Monday, May 13, 2019

Hello Knicks fans, how is it hanging? I took more than a year off to allow you guys to heal and to get some perspective on the absolute losers you guys are for still rooting for a team owned by James Dolan.

But after watching the playoffs so far and listening to buffoons like Boomer's new partner Gio I feel compelled to speak.

Now let's get this straight, Gino doesn't believe in magic spells but wants everyone to bring lucky sports relics to the studio on Tuesday and will take no calls of negativity towards the Knicks due to some "real" mojo that might prevent the team from getting the number one pick in the draft. Idiot.

One of the best things about seeing Kawhi Leonard hitting the game seven buzzer beater against the Sixers was seeing Jeremy Lin on the Raptors bench cheering his brittle ass off.

I am no big Lin fan mind you but I do find it ironic that he could accept a bench position to be on a good team with a chance to win a championship but Carmelo Anthony couldn't. Now Lin is an NBA champion.

Now for the reality check.

The Knicks are not going to get the first pick in the draft and neither will they sign as free agents Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard has already expressed his desire to play on the left coast so it's more likely to see him in a Clippers uniform next season if he doesn't decide to re-up with Toronto.

If Durant does decide to play in New York it will be with the Nets. Yes, the Nets because it is a team that is already proven capable of making the playoffs and the owner of the team doesn't send his goon security staff to beat up retired Nets just to show who's boss.

The Knicks "braintrust" might now sign Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving because, as their current roster shows you, all they know how to do is sign point guards.

No Gio.  No lucky jerseys, funky 40 year old Puma sneakers or other such "lucky charms" are going to help this pathetic franchise bring in Zion Williamson. The basketball gods will not allow such a talent like Zion to be ruined by this owner and that cursed uniform. If your team gets the 3rd pick find yourselves fortunate and move on.

While checking the NY Post this morning it seems like the last Knick with any fight in him is getting his ass kicked by little Russians for demanding to be traded. You just don't know how hilarious I find all this.

Your team sucks, your team's future sucks and if you continue rooting for them that means you suck too.

Here is a look at all the Knicks who were not good enough to win anything with Carmelo Anthony who now have championship rings after leaving him and the Knicks.

Timofey Mosgov - Champion
Channing Frye - Champion
David Lee - Champion
JR Smith - Champion
Iman Shumpert - Champion
Jeremy Lin - Champion

It's good to be back!