Sunday, October 22, 2017

Are you afraid Knicks fans?

Although the Yankees seasoned ended last night in Houston there is still being hard ball played in New York and from a very unlikely source.

It is being reported by REALGM dot com that Kristaps Porzingis has stated that unless he sees major changes in the Knicks he will not accept the rookie extension and make himself available as a restricted free agent by 2018 and could potential test the market as an unrestricted free agent in 2020.

Are you afraid Knicks fans?

Well played Kristaps, well played.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sucks to be you

Friday night the Knicks lost to the Washington Wizards in their final preseason game.

The Knicks went 0-5 in the preseason with Porzingis and Frank Ntilikina sitting out the last game to get over injuries. It makes one wonder how these guys are going to hold up for an entire season.

The season begins on next Thursday night on TNT against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Funny how it just so happened to work out that the Knicks first game is nationally televised and pits them against the team that Carmelo Anthony was traded to. That destiny is something else isn't she?

The Knicks will post a big loss on Thursday which will be good because Knicks fans will get used to all the losing very early.

The purpose of this season is purely to see if Porzingis can step up and be the star this franchise needs for the next ten years. We shall see.

I do know for certain that the Knicks are the worst team in the East. It will be interesting to see how coach Jeff Hornacek can keep things together and his dynamic working with the new GM Scott Perry.

I know that most GM's like to have the coach of their choosing in place to match their philosophy so if Hornacek and Porzingis begin to bicker I am eager to see if James Dolan will allow Perry to pull the trigger and get Jeff out of here before the season gets completely out of hand.

Knicks fans its going to be one long season for you guys. Sucks to be you.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Anthony era is over

It is being reported this afternoon by sports news website Bleacher Report that Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a future draft pick.

This means that the Anthony era is over.

This means that the initial trade that brought Anthony to New York forced by an overzealous James Dolan was for absolutely nothing at all. A trade that set the team back an entire decade.

And for those of you who might say that everyone thought this was a good trade from the beginning go back and read the early posts I made to this blog years ago.

Not everyone was dumb enough to think that a ball hog alone would bring the Knicks to contention.

Well now its all done. Anthony is in OKC with Westbrook. The only other thing that needs to be done that might make me consider being a Knicks fan again is Dolan selling the team.

Get'er done James, get'er done.

Monday, July 31, 2017

See the problem?

According to Mike Isola Carmelo Anthony is putting the pressure on both the Knicks and Houston to put a package of players together that they can both agree upon and get a deal done as quickly as possible.

The problem with that is that Houston has no player equivalent to Kyrie Irving.

Why is that an issue you ask? Because Kyrie is pushing the Cavaliers to make a deal with the Knicks because the Knicks are his first choice of teams to be traded to.

The only thing the Knicks have to offer for Kyrie and another Cavalier player is a first round draft pick and Carmelo Anthony. See the problem?

Do the Knicks put their efforts into sending Anthony to Cleveland which is not his first option? Or Take a chance that one of the players coming back from Houston is half decent?

Sticky wicket ehh? The summer continues to be interesting in Knickland.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Nothing but yucks

I found out this morning that James Dolan has yet to meet the new Knicks GM Scott Perry.

Well to be perfectly honest with you I had forgotten that the Knicks had a new GM.

Now, I know that the owner of the team should have more of a handle on the personnel of his organization than I do but I think that it speaks volumes about what Dolan thinks of the guy and the fans.

It should be noted that on the day that Perry was hired, July 14th, James Dolan did send out a press release stating that he was Steve Mills' hire, Mills is now the president of the team, and Dolan had no influence upon Perry's hiring.

Well, I guess it was nice that he acknowledged Perry's existence but you'd have thought that he would have at least taken the man, along with Mills, out to lunch or something.

Scott Perry is coming from the Sacramento Kings were he had the title of vice president of basketball operations. Yeah, doesn't mean much to me either.

However after hearing about Perry's new hire for assistant GM, Gerald Madkins we all were given Perry's secret to winning in the NBA. Ready for it? It's soul food. That's right, soul food.

