Sunday, December 19, 2021

Randle is not a star Thibs, for your own longevity, stop coaching as if he is.

If no other game this season showed you what is wrong with the Knicks last night had to have sealed the deal.

Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier were aggressive last night against the Celtics and the offense ran extremely well.

When Walker, 29 points, and Fournier, 32 points, played as if Randle wasn't on the floor in the 3rd quarter the Knicks 41 point quarter was the highest of the season.

In the fourth quarter, when Randle and Coach Thibodeaux ran the offense as if Julius is a super star who has to close out the game the Knicks fell apart and again New York handed a victory to a team which it should have easily beaten.

After the game Kemba Walker was asked if he wanted to stay in New York he did not say he does, he stated that he wants to play. Walker clearly put the coach and Knicks management on notice, play me or trade me. 

Walker has no allegiance to this organization anymore if he ever had any since he was banished to the hinterlands by coach Thibs.

And now we know why Thibs benched Walker. In Thib's mind Randle is the star and if anyone can't play well with him then he doesn't exist. Fournier makes too much money for such a banishment so Kemba was made the example.

This coach has hitched his wagon to Randle and it is going to be the very reason why he loses his job here. Randle is not a star Thibs, for your own longevity, stop coaching as if he is.

Knicks lose again, Celtics 114 - 107 Knicks.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

It's not bad in MSG, it's really bad

Quentin Grimes set the Knicks rookie record for three point shots in a game with 7. Grimes finished the game leading all Knicks scorers with 27 points.

It was all for naught however because the Knicks got their asses kicked by the Bucks this afternoon as Giannis registered his first triple double of the season.

If the season ended today the Knicks would not be in the playoffs and I have a feeling it'll be the same when the season ends.

It's not bad in MSG, it's really bad and it is not going to get any better.

A younger more forward thinking coach would focus on developing Sims, Grimes, Quickley, Toppin and Barrett. Preparing them either to be the cornerstones of this franchise or solid desirable pieces for superstar trades in the near future.

In order to do that the coach of the year would have to shift his paradigm and I don't think it's going to happen with this old dog.

Knicks lose again, Bucks 112 - 97 Knicks.

Friday, December 10, 2021

The Kings of New York lost again

Down the stretch of the final minutes of tonight's game you could clearly hear NBA Coach of the year Tom Thibodaux yelling "ISO, ISO".  Which meant that he wanted to run an ISO offense through Julius Randle. 

Of course this did not work as the Raptors could hear him yelling it also and collapsed on Randle the moment he touched the ball.

Randle scrambled to find an open man but the other Knicks could not find the basket when they did get the ball and the Knicks lost the brief lead it had in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. 

You need look no further than at the difference in fast break points to diagnose why the Knicks lost. The Raptors had 21 fast break points and the Knicks only 9. Again this team was out hustled. 

On the bright side, Evan Fournier must have gone vegan because he had a whooping 9 points and zero assists tonight.

The Kings of New York loss to the Raptors leaves both teams with the record of 12-14.

In the next three games the Knicks face the Bucks, the Warriors and the red hot Rockets at Madison Square Garden where the Knicks out right suck. Which in all likelihood means that the Knicks will be 5 games under .500 in the next few days.

Wait, Tom Thibodeau was really named coach of the year last season?

Knicks lose again, Toronto 90 - 87 Knicks

Thursday, December 9, 2021

A bad case of the bubble guts

The Knicks fans showed more fight on YouTube and in the Discords than the

Knicks did against the Pacers tonight.

Everything was thrown at each other during the arguments. Kemba being banished by coach Thibs, the lack of chemistry between Randle and Fournier, the weak effort coming off a win the night before and sorry front office management.

I loved every minute of it.

Thibs didn't really explain why the Knicks played lifeless, but he did look emotionally drained. No more lies to tell his fans, I guess. Evan Fournier had a more visceral answer for his poor play.

Evan Fournier told reporters that he ate a steak in San Antonio the night before and had a bad case of the bubble guts which slowed him down. I am certain the trainers have Imodium AD if he really had the dookies that bad before the game tonight.

After the laughter passed the talk then went to the trade deadline and who should be moved from this team and why.

It's too bad the chat was more interesting than the game. But we all know the result.

Knicks lose again, Pacers 122 - 102 Knicks

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Don't you ever fix your mouths to say you are the best team in New York City ever again.

I woke up late this afternoon determined to exercise, eat some oatmeal and get some real work and study done. No entertainment for me.

That plan lasted about 5 minutes. I saw my favorite sports YouTuber (The Entertainah Talkin Sports) was doing Knicks play by play so I decided to check in for a moment to see what was going on.

To my surprise, delight and glee the Knicks were getting their asses kicked in the 3rd quarter.

Making the most of this delicious Saturday I turned the game on, killed the play by play and listened to Knicks fans whine and plead for mercy as the Knicks took blow after blow.

I haven't laughed so hard all year, it was beautiful. Even Obi Toppin missing an alleyoop dunk was side splitting for some reason.

I think I know why I reacted this way. 

For the past month I heard a steady stream of lying from Knicks fans about how they were so close last season, the Knicks are the best team in New York and this team has so much more talent than the Nets.

These were nothing but pure sweet lies you told yourselves because you refuse to admit that the Knicks have not been close to winning anything since the Patrick Ewing years.

Your team was blown out at home by a weak Denver Nuggets team and now your are below .500. You are what your record says you are.

Don't you ever fix your mouths to say you are the best team in New York City ever again.

Knicks lose again, Denver 113 - 99 Knicks

Friday, December 3, 2021

This is your franchise superstar?

