Saturday, December 29, 2012

Those guys get paid millions too

Last night it took the Knicks a half to figure out how to play without Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton. The team got down by as much as 27 points and it looked pretty dismal.

However, after half time coach Woodson came up with the right adjustments and the team awakened from its funk to storm back to take a 105 to 103 lead with seconds remaining.

In the final moments of the game the Kings' Isiah Thomas, isn't that ironic, drove the lane and kicked the ball out to James Johnson who hit the game winning three point shot.

Those guys get paid millions to play too so on a night with the Knicks playing minus their two leading scorers this loss wasn't major. In fact I think it was very good for the team.

This team lifted itself up and showed true grit to fight back from such a huge deficit on the road but most importantly they now have a strategy to play minus Carmelo and I expect them to get on another winning streak until he returns.

Knick Lose Again, Kings 106 - Knicks 105

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another loss on Woodson

The Knicks played an entertaining game but not a strategically intelligent one which is why they lost on Christmas day.

Coach Woodson needed to put pressure on the Lakers front court to get Gasol and Dwight Howard in foul trouble. However, the only big man he attempted to get the ball to, Tyson chandler, is limited to simple pick and roll moves which the Lakers were fully aware of and cut off.

The Lakers front court needed to be thwarted by a quick big man who could catch the ball in the low post and force Howard and Gasol to move their feet and play defense with their hands which would surely have drawn fouls. The only man who could do that was Chris Copeland who got no time off the bench when the game was on the line.

This inability to slightly alter the offensive game plan is strictly on coach Woodson who I can only assume was so focused on not having Amare to attack the Lakers front court that he completely forgot the promising Copeland. Chris would have at least given the Knicks a fighting chance.

That loss was on the coach, again.

Knicks Lose Again, Lakers 100 Knicks 94

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I do want to address all the fuckery

The Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls have defeated the Knicks twice this year not because they are better teams but because they are better than the rest of the league at getting underneath the skin of the Knicks.

It is even easier to do when the game includes poor officiating and the Knicks lost their composure which almost always guarantees losing.

This is a formula that they are certain to see for the rest of the year and throughout the playoffs, if they make the playoffs.

I do want to address all the fuckery that is going on in the media regarding Amare Stoudemire.

Apparently a bunch of little bitches with columns have found out from their MSG leaks that the Knicks were unable to move Amare Stoudemire in the off season, hell according to their "reports" they couldn't even give him away.

These little punks can't see that they are clearly being used by Jim Dolan in order to shame Amare into taking a lesser role on this team with very little squabble from the all star.

Dolan is obviously pissed that Amare is owed so much money and the Knicks are now having success without him so like a little bitch, which is why I am guessing this strategy is coming from Isiah Thomas, the powers that be at MSG have taken to a backdoor campaign of dirty pool against Mr. Stoudemire.

Well, its not going to work because Amare is not a stupid man despite his lack of a college degree. He knew when they placed Marshmelo Anthony in his position his starting job was lost.

Amare knew before the season began that he'd probably be coming off the bench and prepared himself mentally to not be a distraction. All he has to do his stay healthy enough to show up each season and play out his contract and he and his new wife are set for the rest of their lives.

When Amare and Felton share the court JR Smith's shots and minutes will be reduced and the dynamic duo will have good success scoring the ball. Smith won't like it and will most likely leave after this season but he was going to do that anyway because of how little he is making so how he feels about Amare taking his sixth man role doesn't matter much.

So yes, Amare will be a Knick for the remainder of his contract and he will not be a problem with his new role as the sixth man but this team will still never win a championship because it has hitched its wagon to Anthony but most importantly, because Jim Dolan is the owner.

I can go back to sleep now.

Knicks Lose again Bulls 110 - Knicks 106

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You gotta love it

Wow Houston beat the Knicks at home earlier this season and then the Knicks let Jeremy Lin come to the Garden and eat them up. You gotta love it.

Yes, Amare is supposed to start practicing again today and could be back as early as Friday but it is time to put all the championship talk on hold.

The Knicks are good but clearly not elite.

Knicks Lose Again, Rockets 109 - Knicks 96

Monday, November 26, 2012

Now get the fuck out!

The first three and a half quarters was played by both teams like the seventh game of the NBA finals.

Although both teams attempted to play down the significance of the game during the week it was clear at the tip that this might be the biggest game both teams played this year.

This was not simply about the top two teams Eastern conference doing battle. Oh no. This game was played to send a message of supremacy in the city and a prelude to what might happen in the playoffs this year.

Playoffs?!? Yes, playoffs.

In the last two minutes of the fourth quarter Raymond Felton took five of the Knicks six shots before making his last a most fatal offensive play of the night.

Felton, trying to be a damn hero, with 44 seconds left on the game clock and 16 on the shot clock came off a pick and roll to put up a contested fade a way jump shot at the top of the key which he missed. The Nets possession resulted in a foul by the Knicks and Lopez tying the Knicks with 24 seconds left on the game clock.

The Knicks, took a time out after Lopez missed the second of two free throws to plan their play to take the lead.

We all knew what that plan was, stop screwing around and give Carmelo the ball which is what happened and Anthony missed the shot.

The Nets secured the rebound and called time out with 3.6 seconds remaining.

The Nets came out of the huddle only to receive the ball in the back-court. Deron Williams rushed the ball up and tossed almost a half court shot and missed which took both teams into over time for the first time this season.

In overtime with the game tied at 86 Stackhouse dropped his fourth three point shot of the game which seemed to shake the Knicks at their foundation because they couldn't match the Nets afterwards.

The Knicks had to resort to playing hack a Net after they got down by seven points late in overtime and it didn't help.

To the Knicks I say, you lost in the Barclay Center as I said you would before the season began, now get the fuck out. Brooooklyn!