Apparently when Perry was working for the Pistons in the early 2000's for Joe Dumars, Perry would cook up mean pans of: mac and cheese, ribs, fried catfish and cole slaw and presto, the Pistons went on to win a championship in 2004. Perry feels that all that greasy, high carb and sugar laden food creates the sense of family and camaraderie that are the keys to being a winning franchise.

I think it contributes to diabetes but hey I am not a great basketball mind so what do I know. I am not making this up.

This franchise, boy I tell ya. Nothing but yucks.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Knicks fans, don't hold your breath

It is being reported this afternoon that Kyrie Irving is demanding a trade out of Cleveland.

This comes a day after I found out that the Cavaliers are in talks with Derrick Rose.

If the Knicks new brain trust is worth half a damn they are on the phone with the Cleveland front office right now to work a deal for Irving and Iman Shumpert in exchange for Carmelo Anthony.

It is also reported that Irving would be willing to come to New York. For some reason he actually wants to be a Knick.

The money for such a trade would almost match perfectly and everyone gets their wish.

If the Knicks can't slam dunk this alley-oop they ain't shit.

We shall see. Knicks fans, don't hold your breath.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

How long...?

I didn't respond to the idiotic signing of Tim Hardaway Jr. for 71 million dollars because I knew there'd be more bullshit coming from the Knicks.

Well, it just went down today.

David Griffin, the former Vice President of Basketball Operations with the Cleveland Cavaliers, has pulled his name from consideration for the Knicks job.

I can't give you the title Griffin was being interviewed for and apparently the Knicks couldn't give it to David Griffin either.

The fact that Steve Mills was the person interviewing the man who should be his boss spelled nothing but trouble from the beginning.

And that ladies and gentlemen is precisely what is wrong with the Knicks.

The problem with the New York Knicks is the band of sycophants that James Dolan has surrounded this team with who don't know shit except how to fuck up whatever plans the current President/GM is attempting to do to turn this franchise around to save their own asses.

David Griffin is reported to want the power to bring in his own people. Which if you remember was the first spat that Phil Jackson had with Dolan but Phil was being paid so much money that he simply got along to get his paycheck. Big mistake Phil.

Griffin was not about to get Jackson's money or title apparently so the ability to choose his own staff was the show stopper in the negotiations and I don't blame him. Dolan's minions must be gotten rid of period.

Trainers, medical staff, coaches and all manner of advisers, executives and scouts must be cleaned out of the Garden if you fans ever expect to have a chance of winning anything.

The dysfunction is with Dolan's inability to fire his pals. So to Joe Dumars or anyone else planning to interview for the "position" of running the Knicks stay away from them at all costs. The money, your sanity and reputation are not worth it.

And for anyone who attempts to tell you that you can't give up your allegiance to this disaster of a team and find another to root for let me ask you this: Are you a fucking adult or not? Who the fuck can tell you who to cheer for?

How long are you going to sit there and allow these sick clowns to abuse you?

Leave this bum ass team alone until Dolan is gone, today if you know what is good for you.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Whodathunk it?

The first sign of sanity and good leadership in the Knicks front office in almost a decade was reported today when Steve Mills went on record stating that he has no intention of re-signing Derrick Rose.

Mills wants to develop the Knicks by staying young and maintaining cap space.

I was not happy to see the Knicks waiving of Maurice Ndour. I think that was a knee jerk reaction to get rid of Phil's most desired players and a big mistake.

It seems that years of watching the good of Donnie Walsh and the bad of Phil Jackson has rubbed off on Steve Mills and the organization might just have a sound mind running the franchise.

Apparently Steve has also convinced Carmelo Anthony to drop his no trade clause for a deal to either Cleveland or Houston if one can be worked out.

The Knicks have shown great restraint to not fly off and buyout Anthony which would cause a big hit on the teams cap room.

If Anthony is willing to waive or lower his trade kicker you could very well see Kevin Love a Knickerbocker before the end of the week and Carmelo and Lebron with championship dreams in their eyes together in Cleveland.

