rose as dumb as a stump ?

The NBA league pass payment request hit my account this morning and I knew that basketball season was upon us once again.

The past few days I had been reading reports out of Chicago that weren't to favorable towards Derrick Rose. I just assumed that it was old fans disgruntled because Rose hadn't brought them any championships and spent much of his career not on the floor due to injuries. But then an interesting pattern began to appear.

The writers and fans went on to say that greatest frustration with Rose was his low basketball IQ and his inability the learn the offense. So much so that the playbook had to be dumbed down in order for him to manage the games.

I still had a problem with the statements until I read the New York Daily News this morning and all the extremely disturbing pieces began falling into place.

Stefan Bondy reported on Rose's struggle to grasp the triangle offense. Are the folks in Chicago correct? Is  Derrick Rose as dumb as a stump and can't figure out the triangle?

We shall see but one thing that should alarm Knicks fans were Derrick's haunting words. "I think at the end of the game or a game winning shot or something like that I don't think it's going to be in the triangle. Either me or Melo create and take the shot".

So Rose came to this conclusion himself based upon all the winning that he and Melo have done in their careers?

You Knicks fans are going to have a long fucking season and I can't wait.

Watching Dense Derrick is going to be fun.

Signed - YoYo With A Blog 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great signing, I'm shocked

The Knicks made a lot of, shall we say, interesting signings this summer so far to fill out the roster.

This morning Phil Jackson corrected the error he made last summer by signing Maurice Ndour to a two year contract.

The Knicks sure could have used him last season with Cleanthony and Carmelo missing so many games at the small forward position but it's nice to see the great Phil Jackson is capable of reversing his position on a stupid mistake and making the right correction.

If you didn't see my post from last July click on the link below and check out Maurice's performance in the summer league last July for the Knicks.

Maurice Ndour

signed - YoYo With A Blog

Friday, July 1, 2016

I am starting to feel sorry for you guys

It is being reported this morning that the Knicks will sign Joakim Noah to a four year 72 million dollar deal.

Do you Knicks fans have any idea what that does?

Not only is he a over the hill broken down player, but if Durant resigns with OKC both he and Westbrook are available as unrestricted free agents after the upcoming season.

However, with the signing if Noah the Knicks have ruined any flexibility or possibility to sign just one of them and an outside chance of both.

What a ridiculous franchise. I am starting to feel sorry for you guys.

Knicks lose again.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

What a shit show

One day after the great news that the Knicks traded for a sack of peanut brittle and future cap space we got more great news this morning.

Apparently Carmelo Anthony thinks it is important to expose himself and his family to the Zika virus by playing in the Olympics in Rio this summer.

Risking injury to his arthritic knee and shoulder by playing in Rio isn't enough for Anthony. Why not add a little excitement to the mix and gamble on getting Zika fever?!?

Hell yeah, go for it dude.

What a shit show the Knicks are. Fucking hilarious.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS The Knicks have acquired Derrick Rose


The Knicks have acquired Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls in a five player trade.

An arthritic Carmelo Anthony along side a point guard made of peanut brittle is certain to make a very shallow run for the playoffs next year.

More details to come.

So glad I am no longer a Knicks fan. Thank you JEEBUS!

The sports talk meat heads are already saying the Knicks gave up nothing and this is a good deal because they have to attract other free agents. Isn't that exactly what they said for the Carmelo Anthony trade which turned into NOTHING.

You people have got to stop listening to these fools they don't know anything. They just have a job talking on the radio and you don't.

Derrick Rose
12/30/2015Right hamstring tendinitis
11/16/2015Sprained left ankle
09/29/2015Orbital fracture
02/24/2015Torn right knee meniscus

This was just last year. For a complete list click the link below.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

It is time for this guy to go

The major story of the day was not about the Knicks loss to the Celtics by one point. The Knicks lose all the time that's not news.

The real story is major sports commentators publicly announcing that it is indeed time for Carmelo Anthony to go, most notable was former NBA all star Jalen Rose.

"If I'm James Dolan I don't want him (Carmel Anthony) on my team anymore" Rose said on his show Jalen & Jacoby last week.

To me Anthony waited until the Knicks gave him his last max contract before he began to show his ass hoping to force a trade out of here.

If I am Dolan I'll trade him alright. I'll send him to the Milwaukee Bucks or the Charlotte Hornets. He wouldn't suck every nickel out of me and leave my team depleted of future assets and get rewarded to by landing a team on the cusp of winning a title.

Those of you who have been reading this blog know that I never wanted the guy here in the first place for all they had to give up to acquire him.

All the so called experts on the sports radio shows and sports writers in this town got into the ear of James Dolan before the trade and made him think that the deal at the time was a no brainer. That giving up all those solid pieces, not stars, but solid young pieces and future draft picks would not match the magic that Carmel Anthony would bring to this team.

