Sunday, April 30, 2023

I am sorry to say Knicks fans, this round won't last much longer.

Today, in Madison Square Garden, the Miami Heat faced the New York Knicks for the first game of the second round of the NBA playoffs.

All week, we heard Knicks fans go on about how this is their year and that the Knicks were going to make it to the Eastern Conference finals at the very least. But there is a slight problem with that prediction that they had not considered, and it was on display today.

The Heat did not play their best game. However, because they have proven veterans with championship experience, they know how to win in the playoffs. 

For the Knicks players, they are swimming in strange waters, and this afternoon the Heat lured them to the deep part of the lake and drowned them.

It would not have mattered if the injured Julius Randle had played, the Miami Heat are on a mission that this young Knicks team doesn't have any concept of.

The Heat started off slow and allowed the Garden fans to get up a good lather with their cheering and applause in the first half, but this was a tale of two halves.

The Knicks were playing on adrenaline in the first half with their hustling and Obi Toppin's three point shooting. 

The problem is that excitement can't be sustained and if you are counting on Toppin to be your best three point shooter for an entire game you are certainly going to lose.

The hero for Miami today was the seasoned veteran Kyle Lowry who simply destroyed the young Knicks back court.

Lowry's hustle, savvy and seasoning is the result of 17 years of playing in the NBA. He has forgotten more subtle ways to play at a championship level than the entire Knicks team will probably ever know. 

Lowry was tenacious on defense and hit big shot after big shot to demoralize every comeback effort of the Knicks.

Miami's defense settled down in the second half. They collapsed in the paint and dared the Knicks to beat them from the three point line, and the Knicks couldn't. It was a brilliant strategy that will carry over when Julius returns.

The Knicks have no three point depth on the bench and were useless in today's game.

By beating the Knicks in MSG, the Heat now have home court advantage, and I am sorry to say Knicks fans, but this round isn't going to last much longer. 

It was a nice season, but you are out classed against the Miami Heat.

Knicks lose again, Miami 108-101 Knicks.