The Knicks might not be a fucking joke any more under Mills, whodathunk it?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Phil Jackson has been fired

This morning James Dolan had Madison Square Garden security stuff Phil Jackson's yoga mat, 12 inch seat cushion and his Alzheimer's medication into a box and sat his shit on the corner of 33rd Street and 7th Avenue.

Phil Jackson has been fired.

Don't get too caught up asking questions like: Why didn't this happen before he drafted players and invited free agents to summer league who could run an offense, The Triangle, that won't even be run?

That would be a waste of time, its the Knicks way as you should know by now. Just thank your deity or broccoli, whatever you pray too, that Phil Jackson will no longer be making ridiculous decisions for the New York Knicks.

It would be wise to sign Joe Dumars who knows how to put tough teams together quickly and is still respected throughout the league. That would be too smart so it probably won't happen.

The most recent rumor is that Masai Ujiri, yeah him, is being looked at to replace Phil. I guess if you can't beat him you hire him is Dolan's mantra.

Rejoice Knicks fans, until the next disappointment at least. Remember Carmelo Anthony is still a Knick with a record of 80-166 since he has been here so don't think a championship is on the horizon.

The best you can hope for is that a strong team president will come in with a plan and some balls.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The circus might not be over

On the cusp of tomorrow night's draft I thought I'd share some thoughts regarding the New York Knickerbockers.

Let's begin with Derrick Rose.

Now that he knows that no one in the NBA is going to pay super star prices to a point guard made of peanut brittle he wants to stay with the Knicks.

Can you blame him when you have a Phil Jackson handing out money to broken down players as if he's some kind of millionaire junk man collecting broken NBA antiques?

Maybe Phil can find the point guard of the future tomorrow night. I know the Knicks are drooling over De'Aaron Fox from Kentucky but he is not going to last to be selected at the 8th spot in the draft.

The current hot rumor is that the Knicks are entertaining the idea of trading Porzingis to the Boston Celtics for the third pick. That would allow the Knicks to get Fox and a forward to be the pillars of the franchise for the next 10 years.

KP's lack of professionalism at the end of the season, displayed by not meeting or taking calls from Knicks management when the season ended, might have been enough to tick both Dolan and Jackson off enough to show him the door and move on. Especially since it looks as if Anthony isn't going anywhere.

Just the Knick's luck though they will make the trade and the Lakers will take Fox with the number one pick and Lonzo Ball falls into their laps.

Ball, with all his flaws, could wind up a great player. The question would be can Dolan and Jackson  deal with his over the top father?

Then again since Ringling Brothers went out of business last year Alonzo Ball's circus act might just be the type of show Dolan would be happy replacing them with.

The Knicks are in horrible shape from top to bottom, I would really hate to be a Knicks fan. This team is going to suck for many seasons to come.

Tomorrow night's draft might not be very deep with talent but it will be deep with intrigue. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

My money is on Boston, who you got?

Timofey Mozgov, JR Smith, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and David Lee.

What do all these guys have in common?

They have all won NBA championship rings since Carmelo Anthony has been a Knick.

There are countless other players that have helped teams go deep into the playoffs once they departed Madison Square Garden.

These were all the bums that Carmelo Anthony apologists said were the bunch of nobodies that Anthony played with whom he could not pass the ball. Therefore Anthony was forced to take every possible selfish shot he could hoist up.

The former Knicks who won rings in Cleveland and Golden State weren't mere bench warmers. All those guys played significant minutes and were on the floor during crunch time.

Whether it was setting picks, slashing to the basket, getting tough rebounds or hitting a big shot they played to the level of the superstar of their respective teams.

Anthony was never a star on the level of Lebron or Curry in spite of all the cheer leading that came from media types such as Alan Hahn and Bill Daughtry.

The Knicks were fooled by Masai Ujiri to give up countless draft picks take on massive contracts from washed up players like Chauncey Billups and completely gut the morale from the franchise.

Ujiri almost suckered the Knicks into a similar deal in 2013 for the Raptors troubled point guard Kyle Lowry who finished this season as the back up point guard and is now a free agent. That deal would have cost the Knicks multiple players and the first round pick in the 2018 draft.