Fans will argue that Julius Randle had no help last night. He carried the team and no one came to his rescue.

The fact is Randle could have helped himself by making free throws and not turning the ball over.

This is your franchise superstar and that's it? 

DeMar DeRozan was another guard in a long line this season that abused the Knicks back court for 34 points. 

When will this city stop excusing the poor fourth quarter execution just because they lost a close game. Close only counts in horseshoes fans.

"We almost beat two good teams!", you hear the fans cry. Except there is no "Almost" column in the box score. You either Win or Lose.

No more moral victories Knicks fans. You can't on one hand say you played tough then make arguments about being underhanded when you lose. Every team has injuries and guys out. No one is shedding a single tear.

Randle finished the game with 30 points and 6 assists but he also had seven critical turnovers. He giveth and he taketh away.

The rest of the team was no help and it was evident from the first half when the Knicks were completely out hustled by Chicago.

The Knicks plainly do not know how to play together and all that falls on the coach.

1-4 in the last five games, .500 and still you argue that they are a respectable team. Oh really?

Knicks lose again Chicago 119 - 115 Knicks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Julius Randle, you will never be That Guy.

My favorite thing to do these days is visiting Knicks fans pregame shows on YouTube. Boy you should have heard them last night. They were hilarious.💀

They ranged from cautiously optimistic to a bunch of drunks stuck in the 90's with championship fantasies.

Then the game began and at courtside was none other than Spike Lee in his Fedora and pink clown suit. The Knicks fans will make you bust a gut if you let them.

I am not going to give the Knicks any credit for their effort last night just because the score was close and as Stephen A Smith pointed out the stands were full of Knicks fans.

Y'all can come to Brooklyn Stephen A, we'll take your money then whoop you. That's how we do in Brooklyn, ain't nothing new. 

The Nets toyed with the Knicks until halftime then as the third quarter began Durant put the spanking on the Knicks starters to show them who their new daddy is.

Yes the score  was close in the final seconds however I was never in doubt that the Nets would not win with the Slim Reaper on the floor. 

The Knicks resorted to fouling and Julius Randle acting like a big damn baby because the refs didn't give him star treatment.

Julius, at the end of the game there were two future hall of famers on the floor who get the benefit of the doubt and neither of them was wearing a Knicks jersey.

NYC better hope the Knicks don't represent them, or they too are a bunch of losers. Julius Randle, you will never be That Guy.

Knicks lose again, Nets 112 - 110 Knicks

Friday, November 26, 2021

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Devon Booker had 21 points in the first half tonight. This game was pretty much over at halftime.

The Knicks went on several little runs but Booker dug a hole too deep for the Knicks to climb out of.

Booker finished the game with 32 points and showed RJ Barrett, who only had 10 points, what an aggressive star looked like.

The Suns came into the garden tonight 15-3. Everyone knew that the Knicks were no match for them but they weren't even competitive. 

Chris Paul is the type of leader and floor general that the Knicks have lacked for decades. CP3 makes the Suns a well oiled machine. 

The Knicks have nothing like CP3 on this roster and lack basketball IQ as a unit, there are the differences in organizations.

Where is the Knicks defense that this team so proudly hung its hat on last season? Without it even if they squeak into the playoffs they will be one and done for certain.

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Knicks lose again Suns 118-97 Knicks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Playing in Madison Square Garden is just what every scrub in the league needs.


Knicks fans don't start all your whining about how the team should never have given Julius Randle an extension. You same people were chanting "MVP" after every big shot Randle made last season.

This is the same Julius Randle that everyone praised for working so hard to improve his game and his desire be here.

There will be no Randle trades and coach Thibodeaux will not be fired.

To hear it from you guys the Knicks were not only the best team in the city but were on the cusp of making a run for the NBA title. What had happened?

Do you now realize how crazy you all sounded?

The Knicks are not driving you guys crazy. You are doing that to yourselves.

The Knicks last season was comprised of mediocre talent whose defensive hustle allowed them to fight above their weight. But this was never really a good team.

Signing broken down old point guards and allowing underappreciated defensive talent to walk was clearly a recipe of disaster. You guys had to know this. Stop acting surprised that you guys were going to be lucky if the Knicks made the playoffs this season.

The bar was set so low for this franchise that the stubborn unimaginative Thibodeaux actually won coach of the year last season.

Again, a guy came off the bench for the Magic and had his best night. Terrence Ross who normally averages 10 points per game had 19 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds.

Playing the Knicks in Madison Square Garden is just what every scrub in the league needs to gain his confidence, have a career night and carry his team to victory.

The Knicks are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Knicks Lose Again, Magic 104 - 98 Knicks.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

I was 100 percent correct.

Do I really need to recap this one? I don't think so. I told you what was going to happen before the game in the previous post and I was 100 percent correct.

If you were smart you would have taken my wise words and made some money Knicks fans instead of just being salty over the truth.

Knicks Lose Again, Charlotte 104 - 96 Knicks. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

New York Knicks fans your ignorance brought this all on yourselves.

Coming off last year’s surprising season, with the emergence of Julius Randle as a star and the vaunted Knicks defense the city was excited for a deep playoff run this season.

But something strange has happened. 

Just a couple of weeks into the new season the Knicks and the fans are shook.

With the vast improvement of the roster the Knicks don't even look like a playoff team.

Knicks fans are in a quandary as much as the Knicks coaching staff searching for the problem that is source of their angst.

Well Knicks fans, look no further than your defense, particularly in the backcourt. 

