Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Are the Knicks done? Yes.


Trae Young came into MSG and showed Knicks fans his entire ass. He mooned James Dolan with 45 points.

The Knicks, minus Julius Randle, played well enough to have a ten-point lead early in the fourth quarter. Everyone touched the ball and things were promising. However.

Was there another fourth quarter melt down? Yes.

Was coach Thibs locked into his ridiculous substitutions that resulted in mistakes when the game was on the line? Yes.

Are the Knicks done? Yes.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 117 - New York 111

Monday, March 21, 2022

He's clearly not built for this.

Julius Randle shoots 6-22 from the field and 1-6 from deep for 13 points and 12 rebounds and this guy still thinks that this is his team.

Time for the charade to end and turn this team officially over to RJ Barrett. Randle's attitude and poor play is hurting the development of this team.

Barrett had 24 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. RJ didn't exactly set the world on fire, but his aggression and efficiency set the tone for this team. 

It is time for Knicks management to focus on packaging Randle for a trade and turning the rest of the season over to its young core, building Barrett into the super star it has hoped to get for many years.

As usual the Knicks kept the game close and entertaining for three and a half quarters before they went to shit. 

The Knicks could have won if in the 4th quarter they had gone to a full court press on defense and shortened the lineup putting smaller guys in the front court who could at least threaten to shoot from midrange. 

This would have resulted in pulling Utah's big men from the paint reducing their ability to block and change shots at the basket. I guess it just never occurred to the coach of the year to change strategies and attempt to win.

Mitchell Robinson could become a billionaire if he developed a 15-foot jump shot or a 10-foot hook shot.

Julius Randle unraveled of course and got into a pushing match with the Jazz center Rudy Golbert at the end of the game. Randle even went as far as slapping the hand of the referee off him as he and Golbert were being separated. Let's see if that results in fines or a suspension or both.

The stage and bright lights are too much for this guy. There is no winning of anything with Randle who can't keep his composure during and after games. He's clearly not built for this.

The Knicks lose again, Utah Jazz 108 - 93 New York Knicks.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

What's new?

No Aldridge, no Simmons, no Curry, and no Kyrie but oh that got damn Slim Reaper. 

Can we all be honest about the Knicks coach once and for all. For his entire career when he is minus Derrick Rose, he is no better than a police athletic league coach.

Coach Thibodeau mind-boggling substitutions cost this team as many games as Randle handling the ball late in the game.

The fact that this guy has not developed for an entire season one point guard to handle the ball later in the fourth quarter is just criminal.

This guy has had the entire season of watching Julius Randle single handedly turning balls over in the fourth quarter leading to losses and yet he does the same dumb thing putting the ball in his Randle's hands during crunch time.

The only thing better than watching the Knicks lose is watching Knicks fans YouTube post and pregame videos. The world these guys are living in for the most part is pure comedy.

If they aren't saying ridiculous things like the Nets are a bigger mess than the Knicks, they are making outrageous predictions about winning as if they don't know the Knicks record.

There is not much else to say to Knicks fans other than you want no part of the playoffs, finish tanking and hope for point guard help in the draft. 

Oh, and to the douchebag hosts at WFAN that snubbed the Nets on last Friday's morning show your disgusting lowlife character is a direct reflection of your team and why you will not see the Knicks win a championship in your lifetimes.

The Nets are the class of New York City, and the Knicks are light years away from competing for anything. What's new?

The Knicks lose again, Brooklyn 110 - Knicks 107.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Julius Randle, you are a lummox.

In the third quarter of last night's game with the Phoenix Suns the Knicks were up by 10 points and rolling. Looking as if they might pick up the rare road victory against a shorthanded but still an exceptionally good team.

But no.

Instead of being the levelheaded veteran leader of the Knicks Julius Randle decided to play the role of punk and gave Cam Johnson of the Phoenix Suns a shot to the ribs late in the third quarter.

The blow was so hard that it not only knocked the wind out of Johnson it also ignited some pushing and shoving which got Randle his second technical of the night and an ejection from the game.

Cam Johnson was the bear he decided to poke on the Suns, and it was the wrong dude.

Cam Johnson went on to finish the game with 38 points, 24 points scored in the fourth quarter including the buzzer beater game winning shot mostly from his career high of nine three pointers which also tied a Suns franchise record.

Julius Randle, the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks a lot Julius, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your team be left shorthanded and destroyed in the fourth quarter because you are a lummox.

Randle's basketball IQ has to be borderline retarded. If this guy doesn't play with a crack the whip type of point guard and a coach that doesn't excuse his boorish behavior, he will never amount to being a championship caliber player.

Between the Knicks tanking and Randle imploding I, as a Nets fan, am quite enjoying the end of this season. 

Knicks lose again, Suns 115 - Knicks 114.