But the wiser Jim Dolan whose anus was still sore from the Melo deal jumped in and squashed the Jedi Mind Trick.

Just think how big that draft pick is going to be after the coming season. And they can sign Lowry for a bag of peanuts if they want him.

I said all that to get to this point. Who will Kristaps Porzingis be playing for when he wins a championship ring before Carmelo's contract expires?

My money is on Boston, who you got?

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Pain The Pain!

Youdda thought that the moment Joakim Noah was scheduled for arthroscopic surgery on his knee, which will force him to miss the remainder of the season, Phil Jackson would have really put the pressure on to buy him out of the remainder of his contract. Well,  apparently dat ain't happen.

Phil you can coach Zen but you can't GM Zen.

An NBA GM has to have the backhand of a coldhearted pimp not some one seeking enlightenment.

Oh the heart of the Knicks fan. LOL

Knicks Lose Again

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Knicks fans, you guys are FUCKED!

If what I am hearing is true the Knicks are in such a state of disrepair there is no turning this thing around for at least the next six or seven years.

Apparently Phil Jackson had a deal on the table that would have dealt Derrick Rose to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio and held out for a second asset back from Minnesota. Minnesota refused and at the last minute the Knicks dropped the demand but it was too late to make the deal official this afternoon and it fell through.

Now why that is so awful is because there were other deals on the table for the Knicks that were contingent upon moving Rose and none of them got done because Phil Jackson is incompetent. Good lord.

For the first time in years I actually feel sorry for Knicks fans. You fuckers don't stand a chance for any kind of prosperity and fun at the Garden until sometime around 2024. Yes some time in the future.

Some of you will say that standing pat isn't such a bad deal, you dummy that's the Stockholm Syndrome talking.

Ricky Rubio is no great player but he would have been under contract next two seasons and his game is centered around passing the ball to the open man which is exactly what Porzingas needs to develop. Not standing outside watching Rose slash to the hoop to create his own shot or seeing Derrick differ to Anthony instead of him when KP is wide open.

Remember when I reported during the training camp Rose saying at the end of the game it will come down to himself or Melo to make a shot. He never had helping KP in mind as a teammate.

However, now the Knicks are going to fuck around and watch Rose leave this organization having gotten nothing for him exactly the way they let Brook Lopez leave. And if you don't think Lopez walking wasn't a big deal I have two words for you, Yoakim Noah.

So yes that is a bad thing because Rose is going to want a max deal to resign with the Knicks, he said so himself before the season began. How has giving out max deals worked out for you so far under Phil Jackson?!?

If Rose walks and the Knicks have all that cap room how are they going to recruit players who have options after James Dolan sicced his meatheaded goons on Charles Oakley in front of the entire world which resulted in every black NBA star tweeting their disgust for Dolan and the Knicks.

Knicks fans, you guys are FUCKED! I'll burn a candle and eat a slice of cheese cake for you.

Knicks Lose Again.

signed, A yo-yo with a blog

Monday, January 16, 2017


It is being reported today that Carmelo Anthony is now open to trade talks.

THANK YOU JESUS! And I'm a Buddhist.

That is all.

Oh yeah, the Knicks lost again Atlanta 108 - Knicks 107.

By  A Yo-yo with a blog

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Phil Jackson, Get Control of this team God Dammit!

I need for Phil Jackson to take a testosterone shot and start managing this team like a fucking man and take control or quit.

Carmelo Anthony's arthritic shoulder is barking on him, as I said it would before he was just re-signed and now Derrick Rose just gets to walk away from the team no call no show.

Tell Derrick Rose to stay in Chicago, his services are no longer needed.

Make a trade package including Anthony and Noah for what ever the hell you can get and reboot this franchise NOW!

Get control god dammit!

Who cares about the fucking score of the game tonight this bullshit has got to stop. Cut the cancer and give this franchise a chance to recover Mr. Jackson.

Signed: A Yo-yo with a Blog