The Knicks so far this season according to is ranked 26th out of 30 teams.

So far, this season opposing teams bench players are coming into Madison Square Garden and having career scoring nights, mostly from the backcourt.

The Knicks have the worst defense against the 3-point ball of any team.

Where is the intense defense? Where is the guy that forced shooters to rush shots or completely run away from the three-point line?

Where is the guard big and strong enough to switch to a big player and still manage to force difficult shots?

Well Knicks fans, that guy is now playing for the Dallas Mavericks and his name is Frank Ntilikina. 

The other night due to injuries Frank was forced to play against the Spurs and despite only having six points Frank was the margin of victory for Dallas.

Frank's defensive energy, toughness and size made his minutes a +24 against the Spurs and sealed the deal in victory.

This was never appreciated by New York as an organization or fan base and now the team is spiraling out of control and one of the worst defensive backcourts this team has had in decades.

Tonight, against LaMelo Ball and the smooth Gordon Hayward Knicks fans, who you got to even make the game difficult for those dudes let alone stop them? 

In Frank you had a guy who could handle defensively any teams best point guard, shooting guard and small forward on any given night. 

In Charlotte, just as against most teams this season, the Knicks have no one who can give any resistance to those positions and the Knicks get ate up especially when RJ Barrett is having another of his inconsistent shooting games.

Last season in Knicks chatrooms, discords, and forums it was so interesting seeing these low basketball IQ fans dogging Frank. Some of them even going so far as questioning his sexuality because they only measure dominance by the number of points a player scores. 

Little did they know or understand that they had the equivalent of Dennis Rodman but in the position of guard.

Like Dennis, the guy’s mere presence and annoyance on defense is enough to be the margin of victory even when his point total is in the single digits. All because there was no flashing field on the scoreboard showing how many points that man prevented.

New York Knicks fans your ignorance brought this all on yourselves. Good luck at even making the playoffs this season all because you people don't know as much about basketball as you think you do. But believe me, you are going to learn this season.

Frank I am so happy for you. Find peace in your game and continue to ball out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

You guys can always watch the Nets if you want to see good basketball.

Coach Thibs went contrary to his nature and allowed the bench to finish out the game once it got close and it cost the Knicks tonight.

Thibs must have left his short leash in the locker room which he needed when the Knicks defense failed to protect the 3 point line and allowed the Milwaukee Bucks to hit 26 3 point shots on their way to victory.

The three point line is where the elite teams live and die in today's NBA so if the Knicks can't step up and force shooters off the three point line then they don't have a chance to compete in the playoffs. If they make the playoffs.

Let's face it Fournier was a sexy signing but completely wrong for the make up of this team. He is inconsistent at scoring and God awful at defense all the time.

It was a scrappy effort again tonight but geesh how many scrappy defeats must you fans endure before you toss your cookies. Can we agree that "always in the game" no longer means anything?

What is extremely alarming that no Knicks fan can dispute is how terrible this team plays at home. If you can't win in Madison Square Garden there is zero hope for you this season.

Next for the Knicks is Charlotte in Charlotte so they might have a chance to win but then the following three games will be played at the Garden which doesn't look promising. You guys can always watch the Nets if you want to see good basketball.

Knick lose again, Bucks 112 - Knicks 100 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

At least the Giants won today.

Rubio going INSANE in the garden right now!!!!

Knicks fans, your team let Ricky Rubio look like the Spanish Michael Jordan today? 

On this vaunted Knicks defense Rubio had a career high 37 points and was damn near perfect from the three point line.

The Knicks defense looked like a turnstile today as the Cleveland Cavaliers abused them after the Knicks beat a short handed Bucks team in Milwaukee the other day.

The Knicks are too inconsistent to ever be taken seriously as a contender. I know that hurts the heart of many but when you allow Cleveland to run you out of your own building on a Sunday afternoon you can't think you are ready to compete for any kind of title.

Tomorrow you get Philadelphia and God help you because Embiid is going to have a field day with this softer version of the Knicks.

This team fell for the Jedi mind trick that convinced them of having the talent to out score anyone and not continue to focus on defense.

No guys, this ain't that team. When the defense is as pathetic from start to finish as they were today you still have a number of years of rebuilding ahead of you.

At least the Giants won today.

Knicks lose again, Cleveland 129 - Knicks 109

Monday, October 25, 2021

One things for damn sure...Knicks lose again

How can it be? The Knicks lost to Orlando?

From all the Knicks YouTube channels and local media the Knicks were supposed to crush the Magic. What had happened?!?

I'll tell you what happened. Cole Anthony did give a tinker's damn about any of the Knicks hype. The rookie Cole came into the Garden and abused the Knicks' backcourt for 29 points. 

The Knicks got so happy with the shooting success in the past couple of games that they completely forgot about the identity of the team which is defense.

The question now is can the Knicks find a balance between playing hard defense while keeping up with guys off screens and looking to out score the opponent?

Time will tell, but one thing's for damn sure... Knicks lose again.

Orlando 110 - Knicks 104

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Great organization, city and Dallas

"When I played against the Mavericks last year, I liked the way they competed as a team," Bullock said. "They got great players, so it was an easy no-brainer for me."

"I felt like that the skillset that I have was easy for me to be able to make this move to be able to come down and be around a great organization, a great city, and great fans and just bring my game here."

Reggie Bullock, Sports Illustrated, 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Right where I want them to be

Yesterday the Knicks set Frank Ntilikina free, thank goodness. I know Frank is relieved and so am I.