Knicks Lose Again, Brooklyn 96 - Knicks 89

Friday, November 23, 2012

You can put money on it

After talking all that shit about how much better the team is minus Jeremy Lin and that Felton is so much better it seems that the Knicks were nothing but sound effects.

The Houston Rockets were able to look like the most dominant team in the west the way they were able to get layup after layup and dunk after dunk on the Knicks who were manhandled in the paint.

The Rockets shot 52% from the floor and scored their highest point total of the year.

Even Toney Douglas hit shots tonight and he's not even a professional basketball player.

It might be time for Woodson to pull a Bill Belichick and stop these guys from talking to the press and let their play speak for them. They are going to look rather foolish when they fall back to .500 and they will, you can put money on it.

I know that Woodson can't wait for the return of Amare and Schumpert because both were sorely needed tonight.

Knicks Lose Again,  Houston 131 - Knicks 103

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stick to the plan

This season has been a very nice start for the Knicks. Woodson had them playing selflessly on offense, hard nosed defense and good ball protection.

Even Carmelo Anthony realized early on in a couple of games this season that being a ball hog was not the best strategy to win but that wasn't the case tonight.

Anthony fell back into his old bad habits of forcing up bad shots, turning the ball over himself seven times and forgetting to play help defense.

It really is not anymore complicated than that but hopefully Carmelo and the gang will remember every night the formula for success they began the season with and not get caught up in allowing overbearing personalities on the team or on the opponent's to get them out of it.

This team will be as successful as they are disciplined and stick to the plan. We shall see.

Knicks Lose Again, Dallas 114 - Knicks 111

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The NBA needs to investigate

The first half of the Knicks - Grizzlies game was a physical, close and hard contested match. It did get a little chippy towards the end of the second quarter when Bayless and JR Smith got into a little pushing match but nothing that wasn't expected with the hard natured play of the quarter.

However, coming out of half time this punk crew of referees decided that such physical play was no longer tolerated but only on the part of the Knicks.

I would love to attack the Knicks for giving up or not caring but the refs were hell bent on making sure that the Knicks big men including Anthony got into foul trouble to ensure a win by Memphis.

Yes I said it the fucking refs were dirty and gave Memphis the game.

Now it didn't help that the Knicks couldn't make a three ball and got very frustrated and boisterous and began collecting technical fouls but when you aren't allowed to play defense when the other team can push you around you simply don't have a chance.

The Knicks fought valiantly in the fourth quarter to take what was a 21 point lead down to 10 points behind Memphis but the hole that the officials dug for them was much too deep to climb out of.

I am sure that before the road trip the Knicks would have been more than happy to take a split and fully expecting the winning streak to be over but when the referees are clearly cheating I don't blame them for being pissed off.

I am no longer a Knicks fan and would have enjoyed watching them lose but not by cheating, not poor officiating mind you but referees cheating to the point where I think the NBA needs to investigate that crew.

Knicks lose again, Memphis 105 - Knicks 95

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As a result of the storm

Mayor Bloomberg just announced that he asked the NBA to cancel tomorrow night's opening game against the Nets in Brooklyn due to complications as a result of the storm. Just means that the Knicks get to prolong their first ass kicking.

As you may know Amare' is out for 6-8 weeks which I regretfully feel might be a blessing in disguise.

When Amare gets back the Knicks will probably have a nice roll going and he'll have no choice but to accept a lesser position on the second team. I was hoping for a lot of in fighting over minutes and bad personnel changes by Woodson. Now it looks like I'm not going to get that and Felton and Carmelo are going to establish a similar relationship that Raymond and Amare once shared.

The Knicks might actually have a decent season now. Damn it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shall we crown them now?!?

The Knicks have signed Rasheed Wallace. So I guess that means I should take down my Brooklyn Nets Banners and put the hats in the closet right?!?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I am doing the prudent thing

Much has been said and written by Knicks fans who refuse to support the new Brooklyn Nets team and they are well within their rights not.

However, recently many prominent current and former residents of Brooklyn are chiming in with some rather silly and disturbing logic for people who are willing to switch allegiance from the Knicks to the Nets and I feel the need to say something in the middle of the summer about this if you don't mind.

The Knicks fans and various people in the media, I refuse to call some of them "reporters" anymore, feel the need to degrade the new Brooklyn Nets fan which I will be calling the NBN going forward.

The NBN fan has been called a fool, a turncoat and declared to never have been a real Knicks fan if they can so quickly and easily resign their years of lock step support of the New York Knicks. Well I must take exception to such rhetoric.

As a 46 year old man myself who understands the concept of cutting ones losses and not tossing valuables down a dark sinking hole I like to think that I am doing the prudent thing by ending my frustration of rooting for a team lead by the dunce James Dolan.

I have invested enough time and money to have earned the right to decide whether or not continuing to root for that bum ass team in Madison Square Garden is right for me. My allegiance is now firmly with the Brooklyn Nets and anyone who a problem with it can eat a dick with sauerkraut and mustard.

That includes Spike Lee, Mike Lupica, Patrick McEnroe, Michael Kay, Short Al and Raheem from Bed-Stuy. I don't give a fuck what you think of me giving up that tacky orange and blue crap for the black and white.

You dickheads have no more right to define me as a fan than you have the right to define my patriotism or my faith had I converted to another religion. How dare you pricks think you can insult me and the rest of the planet of Brooklyn and not feel the wrath.

Yes I am being crude and vulgar and you know what? It feels fucking wonderful.

I was almost OK with the idea of seeing the Knicks form a nice little team and was willing to root for a resurgence in the careers of Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire but now that you fagelas have dropped the gauntlet it's now on like Orville Redenbacher popcorn motherfuckers.

I am now wishing for a mutiny dividing the team with Anthony and the Smith brothers going against the new Stoudemire, Novak and Felton gang. And Raymond Felton can expect any day now the first arrivals from the Cake of the month club I signed him up for.

