Sunday, August 29, 2021

Great organization, city and Dallas

"When I played against the Mavericks last year, I liked the way they competed as a team," Bullock said. "They got great players, so it was an easy no-brainer for me."

"I felt like that the skillset that I have was easy for me to be able to make this move to be able to come down and be around a great organization, a great city, and great fans and just bring my game here."

Reggie Bullock, Sports Illustrated, 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Right where I want them to be

Yesterday the Knicks set Frank Ntilikina free, thank goodness. I know Frank is relieved and so am I.

I am as tired of all the unfair bust talk that he is. Hopefully Frank's agent will find him a spot in the Western conference where his wide open fast paced style of game can finally find a good fit.

Today, the Knicks signed Evan Fournier, another player from France to a contract of 4 years 78 million dollars which is utterly ridiculous but I love it. I hope the Knicks sign Carmelo Anthony next.

Derrick Rose was resigned by the Knicks because he is a coach Thibodaux favorite. Good for him. But, the Knicks still need help at the point guard position. 

They could also use another big body center despite bringing back Nerlens Noel because I am not certain of how Mitchell Robinson's foot is going to heal.

So far, with the current picks, free agent signings and tougher schedule next season the Knicks are still a middle of the pack basketball team. Right where I want them to be.