I am as tired of all the unfair bust talk that he is. Hopefully Frank's agent will find him a spot in the Western conference where his wide open fast paced style of game can finally find a good fit.

Today, the Knicks signed Evan Fournier, another player from France to a contract of 4 years 78 million dollars which is utterly ridiculous but I love it. I hope the Knicks sign Carmelo Anthony next.

Derrick Rose was resigned by the Knicks because he is a coach Thibodaux favorite. Good for him. But, the Knicks still need help at the point guard position. 

They could also use another big body center despite bringing back Nerlens Noel because I am not certain of how Mitchell Robinson's foot is going to heal.

So far, with the current picks, free agent signings and tougher schedule next season the Knicks are still a middle of the pack basketball team. Right where I want them to be.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Set him free

Over the weekend, the USA men's basketball team lost again. 

This time the defeat was to France who had too much length inside when they played two centers in the 4th quarter. France pulled away from the USA team that shot nothing but bricks in the final minutes.

One thing that you did not see from the France team was Frank Ntilikina playing a single minute.

Apparently he had some sort of leg injury that prevented him from playing. But for Knicks fans it was just confirmation that Frank is soft and turns down opportunities to shine in big moments.

That is possible or maybe Frank felt that by not playing and doing well the Knicks would completely sour on him, remove his restricted free agent status and finally set him free.

In December, when asked what he thought about the Knicks not offering him an extension before the season began, Frank replied saying 'It is what it is'. Not exactly the words from a guy eager to stay in a Knicks uniform.

The Knicks should do everyone a favor, renounce his cap hold now and let him walk.

We all know the Knicks will the looking for a point guard in the draft and in free agency so why continue the charade.

Friday, July 2, 2021

You have your own problems stop worrying about the Nets.


The rest of the Eastern conference no longer takes you lightly. Every game against you now has playoff consequences and your pesky defense is no longer going to sneak up on anyone to steal a game here and there that you have no business winning.

Add all that to the more difficult schedule next season and, Oh no Knicks fans you will not be making any kind of run remotely like the Phoenix Suns.

In fact, your team is going to be worse before it gets better.

I even heard some of you fools saying that the Nets are in turmoil and worse off than the Knicks because of some obscure Kyrie Irving trade rumors.

C'mon guys you cannot claim to own New York yet the Nets are in your mouths all the time.

You idiots even have the audacity to claim that the Nets window of opportunity for a championship is now closed when Brooklyn's big three have two years left on everyone's contract. A bunch of Nets role players came off the books after the season, so they are free to sign vets who want to compete for a ring immediately at veteran minimums.

Tell me, honestly, in what way does that make the Nets worse off and in turmoil. You guys are delusional.

No team could the Knicks put together next season that could come close to competing against the Nets.

It is one thing to be a fan but keep your wits about you, please or you don't sound like the informed fans you always claim to be.

Go ahead, continue to have Dame/Kawhi fantasies. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe someday your dreams will come true but, in the meantime, keep a sane head will you please?!?

Here are the things you sad Knicks fans need to ponder.

Will RJ become a toughened young vet and have a good season after all the trade rumors, or will he have a season like Ben Simmons because he is worried about his place on your team? 

Could your fan base recover from another off season that a superstar is not signed, and you have to lie to yourselves about "rebuilding" again? 

Can Mitchell Robinson's foot come back as good as new, or will he be a big man with foot problems and never reach his potential like many big men of the past? 

If everyone now wants to come to the Knicks as you claim, then you should have your choice of free agents and therefore not have any pressing need to make irrational trades for one star.... again.  

These are the things to concern yourselves with Knicks fans not what is going on in Brooklyn. Sheesh

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Enjoy your summer

Welp, it's finally over.

No more delusional fans dreaming of a magical playoff run that would see them defeating Brooklyn in the Eastern Conference finals and on to a chance at a championship.

Yeah, I know, crazy talk right. But hey these fools were really on one just because the Knicks made the playoffs.

The most important source of angst for the Knick fan this morning is the realization that this team is not one "more" star player away from competing for a title. Unfortunately, this team... has no stars.

Julius Randle, whom I like to call Regular Season Randle, is not on the level of Trae Young when it comes to performance in the playoffs. This team is still two stars away from vying for a championship.

Will the Knicks have enough cap room for two max contracts, Julius, and RJ Barrett? I don't know but that is the only way for this team to be competitive sooner than later.

Derrick Rose tried his best to will the team forward but if he is your best player, as he was this playoff season, you cannot count on being more than a one and done team.

Is there a veteran point guard willing to step in and take control of this team while being young and healthy enough to be the corner piece for the next five years? Oladipo maybe? Trade for Caris LeVert maybe? I don't know but that is the position that needs to be addressed first.

When Randle lost his confidence and the offense needed to make adjustments there was no point guard to direct this team on the fly and put players in position to be effective as well as showing ultimate leadership.

All I know is the Hawks of all teams came into the Garden game 1 and punked the Knicks out of homecourt advantage before running them out of their own building and the playoffs last night.

I don't ever want to hear a Knicks fan talk about how tough a team this is and how great they play defense. Clint Capela ripped your hearts out and laughed in your faces. Your team sucks. Its okay to admit that. It's the first step towards healing and getting better.

Knicks Lose Again and for the last time, Hawks 103 - 89 Knicks. Enjoy your summer. 😅

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Fool's Gold

I tried to warn you Knicks fans, but you didn't want to listen. I couldn't convince you that what you were seeing in the regular season would not carry over to the playoffs. But I'll bet you are convinced now.