Well all those assholes in the media, both the radio and print, were fucking wrong. They are as much responsible for this mess of a franchise as James Dolan is.

These so called sports experts all talked about the possibility of building around Anthony but they never explained how and with what they were going to build around Anthony and those cocksuckers still haven't.

Finally a voice much more respected than mine has said that it is time for this guy to go and hopefully the team can acquire some of the picks lost in the initial trade so Phil Jackson can build this thing correctly this time.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fisher must go and so should Anthony

The first half of last nights game has to be the absolutely worse performance I have ever seen by any Knicks team in my 40 something years on this planet.
Yes you

You talking about not giving a fuck. This team looked like 10 guys were picked of the street and asked if they wanted to play some ball for money on national television.

Down by 27 points at the half it is reported that Derek Fisher had to question their very existences as players and as men.

It seemed to have worked as the Knicks stormed back in the second half and even briefly took the lead in the fourth quarter.

But reality set in along with fatigue and the Pistons were able to win by 6 points.

This team has clear tuned Fisher out and only yelling and questioning why they are drawing paychecks could motivate them to play in a season in which making the playoffs and not giving the Celtics a lottery pick, because the Celtics have the Knicks first round pick in the coming draft, is so important.

Fisher must go and so should Anthony while he is still serviceable enough to get something for him.

Knicks Lose Again, Detroit 111 - New York 105

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Derek Fisher Fucking Sucks

This was a well played game by the Knicks that should have been won if not for Derek Fisher.

Despite the Knicks being short handed with Carmelo Anthony out due to his sore knee the Knicks actually had a chance to win tonight.

However, they ran into the same opponent which has cost them the majority of their loses this season and that foe is Derek Fisher's coaching ability.

The Knicks built an 11 point lead on OKC with Porzingis on the bench in the fourth quarter because the Thunder had no answer for Kevin Seraphin's size, hustle and muscle.

The Knicks offense was fluid and they crashed the boards.

Finally the Knicks had a team that the Thunder didn't know how to handle because the scoring came from everywhere.

You'd have thought the Derek Fisher would have recognized that lineup as the Thunder killer he had been looking for all game but no.

For some reason Fisher was hell bent on destroying the chemistry and forced Porzingis back into the lineup.

When Porzingis is on the floor and Carmelo Anthony is not playing Arron Afflalo takes it upon himself to be a ball hog no matter how poorly he is shooting he feels that all shots belong to him if Anthony is not around.

I never fault a ball hog I fault a coach who allows the behavior to continue especially after he found a lineup that had an answer for his opponent and the ball hog is inefficient with his shooting.

The game went into over time but we all know damn well what happens in over time with this team.

Either Fisher is coaching merely to teach Porzingis how to lose or he fucking sucks as a basketball coach. If I were a Knicks fan I'd demand Phil Jackson to tell us what the purpose is for keeping Fisher as the head coach. But I'm not. LOL

Knicks lose again, OKC 128 - Knicks 122

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fisher is in over his head

Even with Blake Griffin out due to injury very few thought that the Knicks would win tonight and they did not disappoint.

What was disappointing was a lack of effort given by the Knicks.

From the opening tip they didn't play with enough energy to match the Los Angeles Clippers and they couldn't hit a shot to save their lives.

However, that wasn't the worst of it. The major factor in this loss was Derek Fisher. Fisher is in over his head and he still doesn't know what he's doing.

De'Andre Jordan is shooting at a 71% rate from the floor because of only one reason. That reason is his point guard, Chris Paul, and his an amazing ability to beat his defender as he slashes to the basket which usually draws Jordan's defender over to help on Paul leaving Jordan wide open for easy dunks and layups.

You'd think that Derek Fisher would know this and not start the slowest of the four point guards on the team against Paul but you'd be wrong because that is exactly what Derek Fisher did when he started Jose Calderon.

On a good day Jose Calderon has a hard time staying in front of the statue of liberty he wasn't going to have a single chance against Chris Paul and Paul ate him alive and Jordan was adding to his dunk highlights.

Paul was only slowed down a little late in the third quarter when the game was out of hand and Jerian Grant got some run.

Grant's abilty to slash himself forced Paul to expend energy on the defensive end which did seem to slow him down on offense. That and Grant's quickness and being smart enough to play against Paul's dominant hand forcing him to go left more often than he wanted to seem to bring Paul back to earth.

Even with the poor night shooting had the Knicks defense forced more outside shots the Knicks would have had a much better chance of winning. Unfortunately because Derek Fisher is the coach the team had no chance of winning.

Knicks Lose Again, Clippers 116 - Knicks 88