It is going to be so much easier to watch the Knicks this season and keep up this blog because I will no longer be tortured watching them lose, I expect lots of giggling and tingly feelings running up and down my spine this time as they walk off the court dejected when time runs out.

To be honest, this is the first Knicks season I am actually eagerly anticipating in about 16 years.

The ass whuppins begin on November 1st in Brooklyn Knicks fans, will you be in the house?

I will. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey, it's not your money!

It is getting really bad listening to the paid shills passing themselves off as objective and knowledgeable journalists and sports talk personalities in New york City.

If only one of them had the balls to state the truth I think I'd run through the streets naked.

How they can argue that giving Jeremy Lin 30 million dollars to be an apprentice of Jason Kidd would be comical if it weren't so tragic but what else can you expect from Knicks fans.

The Knicks fan is so used to mediocrity, lies and losing that jewelry made from pyrite and cubic zirconians is held up with the same pride as a real championship ring and is why the Knicks fan can hang their hopes on the potential of flash in the pan feel good stories and geriatric stars.

How the NYC media can get away with saying that we shouldn't worry about Jim Dolan's money because it's not ours and then argue for Lin not because he is good but because he is a revenue stream. So now it's OK to worry about Jim Dolan's money when it comes to Lin's ability to make it?!? WTF?!?

The best play for the Knicks to improve as a "team" was letting Lin go and having Felton, a guard proven over seasons and not punked into forgetting how to dribble, get schooled by Kidd. But no, we have to get Dolan his bread at the cost of being a better team.

I am so delighted that I am not a Knicks fan anymore. I'd really be upset with the team if I were and not just with the hypocrites covering them.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Everybody wins

The new GM Grunwald selected some Greek kid in this year's NBA draft who may not ever play in the NBA. If he does, at the very earliest he won't be seen in a Knicks uniform until 2014.

Great move Mr. Grunwald, I think I now see the spark of genius that inspired Jim Dolan to hire you.

Scott Machado was available when the 48th pick came around but why would the Knicks draft a young point guard when Steve Austin's doctor is done putting Baron Davis' knee back together. He'll be good as new.

But, just in case he isn't wouldn't you like to see Raymond Felton return to the Knicks? I know I would.

I think a motivated Felton would show up in tremendous shape with a chip on his shoulder motivated to play in the last NBA home gym that he had great success.

Now I know what you're thinking: 'D'Antoni is no longer here and Raymond may not fit in Mike Woodson's slowdown and pass it to Carmelo offense'. Well, don't be concerned and I'll tell you why he'd be successful again.

Raymond is going to back up Lin which means he'll be playing his minutes with the second unit. We know that Woodson is going to talk Amare' into coming off the bench because he and Carmelo play basically the same position and cannot play at the same time.

Amare' knows that with Raymond on the floor with him again he'll be able to run the pick and roll the two of them worked so lovely before Anthony got here and they will run it whether Woodson calls it or not.

Novak will also benefit on that second unit because when Raymond's defender comes over the top of the pick Felton will dribble on a line towards the basket forcing Novak's man to come down and help leaving him wide open for his three ball. Everybody wins.

The critics will say that Felton never played well when he wasn't running the D'Antoni system but the exact same thing can be said for Jeremy Lin. Felton has never "had trouble dribbling" when he was pressured and could always go left as well as he went right. The same can't be said for Lin. I like Lin but take the D'Antoni system away Felton is a better point guard right now than Jeremy.

Let's be honest, are you more concerned about a point guard getting in shape or a point guard coming off knee surgery?

I wouldn't mind seeing a second unit consisting of Felton, Fields, Novak, Harrelson and Amare'.

If we see Raymond Felton return to MSG look for a happy and inspired Amare' Stoudemire and the Knicks to win the Eastern conference.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phil might have said yes

Jim Dolan was never going to ask Phil Jackson if he wanted to coach the Knicks because Phil might have said yes.

Dolan wants yes men. He wants to wield his absolute power over the team and input where he sees fit without having to consult the coach or GM. Take the signing of JR Smith for example.

Jim Dolan is not at all concerned about winning championships. As long as Woodson leads the Knicks to around 50 wins, get the sixth seed  or better to almost lock a second round appearance and the winning puts asses in the seats Dolan will be happier than a pig in shit.

What is Mike Woodson's m.o.? He's a lock in a full season for 50 some odd wins and second round defeats in the playoffs. He is a good boy who respects his boss and will do what he's told. He's the perfect coach for Dolan and Phil Jackson is not.

Phil was never going to get that call Knicks fans so move on with your lives. You will never see a championship trophy as long as Dolan is the owner, just accept it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are you not entertained?

Well that's it. The Knicks have been eliminated and the season is finally over.

The Knicks fell into the same old tired offense, give the ball to Anthony and hope he can make magic. Now, many Anthony fans will say that he is the only possible option as if he is the only person on the Knicks being paid millions of dollars to play. Well, to those people I have one question regarding the outcome of this season: Are you not entertained?

Lots will be made of all the turmoil and how this team was able to overcome so much and get into the playoffs. Which is complete bullshit but OK, whatever.

Fact is the Knicks as an organization have neither the wherewithal (salary cap) or smarts to put together a team any better than what was seen this season. So this is exactly how future seasons will play out with this assembly of top dollar talent, don't expect more for your own sanity.

As much as I like Jeremy Lin he proved to be a one handed marketing ploy who has a hard time dribbling when the pressure is on but he will sell jerseys and put Asian asses in the seats.

Should Jeremy have come back and "given the team fifteen minutes" like I heard some broadcasters asked? Hell no, especially since he is a free agent and after watching Davis and Shumpert both being carried off the floor due to knee injuries why should he jeopardize his future with no guarantees especially since we all knew the Knicks weren't going any damn where.