The regular season is a marathon. Teams are going to manage minutes and effort to not exhaust players and minimize injuries. All that "hustle" and "tough defense" you were watching was mostly the result of other teams pacing themselves in preparation for the playoffs. Why would any top-notch free agent come to the Knicks only to be whipped through the regular season by this coach.

The Knicks regular season was fool's gold.

Unfortunately, the fans and this group of young players had no idea how much the intensity would be ramped up by all teams including the Atlanta Hawks. So let this be a lesson to you.

You can have all the hustle and feel-good moments you want during the regular season, the playoffs come down to talent and experience which this Knicks team has very little of. 

Your team overachieved, enjoy the fun you had during the regular season but your team has been exposed. This nucleus of players will not ride in any ticker tape parades down the canyon of heroes. Just typing that makes me laugh hysterically.

Hopefully the Knicks will draft intelligently, and the head coach will finally learn how to pace veterans while developing young players. I really do want to see the team become competitive to really drive up the rivalry this city needs. If they are one and done over achievers this team is only good for yucks. 

The Hawks return to Madison Square Garden next Wednesday hoping to close out the series and I really think they will. Atlanta has found its game and knows how to exploit the weaknesses of this team as today's game showed.

The Knicks Lose Again, ATL 113 - 96 NYC.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Tough Out My Ass

The biggest fear of Knicks fans was not potentially losing last night. The fear was Julius Randle was going to be exposed and proven not too big a cornerstone piece to building a championship. With Randle's play in three games, I think that the fear has become reality.

All season the offense ran through Randle, and not only did he put up big numbers but the other players learned their roles on the offense which helped to propel the Knicks team into the playoffs. However, in the playoffs Randle has played with little or no confidence and the most improved player in the league has choked when games matter the most.

If not for the play of Derrick Rose, the Knicks would be down 3 to 0. Rose's good play on offense had Thibs forced to start him om game 3. However it is the most important cause for concern. 

All regular season the supporting players grew comfortable in their roles following the lead of Randle on offense. But now that Rose has become the focal point on offense the past two games the offense is in disarray. The team, including Randle, are now standing around watching Rose because they don't have a clue what to do.

I don't know if Randle is just in a slump or is really a choke artist when it comes to being the leader of a team in big games. But I do know that he is not playing like he is worthy of a franchise player level contract right now and his future as a Knick might be in jeopardy.

Let's give Atlanta a little credit also. They not only came home and hit the shots they missed in game two, but they also played Knicks style defense more than the Knicks did. Giving the Knicks a taste of their own medicine by stepping into passing lanes and being more physical around the basket made mice out of men and the Knicks looked like they can't handle a team that isn't afraid of them.

A lot of media people and YouTubers swore this was going to a tough series because the Knicks are so much trouble on defense and not an easy out. All that "We play hard" doesn't scare anyone and it certainly doesn't scare Atlanta. 

Did they not think that the Hawks were grown men and they had no coaches that could make an adjustment to the Knicks juggernaut defense? Atlanta made an adjustment which worked. Give them credit.

Ironically, the only thing the Knicks could do that might be of help is the Triangle Offense, the pinch post part in particular. I don't know if coach Thibodaux however has the guts or the ability to teach and implement it in the next two days. Great teams and coaches adjust in the playoffs, let's see if the Knicks and coach Thib are ready to begin functioning like a great team.

This playoff run for the Knicks was never about making a run to the championship. This series was all about finding out if Julius Randle was the man. And now, it is clear that he is not going to be the cornerstone of a championship franchise in MSG. Julius can be a solid piece  but let's face it, the Knicks don't even have a big one yet let alone a big two or three like most teams vying for a ring.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 105-94 Knicks.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

I didn't think the first round would be so entertaining.

Awww Knicks fans, don't cry. It's just one game. You guys will be okay.

Will you please now stop with all the fake tough talk about how you are the best team in New York City? 

Will you please now stop with all the defense wins championships stuff and your team will be a tough out? No you won't. Your star had an awful game and the rest of the team has no playoff experience.

Don't blame Frank Ntilikina because Trae Young got around him for the winning shot. Trae goes around everyone. 

It is not fair to ask a guy who only played about 90 seconds to come off the bench cold and no feel for the game to save the day with a stop on defense. Blame Julius Randle whose shot was tighter than Lizzo's waist band. Julius couldn't hit an elephant in the ass with a 2 by 4 tonight.

If Julius doesn't find his confidence in his day off the Knicks will get swept.

I told you guys that making the playoffs was the accomplishment to build on and not have false hopes about a playoff run. That was ridiculous. Now all the pressure is on the Knicks who have lost the homecourt advantage.

I didn't think the first round would be so entertaining. 

The Knicks kept the game close until the final seconds I must admit. The home crowd thought they were on the verge of witnessing the first playoff win in damn near a decade.

We saw Spike Lee jumping around, Tracy Morgan dancing, all up in the videos. Or so they thought until Trae Young crossed up Frank and gave the fans the kiss of defeat with the tear drop of death.

I'm loving this.

Knicks lose again, Atlanta 107 - 105 Knicks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Bunch of Choke Artists.

Despite Andre Drummond destroying the Knicks in the paint and RJ Barrett having a horrendous game the Knicks were up by 5 points with 3:17 left on the clock in the 4th quarter and I knew they were going to lose. Why? Because against good teams they are a bunch of choke artists.

With Lebron nowhere in sight and Anthony Davis barely able to walk the Lakers took it to the Knicks in the final minutes of the 4th quarter, taking the game into overtime and sending the hapless Knicks back home with a 3-3 west coast road record.

