Monday, December 16, 2013

There ain't no moral victories you losers

With six seconds remaining down by one point the Knicks didn't call a time out after the Bullets scored what was the winning basket.

All you Knicks fans say that there is no one else to pass the ball to and he has to take the big shots I don't want to hear any fucking crying about how Anthony lollygagged his way up court.

I don't want to hear about poor time management on the part of coach Woodson for not calling a time out. What did you need a time out for when the play was just going to be "give Carmelo the ball"?!? You got what you think is your best option no matter what and you lost. Quit your bitching.

My Nets on the other hand are getting healthier by the day, guys are assuming roles that best suit the team and we dusted the 76ers by 36 points. We are taking off baby.

Apparently Prigioni broke a toe and will be out for a couple of weeks and with Raymond Felton in dress pants tonight due to a hamstring injury what are they going to do? Maybe JR can play the point, if he feels like it.

Knicks apologists will talk about all the good that was gotten out of the game like Shumpert's excellent defense, JR deciding to earn his money and make some shots. Hey your fucking team lost to the Bullets at home. There ain't no moral victories you losers.

Who cares, the Knicks lose again, Washington 102 - Knicks 101

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