Had Lin gone out there tonight and tore his knee up permanently those same people who questioned his honesty about his injury would have said he was never really going to amount to much in the NBA anyway. He did the correct thing for himself. Whether or not it was the right thing all depends upon your perspective.

Now knowing the type of shrinking violet Landry Fields is around Carmelo Anthony I'm sure Jim Dolan wishes he could go back in time and include Landry in the Carmelo trade and maybe kept Felton who the Nuggets never needed and quickly shipped off to Portland after the season.

Landry would be much better suited out west and from the analysts I got to hear around the country this year they still think he is a good player who just doesn't fit the Carmelo Anthony version of the Knicks so he might have some trade value.

Maybe Carmelo Anthony will hit the weight room and not look so weak and puffy while guarding Lebron next season. We shall see.

Who knows what is going to happen to this team but I know this. The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 106 - Knicks 94

Hello Brooklyn!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

There is no hope

Again the Heat toyed with the Knicks tonight and still got the victory going up 3 - 0 in the series. The Knicks never had this team on the ropes despite the illusions that might have been cast by the sloppy and lethargic play from Miami.

The Heat knew that the Knicks would be fired up and expending a lot of energy but no matter how hard the Knicks tried they'd still be limited to the few scoring options they have. So the Heat let them shoot their wad and then put it on them in the fourth quarter.

Lebron James scored 17 points in the fourth to show his dominance and seal the deal.

The Heat didn't need to exert anymore energy than they did because they knew that the Knicks couldn't handle the whuppin' they'd dish out when motivated to get the game over.

Miami's defense blanketed Carmelo Anthony which resulted in his poor and inefficient effort. Sunday's game will be much of the same so just prepare for the season to end with the Knicks going 12 years without a playoff game victory.

But your leader Jim Dolan traded any and all hopes of help from future draft picks for Carmelo Anthony so you Knicks fans need to suck it up and get used to the next several years being exactly like the last two.

There is no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't for a second believe that Phil Jackson is going to come out of his yoga pose and ride in here to rescue the Knicks on a skateboard.

Phil Jackson only coaches teams with lots of star power and the formula for instant playoffs success. Just add milk and stir with him being the milk.

That ain't the Knicks so you can be damn certain that the zen master won't be the next Knicks coach so just dislodge that crap from your minds now.

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 87 - Knicks 70

Monday, April 30, 2012

Carmelo got his 30

The Miami Heat passed the ball, cut to the basket and looked for each other which resulted in easy layups and wide open three point shots. I had to check their bench a couple of times to see if Spoelstra had hired D'Antoni unbeknownst to us.

The Knicks on the other hand stood around watching Carmelo Anthony jack up shots all night, did not cut to the hoop consistently and did not rotate the ball which resulted in forced shots, contested shots. Woody had better start coaching like his job here depends on it, because it does.

The Knicks lost but Carmelo got his 30 and that's all that matters to this organization and everyone else who justifies his presence.

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 104 - Knicks 94

Saturday, April 28, 2012

D'Antoni's offense ironically is the only chance they have against the Heat

The Heat crushed the Knicks today with a little help from the referees and a lot of help from the Knicks themselves.

Instead of rotating the ball quickly and forcing the Heat to make mistakes like leaving a shooter open or freeing Amare and Tyson Chandler to roll to the basket the Knicks decided to look for isolations to Carmelo Anthony which the Heat defended to perfection. This lead to lots of turnovers, fouls when attempting to recover and easy baskets for the Heat.

D'Antoni's offense ironically is the only chance they have against the Heat but that would mean that Toney Douglas would have to shake off his year long funk and grow some balls and run it. I doubt that will happen.

Also lost today was Iman Shumpert who looks to have blown out his knee while pushing the ball up the floor after a Heat turnover in the 3rd quarter.

The most glaring problem for the Knicks is the lack of a penetrating and quick point guard who could have broken the Miami zone and help defense on Carmelo. Unfortunately the Knicks don't have that kind of player on the bench and therefore will be bounced out of the first round in a sweep in my humble opinion.

We traded half the team for this shit?

Glen Grunwald had made some nice moves as acting GM after taking over for Donnie Walsh but he has done an awful job by not cutting Toney Douglas and signing a young point guard after Jeremy Lin got hurt.

On a side note, the league really has to talk to the referees about buying into all the faking and flopping by Lebron James. It was disgusting to watch.

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 100 - Knicks 67

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Sunshine Boys at point guard won't get the Knicks far in the Playoffs

The Knicks decided to not only not show up against Cleveland they thought they could simply stand outside and shoot their way to victory.

There was zero penetration from Mike Bibby, who started again for an ailing Baron Davis and it was the main contributor to the Knicks not getting easy baskets and drawing fouls therefore losing tonight against the lowly Cavaliers.

This team isn't nearly good enough to mail in a game nor have they earned the right to do it.

Cleveland was more aggressive and energetic tonight and took it straight to the Knicks.

The Cavs played with more confidence and put up any shot they wanted and whupped the Knicks for the tenth time in a row at home.

Now the Knicks have no chance of catching Orlando and taking the sixth seed in the playoffs.

You cannot tell me that there was no point guard in the D league, Europe or a veteran free agent that the Knicks gm, whatever his name is, couldn't have acquired to help this team after Jeremy Lin went down.

Did he really think that the sunshine boys, Davis and Bibby, were capable of playing the point at a high level? He needs to be fired for that alone.

The Knicks Lose Again, Cleveland 98 - Knicks 90

Sunday, April 15, 2012

These fuckers simply refuse to box out

The Knicks lost this game for the same reason why they will be quickly kicked from the playoffs. These fuckers simply refuse to box out and those easy points were the difference between winning and losing.

Everyone of the Knicks seem hypnotized on both ends of the floor when a shot goes up instead of putting their bodies between the man they are defending or who the are being defended by. Once they have a body on their man each player should then turn to the rim to see where the ball is coming off.