With all the talk about the 90's style defense the current group of Knicks play it is apparent that when matched with equal defensive effort by their opponent they don't have the fire power to win and fold like cheap suits.

Playing their asses off is the only victory to take from this season Knicks fans. Remove any silliness about getting the right playoff spot to get to the second round. They still haven't clinched a spot in the playoffs. Just enjoy the fact that your team entertained you this season. 

This collection of Knicks will not be here next season. Enjoy them while you have them.

Knicks lose again, Lakers 101- 99 Knicks.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Knicks are no problem for good teams

Again the Knicks hustled and kept the game close for three quarters. But as usual, in the fourth quarter the apposing team's superstars assert themselves and the Knicks simply do not have the fire power or seasoning to stave off defeat.

Jae Crowder and Chris Paul kicked it into gear and pulled away from the Knicks to cruise to an easy victory.

It was quite hilarious watching Knicks fans before the current road trip talk about how many wins the Knicks would manage away from home and how much of a problem this team is. 

This is a scrappy unit the beats terrible teams. It is not a problem for teams with seasoned veteran superstars to beat them at the end of games. And that us not going to change in the playoffs.

What you need to really need to be happy about this season Knicks fans is that Obi Toppin has finally settled down and now looks like a professional basketball player.

Be happy that Julius Randle has accept the responsibility of being a leader and the star of a franchise and not simply a guy chasing a max contract.

Be delighted that you have a coach that is not going to put up with any meddling from James Dolan. 

You now have a chance to have players experience years of continuity and learn how to win together. That is until they get tired of hearing Thib's voice and begin to tune him out which has been his history and every other coaching job he's had.

Let's hope you can eek out a good playoff run in a couple of years before the fans and players chase Thibodaux out the door. 

Knicks lose again, Suns 128 - 105 Knicks

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Knicks were exposed last night.

Please forgive me for putting up this post so late. I spent all night at the police precinct trying to bailout Nikola Jokic from jail for beating the Knicks asses on national television.

It was a brutal beating but the Knicks had it coming. The took the Broadway Bully bullshit out to mile high and got mollywapped by a bunch of Nuggets.

Down by 30 late in the game coach Thibodaux kept his star Julius Randle on the court for what I can only think of as punishment for embarrassing him in front of the planet.

That's the thanks you get Julius for carrying this team on your back the entire season.

Coach can be a very petty man when he is angry and no one is spared his wraith.

The only Knick to manage more than 14 points was Immanuel Quickley who had 18. Trouble is Quickley is a point guard and managed to finsh the game with zero assists. Why is the teams center registering more assists than the point guard?

The Knicks were exposed last night. For all the hustling that everyone is so impressed with the weakness of the team is against a center in the low block. Any center who is aggressive in the low post is too much for the Knicks to handle and there is nothing they can do to fix that this season.

Knicks lose again, Denver 113 - 97 Knicks.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Your team is not good enough to win anything right now.

Chris Paul and Devin Booker showed last night why this is not the Knicks season to upset anyone.

Despite playing a close game and taking advantage of the Suns inability to hit three point shots in the first half the Knicks are still no match for dominant superstars in the clutch to close out games.

Let's be honest, in the NBA if you play a consistent style of disciplined basketball you have a very good chance of winning a fair amount of games.

There will be nights when teams are coming off back to back games and long distance traveling that just are not going to have 4 quarters of good basketball to give. Those situations are what the Knicks took advantage of, and they should, during this latest streak of wins.

However, having rested and coming off a tough loss to the Nets a day ago there was no chance in hell the Chris Paul and Devin Booker were going down in defeat to the Knicks.

In the fourth quarter you saw what happens to the Knicks when two superstars exert their will. The Knicks had nothing to stop them and don't know how to fight of impending doom, and that is okay, they are not a bunch of seasoned veterans.

Knicks fans, on your best night your team could not beat the Suns. A team that got its ass handed to them by the Nets. Just enjoy your regular season and hope for the future. Your team is not good enough to win anything right now.

Knicks lose again, Suns 118 - Knicks 110.

Saturday, April 3, 2021


Well well well Knicks fans. Now that you have to face winning teams and do a little traveling here come all the excuses. Your team is tired, Thib's rotation is not working out, there is poor chemistry. Everything you can think of to rationalize losing. But there is only one answer, your team sucks.

Julius Randle has been figured out by the rest of the league and had another poor game. He is not the superstar answer you were hoping for. He is just a solid piece.

This year's first round draft pick is only above Frederick Weiss in the list of Knicks first round draft picks because he actually decided to show up. Other than that Obi Toppin gives you nothing on the floor. His poor play has forced coach Thibodaux to play Julius more minutes than he had hoped and Randle has no hit the wall.

The Knicks have now lost three games in a row. I tried to give them a break and not write about this team hoping that they'd bounce back because frankly sometimes I get tired of talking about how god awful this team is.

This team has mentally checked out to the point where the league really needs to consider implementing a mercy rule. Just let the Knicks forfeit the remaining games if they don't win against the Pistons tomorrow and spare the rest of us from watching this train wreck.

I would have left this game alone had I not heard trash talk from Knicks fans again speaking about how the Nets will never win New York. Knicks fans, have you looked out the window lately? You can have New York City. It has always been Brooklyn against the world and that's the way we like it over here.

You can attempt to tie Nets history exclusively to New Jersey all you wish, we know this team began in New York. My first basketball as a child was a red, white and blue ABA ball because of the New York Nets. 

Congratulations, the Knicks own New York City and fortunately for us New York City owns the Knicks. You're both broken down, relics of the past whose better days stretch back to the previous century with no hope in site. You deserve each other.

Knicks lose again, Mavericks 99 - 86 Knicks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Knicks are not winners

There are no moral victories Knicks fans. Your team is very young as doesn't know how to win. 

Yes they don't have another "superstar" to go along with Julius Randle, however for two nights in a row they played playoff teams minus its star payers and although they kept both games close the Knicks are not yet winners.

Between playing the Nets and the 76ers last nights game against Philly minus Joseph Embiid should have been the one to take.

Last night was an opportunity for the Knicks first round draft pick Obadiah Toppin and Nerlens Noel to take advantage of Philly not having its star center. Unfortunately, Toppin continued to look like the bust he has been the entire season and got zero points. Noel was only able to add 6 points for the entire game. 

Knicks management failed Toppin for not sending him to the G League after the season began. Toppin lacks confidence on the floor in my opinion because he has not mentally caught up with the NBA game. 

No big man camp is going to help Toppin, he needs to be on the floor with good competition playing at near NBA speed and tempo. Hopefully the Knicks will find away to get him in a league overseas before the start of next season.

The missing piece to make the Knicks real contenders is a dominant center in my opinion.

Frank Ntilikina came up with another game scoring zero points and Alec Burks immaturity and low basketball IQ have almost guaranteed their exit from this team.

Knicks lose again, 76ers 99 - 96 Knicks

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

You Lost Big Boy, Stop Manhandling Our Furniture

I was in a YouTube chat for Nets fans, Nets News, and these bummy, guttersnipe Knicks fans were so upset with the loss that they reported the channel and had the stream shutdown.

These are the same people who claim that the Nets are irrelevant and couldn't possibly win New York. They couldn't even handle losing a close game with out acting like babies.

Speaking of crybabies. Julius Randle, don't toss around our nice furniture like you have no class. Wait until you get back to MSG to break Dolan's cheap furniture when you get upset. You lost big boy and as long as Irving, Harden and Durant are here you will never be the dominant team in this city.

The Nets went into the the middle of the third quarter with an 18 point lead and then things began to fall apart.

Not only did both Kyrie and Harden get sloppy with the ball and commit untimely turnover but Harden's jump shot was flat and short all game.

James should be very well rested coming off the All Star break unless he was in Atlanta getting his arm tired from tossing singles in the strip clubs.

Whatever the reason, the Nets once again played down to the level of the competition. The Nets should have been up by 30 to start the fourth quarter. 

The Knicks took advantage of Nash's poor coaching decisions.

When Claxton was taken off the floor by Steve Nash the Knicks saw Deandre Jordan as a big green light to attack the basket. Barret and Randle went to work on Jordan and the lead quickly evaporated.

And for some reason Nash has Joe Harris inbounding the ball after fouls. The inbounder should be the tallest, most skillful passer on the floor. I love Joe but that is not him.

These coaching mistakes are often why the Nets play down to the level of the competition and allow poor teams to make games like this close. 

Fortunately for Nets fans Frank Ntilikina can't hit a shot and the Knicks guards are no match for Kyrie Irving so we came away with the win.

The Knicks lose again, Nets 117 - 112 Knicks

Thursday, February 25, 2021

When players around the league state that they love playing at MSG many New Yorkers misunderstand what is being told. They actually believe that it is a compliment to the building and the Knicks as a franchise.

Steph Curry placed in a nutshell what other players actually think about MSG. Curry said that he was delighted that the Garden allowed some fans in the building last night because whether it is 2500 or 25000 he loves shutting up heckling Knicks fans and beating the them in their building.

That is the only appeal MSG under the ownership of James Dolan has around the league.

Curry toyed with the Knicks for a half and then when he got tired his 37 points put the game away. The Warriors got the victory despite the MVP chants for Julius Randle by fans in the building.

Poor Knicks fans.

The rumor mill has it that there is a good chance that Kevin Knox will be traded by the time you finish reading this post. Good for him if it does happen. Knox and Ntilikina are wasting their youth on the Knicks. It is time to move on to bigger and better.

Before I go, is it just me or do you also find the name Obadiah Toppin sounds like some type of a Sid and Marty Krofft character?

Knicks lose again, Golden State 114 - 106 Knicks (15-17)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

You are still invited to the parade

The Knicks must have enjoyed the night life in Orlando before the game last night against the Magic because they flat ran out of gas in the third quarter and could not mount a comeback to stave off defeat.

The game was close for the first two and a half quarters but Terrence Ross got hot in the second half of third quarter and went on a torid run resulting in 30 points in 30 minutes. Ross was too much for the Knicks guards to handle.

Julius Randle tried his best with a 25 point effort and RJ Barrett started the game very aggressive but he only finished with 15 points. After halftime they both were clearly ready to head back to New York City and let Orlando have this one.

The Knicks most recent acquisition Derrick Rose had a pedestrian 4 points in 17 minutes of play which was not enough of course.

So Knicks fans, can you calm down with all the talk about wanting the Nets in the first round of the playoffs? Your team is years away from being competitive in the playoffs. Just watch your young guys grow together and build camaraderie and enjoy that. 

And yes, you are still invited to the parade in Brooklyn in July. See you there.

Knicks lose again, Orlando 107 - Knicks 89 (14-16)


Monday, February 8, 2021

The Knicks lost twice in one day

One day after Knicks fans were giggling about the idea of playing the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs if the season ended that day the Knicks lost to the hapless Miami Heat.

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo put it on the Knicks at will and from every spot on the floor. 