But these guys are so poor fundamentally I don't think if anyone told them this that they'd be able to remember to do it in the heat of the battle.

If I was the coach everyone who gave up a rebound that resulted into an easy put back for the Heat would be gauntlet running before hitting the showers. But that's just me.

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 93 - Knicks 85

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mike Woodson just doesn't get it

The Knicks were actually playing the Bulls very closely and had an eight point lead when Mike Woodson did the inexcusable. He put Toney Douglas into the game for Baron Davis which killed the teams flow and gave the Bulls second unit the confidence to not only come back but to take the lead.

Even though the Bulls lead was only ten points because the teams were so evenly matched tonight a ten point lead was almost like twenty and insurmountable with the continued poor three point shooting.

Toney Douglas has no business being on the floor for this team. He is not an NBA point guard player and he's never going to be. He is a liability for this team when he is on the floor.

I don't know if Douglas has no shot because of his shoulder injuries but it does seem like he is afraid of penetrating and drawing contact which means that he is completely useless. Shumpert should move over to the point when Davis goes out and Fields needs to slide down to the two.

With Lin going out and Douglas relegated to the second unit you would think that he'd take the bull by the horns and run the D'Antoni style offense with high energy, lots of cutting to the basket and ball rotation but no. Douglas is more concerned with finding his jump shot than seizing the opportunity presented to him.

I know this for damn sure, Mike Woodson had better learn right now that Douglas doesn't deserve a minute at point other than garbage time. we can't afford to lose anymore games because of Woodson's attempt to turn Douglas into the point guard he will never be.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bulls 98 -  Knicks 86

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hopefully Mike Woodson will learn

It would be very easy to blame that half blind bald headed fucker joke of a referee Joey Crawford and his awful crew for tonight's loss to the Pacers but that would not be the complete truth.

The Knicks had a 17 point lead on the Pacers midway through the third quarter only to squander it by getting out hustled and playing completely one dimensional basketball. The refs should not even have been given a chance to be a factor, but a factor they were when they got their opportunity.

Knick ball movement was almost non existent in the second half so when Carmelo went into his drought and Novack was on the bench the Knicks had no answer for the Pacers run.

It would have been nice to sweep the season series from the Pacers but I guess they get paid to play too. The Knicks know they can come to Indiana during the playoffs if they need to and win from last month's home and home whoopin they put on them.

Hopefully Mike Woodson will learn that maybe D'Antoni's ball movement offense isn't so bad when Carmelo is in a dry spell. We'll see.

The Knicks Lose Again, Pacers 112 - Knicks 104

Friday, March 30, 2012

Some chump named Willie Green

The Knicks only have themselves to blame for this loss. Although the Hawks did play as if they had a point to prove against their old coach Mike Woodson especially Larry Drew who politicked behind Woodson's back to ownership that he was the man to turn the team around expediting Woodson's firing. Or so the rumor mill goes.

The team did themselves in from the free throw line shooting only about 65% and then with desperate and sometimes mental lapses on defense in the final few minutes the Knicks allowed some chump named Willie Green to hit tear drops and three pointers sealing the Knicks fate for good.

Without Lin and Amare each man has to step up and take easy points when given to them. This team must not squander free throw opportunities like this down the stretch or they'll never get anywhere.

Should I order a pizza or should I go to bed? I think I'll go to bed and save the pizza money for Saturday night's Pimm's Cup party in my living room.

The Knicks Lose Again, Hawks 100 - Knicks 90

Friday, March 23, 2012

The winning streak is over

Tonight the Toronto Raptors played a zone and physically challenged every shot near the basket. The Knicks simply weren't ready for the defensive strategy and missed a lot of shots.

According to the Toronto newspapers the Raptors are tired of being bullied and couldn't wait to get some revenge on the Knicks tonight. The referees rewarded their aggressiveness and the Knicks were not prepared for it.

To add insult, when the Knicks did manage to draw fouls they also couldn't hit free throws.

It was simply a very poor shooting night for the Knicks and the winning streak is over.

Let's hope that going forward coach Woodson can make the necessary adjustments at half time when faced with a defense he hadn't prepared his team for, like tonight's game.

The Knicks Lose Again, Raptors 96 - Knicks 79

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

***Breaking News*** Mike D'Antoni is Nevermore

Well, something had to give.

This mess of a franchise had to make a change and it is reported the decision was mutual. Mike D'Antoni has resigned from the head coach position of the New York Knicks.

Now it's officially Carmelo Anthony's team.

No more excuses now Mr. Anthony.

From this day forward no more blaming Mike D'Antoni and no more blaming Jeremy Lin. The praise or blame from this moment on rests squarely on your shoulders.

Let's see what'cha got now!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A decent effort

It was a decent effort by the Knicks against Bulls. However, the Knicks lost again.

This type of effort every night will get them in the playoffs but just in.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bulls 104 - Knicks 99

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Undisciplined Knucklehead

Sorry for the delay with this post. I got some much needed sleep today and didn't wake up until the third quarter of the Knicks - Sixers game began so I had to watch the entire game after it ended.

Well, this game was another example of this team sleepwalking through the first half which I pointed out in several previous posts. It seems that every team in the NBA is interested in putting on a good show on Sundays in Madison Square Garden except the Knicks. These guys are rarely fired up and aggressive from the opening tap at home. That is on the coach. For whatever reason D'Antoni can't get these guys motivated to play for him and that is the kiss of death for any coach and his genius system.

I actually think that it would be best for the Knicks to not make the playoffs. I think that is the only thing that would force this organization to make the tough decisions necessary to turn this team around because they wouldn't be able to hide behind some fake success that a low seed in the playoffs could be argued to represent.

Amare and Carmelo cannot play on the same team. They can talk all the crap they want publicly but this was a terrible mistake forced upon D'Antoni. The bad part for D'Antoni is that Dolan made up his mind who this franchise will be centered around for the next five years by bringing Marshmelo here so Mikey and Amare both need to move on.

Now I know what you are thinking, you feel that the Knicks couldn't possibly trade Amare because he can't get his contract insured because of his knees. Well Cablevision has more money than god. I am sure a corporate bond could be put up as "insurance" on Amare finishing his current contract if they really wanted to get creative so a trade could be done.

Can someone tell me why the Knicks signed JR Smith? As if this team needed another undisciplined knucklehead who is also out of control on the floor. I heard that D'Antoni didn't know anything about Smith joining the team until Dolan him told after Smith had been signed. That's right Dolan told him, not the acting GM, whatchumacallit. I would loved to have seen the look on Mikey's face.

The Knicks Lose Again, Sixers 106 - Knicks 94

Friday, March 9, 2012

Asinine Tomfoolery

Tonight the Knicks faced the Milwaukee Bucks and quite frankly both of these sorry teams play almost zero defense and acted like neither wanted to win.

The game came down to the wire and the combination of not boxing out, having no interior defense whatsoever and Carmelo and Novack missing big shots resulted in the Knicks loss.

You know I really had to laugh hard several times tonight.

The Knicks had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of forwards on the floor tonight and neither one of them is capable of boxing out when a shot is in the air. The same crime Jeremy Lin is guilty of also but theirs are more egregious because they are forwards and often around the rim on both sides of the floor. Pure comedy.

Milwaukee got easy put backs all night, the final dagger coming after Lin played rather inspired defense on Brandon Jennings forcing him to toss up a wild shot that should have easily been rebounded by a Knick but since Carmelo wouldn't know a box out if it stole his chicken McNuggets some scrub on the Bucks caught the ball and made a shot putting the Bucks up for good.

You Carmelo apologists please continue to make excuses for him, I just don't get it. I even heard one idiot last week mention Melo in the same breath with Kobe when comparing the number of shots taken as if Melo has one championship ring let alone the four that Kobe has.

When Marshmelo has the hardware he can toss up as many wild shots he wants. For someone who only got to the NBA finals with a ticket like everybody else the Kobe comparisons are pure asinine tomfoolery. But Melo got his points and that's all that matters to the "basketball expert" writers.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bucks 119 - Knicks 114

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No big deal

Not a good loss but not the worse thing in the world.

The Spurs took advantage of the Knicks not having any interior defense with both Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries out due to injury.

Jeffries would have taken multiple charging fouls and Tyson would have blocked the cutters that did make it to the rim and the Knicks probably would have won.

No big deal.

The Knicks Lose Again, Spurs 118 - Knicks 105

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a fucking joke

Just when the Knicks "second unit" completes a 15 - 0 run and get the Knicks up by one Mike D'Antoni sinks this team again.

Like the Celtics game Baron Davis was the best point guard going into the final minutes of the fourth quarter and of course D'Antoni pulls both him and Harrelson out of the game bringing back Lin and Anthony to seal the deal and hand over the game to the Dallas Mavericks.

Mikey is going to "coach" his way right out of a job and the sooner the better.

As I began writing this post Marshmelo went 2 for 12 from the field and about 50% from the free throw line in addition to a bunch of careless low basketball IQ blunders. Marshmelo was more preoccupied with talking shit to Shawn Marion than actual rotating the ball, cutting to the basket and playing defense.

This notion that Carmelo has to comeback on the floor and take the final shots is ridiculous. He sucked last night and Amare was red hot. Are the experts really attempting to argue that it is more important to make Carmelo feel loved and wanted than actually winning games?!? Really?!?

Right now the Knicks are a better basketball team with Anthony off the floor but Knicks fans are stuck with him for the next five years as the face of the franchise.  What a fucking joke.

How long is this team going to allow their opponents to physically abuse Jeremy Lin without retaliation? The Mavericks were not even faking swings at the ball when they hit Lin in the head over and over again. But Lin will continue to get battered and bruised as long as other teams know there will not be a price to pay. More signs of a soft and gutless basketball team.

The Knicks Lose Again, Dallas 95 - Knicks 85

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nothing more and nothing less

Hey, I was entertained in today's game against the Celtics and that is all I ever ask of any of the sports teams I root for.

However, the game was lost due to poor play by Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony reverting to his old selfish game in overtime and Mike D'Antoni not recognizing that Baron Davis was the better point guard today and allowing him to close the fourth period.

As I have said time and time again, this is a .500 basketball team. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Knicks Lose Again, Celtics 115 - Knicks 111

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeremy in Heat

I don't think anyone in his right mind thought that the Knicks were going to win last night but I didn't expect to see just how pathetically they lost.

Jeremy Lin was underwater and awe struck, that was evident from the beginning. However there is no excuse for the "having trouble dribbling" and the play of Stoudemire, Anthony and Davis.

Instead of acting like this was a playoff game, coming out fired up and taking pressure off of Lin they got out hustled and shot poorly the entire game.

Good teams are going to take away the hot option every time. Where were the other ten players when they shut down Lin?

Has Baron Davis turned into an old man that forgot how to play basketball? If Jeremy Lin is the product of the D'Antoni system and anyone at the end of the bench of most NBA teams could duplicate Lin's production so far then what is Davis' excuse?

Is Mike D'Antoni so hapless a coach that he couldn't think to throw the Heat a curve ball just to shake the Heat up for a little while just to get some points and close the gap?

Let's hope the Knicks are thoroughly pissed off and jump on the Heat with both feet when they come in the Garden if they have any balls and Jeremy Lin isn't so dumbfounded that he forgets how to dribble the ball.

The Stephen A Smiths of the world are hoping you fail Jeremy. They are pals with the stars in the league and are laughing at you now because you stole the headlines from their friends and they got to exact some revenge last night. What are you going to do when you see them again Jeremy?