Reggie Bullock and Julius Randle showed up to play in the Garden but I do wonder if the rest of the team was concerned about who would be going in a trade which made all the young guys play tight.

Not a single Knicks guard managed double digits in points so I guess it was no surprise to find out later that the Knicks pulled of a trade to acquire Derrick Rose from Detroit in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr. and a 2021 Second round draft pick, via Charlotte.

Yes, that Derrick Rose that did a no call no show and went home to Chicago the last time he was here much like Kyrie Irving's disappearance this season.

I do feel sorry for Immanuel Quickly though. He is another young player with potential that the Knicks seem to not give a damn about. IQ will certainly be getting fewer minutes now. 

The rest of the guards will be on pins and needles until the trade deadline or fear they will simply give up on the season all together. 

Elfrid Payton should be relieved though since with fewer minutes there won't be much criticism on social media for him to be sensitive about. But then again, that is not my problem. 

So yes, the Knicks lost twice in one day, on the trade and the game. Only this franchise could ever pull something like this off.

Knicks Lose Again  (9-14) Miami Heat 109  - Knicks 103 (11-14) 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I fear that we have seen the last

Elfrid Payton is the Evan Engram of the New York Knicks. When he is on the court he is a liability to the team. He dribbles with his head down, not looking at the floor always looking to score when he really isn't that good a shooter. 

Since he got rid of his Sideshow Bob hairdo Payton has played like hot garbage.

Julius Randle did show up and played well. He comes to the arena with that dog in him but he wasn't enough against the Nets.

Brooklyn was down to only nine players tonight due to the big trade today that sent Jarrett Allen to Cleveland and Caris LeVert ultimately to the Indiana Pacers to pull of the deal to acquire the hefty lefty James Harden.

Again tonight Thibodeaux got nothing from his back court and yet Frank Ntilikina was not seen for a single second. Was he also traded today unbeknownst to me? Or maybe his "strained knee" is still bothering him. I don't know but I fear that we have seen the last of Frank in a Knicks uniform. 

KD left the game late in the fourth quarter with the Brooklyn Nets up by 18 but the short handed Nets back ups allowed the Knicks to mount a comeback and made the game appear on the scoreboard much closer than it was.

Of course Kyrie Irving did not play tonight because no one knows where he is right now.

I am really bummed that LeVert and Allen are gone and the only thing that saved Dinwiddie was his torn ACL or he'd be gone too.

And of course the Knicks wore those black knock off jerseys which meant they were going to lose no matter and that makes four losses in a row.

Knicks Lose Again Nets 116 - NYK 109

You guys have a lot of shooting practice to do

I tried to leave y'all alone. I really did. I mean a three game losing streak should have been enough to keep you fuckers quiet going into tonight's game against the Nets but no. 

You guys have the nerve to talk shit because Kyrie Irving is AWOL from the Nets. As if this equals every malfunction the Knicks as an organization has brought upon themselves in the past 49 years. These teams are not equal in anyway and a good spanking tonight should prove that.

It is to bad however that Kyrie wanted to party and hide behind his fake social justice warrior act to miss out on the game. 

Did I want Mr. Irving a Net? No I did not. However, signing Kyrie was the only way to get KD in Brooklyn and it worked. Now that KD is locked down for the next three seasons Uncle Drew and his act should go to Houston straight up for James Harden. 

Brooklyn has enough flat Earth empaths, we don't need another one skipping out on work no call no show while being paid millions of dollars. 

Sean Marks, if you are reading this, get him out of here right now. 

Kevin Durant, Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen and Joe Harris are more than enough to handle to the gang that can't shoot straight from MSG. 

Austin Rivers, wait until you guys make the payoffs before you start entertaining talk of a rivalry with the Nets. You guys have a lot of shooting practice to do in the meantime.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Knicks wore those god awful ugly Nets knock off uniform again last night and I had a feeling it would be the kiss of death.

I must admit however, the Knicks had a nice little run the past few games. They looked like a real basketball team for the first time in about ten years. 

They couldn't handle any of the top three teams in the East including Brooklyn because they lack a lot of talent but they are competitive and playing intelligent ball. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder started the game shooting horribly. OKC couldn't to hit an elephant in the ass with a 2 by 4 and the Knicks got up to an 11 point lead.

In the second quarter however OKC was able to settle down and come storming back to be a point down by halftime.

OKC finished the third quarter up by three points mostly due to some of the most poor defense the Knicks have played all season. 

Even the play of Randle couldn't rally the Knicks back as the Thunder went on to whip the Knicks in the Garden last night.

Knicks Lose Again NYK 89 - OKC 101 Record: 5-4

Friday, January 1, 2021

I thought he was a better coach than this

For three quarters the Knicks did their best to finished 2020 with a win against the Toronto Raptors however, the team's glaring weakness again brought defeat to the franchise. 

The Raptors backcourt of Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet dominated the Knicks guards in the 4th quarter and handed the Knicks team its third loss of the season.

Neither Barrett or Payton had more than four assists and the combined for 26 points for the game. That is usually not enough to win against the average team and certainly not enough against a team the competes for championships.

There was no help from Alec Burke tonight for the Knicks who was out with a sprained left ankle. He is however expected to return to play tomorrow.

Frank Ntilikina had zero minutes tonight and was not reported to be injured. I have no idea what his lack of play is about.

Thibodeau's short rotation is still a mystery to me but you'd think he'd use everyone available if the team is losing. I am still trying to figure out his philosophy but I have to be honest, I thought he was a better coach than this.

Knicks Lose Again, NYK 83 - Raptors 100  Record: 2-3