The Knicks Lose Again, Heat 102 - Knicks 88

Monday, February 20, 2012

They aren't good enough

The Knicks have a very bad habit of sleep walking through the first half of games against teams they feel they should beat. They aren't good enough to mail in any games especially since they are barely over .500 and half-ass defense just ain't gonna cut it.

Hopefully this team will start to feel the sense of urgency necessary to win enough games to get a playoff seed six or higher. If they continue this foolishness they will be a bottom seed and promptly bounced from the playoffs in the first round for a second consecutive year.

The mindset of this team must be Crush, Kill and Destroy against every opponent every night. How they could allow the Nets to out hustle them on their own floor is disgusting.

This team needs to decide right now if they are going to continue to be the same old Knicks or the Treadstone Assassins.

The Knicks Lose Again, Nets 100 -  Knicks 92

Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't make me go HAM on you kid

Before Jeremy Lin restores peace to Syria and makes Zero Point energy a reality would someone mind asking him to cut the turnovers in half?

Any point guard that throws more turnovers than assists sucks at the position no matter how much the world loves him.

The Knicks Lose Again, Hornets 89 - Knicks 85

Friday, February 3, 2012

This has to stop immediately

Every minute that Toney Douglas is on the floor the opposing team is playing with six players. He has no business being paid to play professional basketball.

I can't understand why Jeremy Lin did not play in the second half when he was the only Knick guard penetrating, passing and not tossing up unwarranted shots.

This one is on Mike D'Amphoni. When he is shown the door he needs to take Toney Douglas with him.

I find it very hard to believe that the Knicks cannot find a serviceable point guard in Europe or the D League. This has to stop and immediate moves must be made. This team cannot continue to hang its hopes on some version of Baron Davis that decides to play when he is cleared to play.

Ray Allen's late threes wouldn't have meant anything if the Knicks had a setup man at the point at the start of the second half. The game would have been over by the end of the third quarter.

The Knicks Lose Again, Boston 91 - Knicks 89

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This shit is pathetic

This fucking team sucks so hard it really gets tiring sometimes writing the same post. Even good natured Tyson Chandler couldn't refrain from getting a technical foul out of frustration of the ineptitude of his team and coaching last night in their loss to the Rockets.

The biggest mistake of the Donnie Walsh regime is still haunting this team. It was Donnie who insisted upon drafting tween-er guards who were never point guards at their cores. It takes a special mindset that derives pleasure from putting his teammates in position to score and only looks for a shot when the defense breaks down or the shot clock is running out.

That description doesn't apply to Douglas or Shumpert and probably never will and the free agent point guards they did bring in are all over the hill they can only play limited minutes or are too injured to play.

And this morning I see rumors of the Knicks looking into Kenyon Martin or maybe Jose Calderon and the Sixers have inquired about Amare Stoudemire. One thing is a fact, this shit is pathetic.

The Knicks Lose Again, Houston 97 - Knicks 84

Friday, January 27, 2012

Any chance Anthony could take the rest of the season off?

Playing without Carmelo Anthony was not the cause of tonight's loss it was turning the ball over in the fourth quarter due to poor point guard play.

The game was the most entertaining of the season until the wheels came off. Any chance Anthony could be talked into taking the rest of the season off? Just asking.

The Knicks Lose Again  Miami 99 - Knicks 89

Thursday, January 26, 2012

An idol mind is the devil's workshop

The Knicks have a major problem with Shumpert at the point guard position which is costing the Knicks games but it is not as simple as poor play. Shumpert is too idol struck by Carmelo Anthony.

When Carmelo Anthony stops rotating the ball and throws up wild shots so does Shumpert. When Anthony passes the ball and puts his selfish offensive style in his pocket Shumpert follows suit.

Shumpert is so stuck on the idea of playing like and with his hero that any game plans and coaching just completely leave his mind when he is on the floor with Anthony.

D'Antoni either has to make him the two guard or send him to the D-League for reps at the point until running an offense becomes his second nature and not idol worship.

Mr. Dolan, if you are reading this please believe me when I say that trading Carmelo and  Douglas to the Orlando magic for Dwight Howard is a better idea than trading Amare' Stoudemire. Stop listening to Isiah for the love of God.

And Toney Douglas just plane sucks, I had to get that in.

The Knicks Lose Again, Cavaliers 91 - Knicks 81

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is going to be one extremely long abbreviated season

Some people will mistakenly point to Carmelo Anthony's late wild makes as the heroics that got the Knicks into over time. But this is just folly by those wanting to make excuses for Anthony. Had the Knicks maintained the good ball movement of the first three quarters, which made for the entire team contributing to the lead, this game would never have gone into over time to begin with.

While Carmelo Anthony sat on the bench after his poor shooting in the first half Landry Fields and Amare Stoudemire looked like their former selves before the Anthony trade. They attacked the rim, made their shots, ran the floor and played solid defense but that wasn't enough for D'Antoni.

Instead of keeping Carmelo on the bench and splitting his time between Walker and Harrelson D'Antoni inserted Anthony back into the line up in the fourth quarter and then the ball stopped moving, guys stopped moving and the offense had to go through Carmelo. Stoudemire didn't even get a chance to attempt a shot in the fourth period and first over time when all night the Nuggets had no answer for him.

The Knicks have now lost six in a row to poor and mediocre teams and there is nothing to give any hope that things will get better because Carmelo refuses to play team basketball and no one can seem to convince him to or force him to. They couldn't in Denver and they Can't do it in NYC.

This is going to be one extremely long abbreviated season for the Knicks fans.

The Knicks Lose Again, Nuggets 119 - Knicks 114

Knicks are nothing more than hype

The battle of the two worse sub .500 teams took place last night in Madison Square Garden and the Bucks, who hadn't won a road game all year, came out the victors.

Playing with no sense of urgency or realization that they are truly a poor basketball team the Knicks were taken advantage of by the Milwaukee Bucks who took it to the Knicks in the second half to once again prove that Carmelo Anthony and this cast of characters are nothing more than hype.

Every team in the NBA feels that the New York Knicks get all the publicity and notoriety it does simply because they play in New York City and are motivated to whip them in the Garden every chance they get. For the better teams it is a chance to appear the bigger bully for the lesser teams beating the Knicks is their playoff and championship game. Unfortunately Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks players don't seem to grasp this fact and begin games with a sense of urgency and importance. The rest of the league is happy to take advantage of them.

Last night when it became apparent that the Knicks were going to lose again Carmelo Anthony showed a new low in class by fouling and mouthing off to Brandon Jennings resulting in his second technical foul which got him tossed from the game in the fourth quarter. I think he didn't want to be on the court to hear the boos after the final buzzer sounded and purposely got tossed.What a leader.

Can someone explain to me in what way Carmelo Anthony is better than Zach Randolph? That's what I thought, nothing but hype.

Tonight the Knicks play the Denver Nuggets and will face Danillo Galinari and Timofey Mozgov and if you are a Knicks fan prepare for another whupping.

The Knicks Lose Again Bucks 100 - Knicks 86

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You are going to have to suffer through this for the next six years

You would think that a professional basketball player of average intelligence would recognize an evening when his shot wasn't falling and decide that if he isn't going to get thirty points, he'd try his damndest to get thirty rebounds. Well, Carmelo Anthony is not of average intelligence and was hell bent on forcing poor shots whether or not he was double teamed or off balanced.

Since he has arrived in NYC the Knicks have a losing record and Stoudemire and Fields have become shells of themselves. Instead of uplifting the players around him Carmelo Anthony has lowered everyone's game.

Are you waiting for my solution to the problem? There isn't one. You are going to have to suffer through this for the next six years. Good luck with that.

So let's recap shall we. In order to acquire Anthony and make room for his salary the Knicks traded to Denver Danillo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov and Wilson Chandler along with two second round picks the Knicks acquired in the trade of David Lee to Golden State. The Knicks also traded Anthony Randolph and Eddie Curry's expiring contract, which probably would have been enough to get Chris Paul, to Minnesota for Corey Brewer, who would have made a nice two or three for the Knicks but was promptly sent to Dallas. Brewer was able to cash that bright idea into a championship ring. Do you still think it was a good idea to give up all that talent and cap space for Marshmelo?

But I digress, the Knicks Lose Again Phoenix 91 - Knicks 88

Monday, January 16, 2012

This team will hover around .500%

Until the guard positions are sorted out this team will hover around .500%. That's just all there is to it.

The sooner we can see what Baron Davis has to offer the sooner we can package Fields and Douglas for a two guard with a consistent shot.

Patrick Ewing is advising Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando so all you fans and media types can just dislodge from your minds any notions of a Howard for Stoudemire trade. Ain't happening and I think Ryan Anderson just hit another three.

I did get a kick out of seeing Quentin Richardson whooping and hollering over his team's victory acting much like a woman scorned joyfully seeing her ex being hauled off by the police who found his weed stash. Well Quentin if you weren't such an over weight lazy bastard you probably would have stayed a Knick but you seemed to enjoy showing up to the great New York restaurants more than you did showing up to camp in shape. No one is happier to see you in an Orlando Magic uniform than Knicks fans.

The Knicks Lose Again, Magic 102 - Knicks 93

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The D'Antoni watch has officially begun

With the best record in the West and coming off a five game winning streak I didn't bother to watch this game because I knew what the outcome would be when the Knicks faced the Oklahoma Thunder tonight. The score was closer than I had expected until I saw the box scores. It was never really close at all.

The D'Antoni watch has officially begun.

The Knicks Lose Again, Thunder 104 - Knicks 92

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I hope you are happy now

Again the second unit played hard, swung the ball, made shots and played defense including the rookie Harrelson.

Unfortunately for the Knicks the other rookie was in the starting unit and instead of competing against the Grizzlies he decided to compete with Carmelo Anthony for the most jacked up shot attempts.

But you know what I don't blame the other rookie, he  wasn't a consistent shooter in college so there was no reason to believe he would be one in the pros. No, I blame Mike D'Antoni who has allowed the other rookie to play this way. Mike needs his ass kicked on the way out the door and immediately.

With Carmelo Anthony's selfish brand of basketball, which is why the Knicks will never win while he is in a Knicks jersey, and Mike's tomfoolery of a system the Knicks will continue to be a joke and a first round playoff bust.

To all you asses in the media who demanded the trade for Anthony no matter what it took well you fuckers fished your wish. I hope you are happy now.

The Knicks Lose Again, Memphis 94 - Knicks 83

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let the booing continue.

Last night the Knicks lost to a team named after a cub scout badge.The Charlotte Bobcats, after losing to Cleveland the night before, knew they'd have easy pickin's when they came into the Garden.

Despite the fact that Boris Diaw looks as if he ate his way through Europe during the lockout he was swift and motivated enough to look like Olajuwon as he dusted Amare Stoudamire on the way to a win last night.

It looks as if this team goes on the court and waits for the superstar fairy dust to kick in and then are surprised that other teams dare make shots against them. Well guys get used to it because you haven't done a damn thing to earn anyone's respect. Not from other teams and certainly not from your fans.

Hey, Mike Woodson, would you mind telling the players that they need to box the hell out when a shoot goes in the air?

Right now, I'd take Nate Robinson over Landry Fields and Toney Douglas put together.

Let the booing continue.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bobcats 118 - Knicks 110

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Time To Move On!

So not only did Toney Douglas forget how the Knicks played the other night against the Kings but he also forgot the play out of a time out with 17 seconds seconds left and was out of position which forced Carmelo to throw up a bad shot.

It is time for the experiment to be over and find out what trade value is in both Toney Douglas and Landry Fields. Really.

The Knicks Lose again Raptors 90 - Knicks 85