Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Derek Fisher Fucking Sucks

This was a well played game by the Knicks that should have been won if not for Derek Fisher.

Despite the Knicks being short handed with Carmelo Anthony out due to his sore knee the Knicks actually had a chance to win tonight.

However, they ran into the same opponent which has cost them the majority of their loses this season and that foe is Derek Fisher's coaching ability.

The Knicks built an 11 point lead on OKC with Porzingis on the bench in the fourth quarter because the Thunder had no answer for Kevin Seraphin's size, hustle and muscle.

The Knicks offense was fluid and they crashed the boards.

Finally the Knicks had a team that the Thunder didn't know how to handle because the scoring came from everywhere.

You'd have thought the Derek Fisher would have recognized that lineup as the Thunder killer he had been looking for all game but no.

For some reason Fisher was hell bent on destroying the chemistry and forced Porzingis back into the lineup.

When Porzingis is on the floor and Carmelo Anthony is not playing Arron Afflalo takes it upon himself to be a ball hog no matter how poorly he is shooting he feels that all shots belong to him if Anthony is not around.

I never fault a ball hog I fault a coach who allows the behavior to continue especially after he found a lineup that had an answer for his opponent and the ball hog is inefficient with his shooting.

The game went into over time but we all know damn well what happens in over time with this team.

Either Fisher is coaching merely to teach Porzingis how to lose or he fucking sucks as a basketball coach. If I were a Knicks fan I'd demand Phil Jackson to tell us what the purpose is for keeping Fisher as the head coach. But I'm not. LOL

Knicks lose again, OKC 128 - Knicks 122

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fisher is in over his head

Even with Blake Griffin out due to injury very few thought that the Knicks would win tonight and they did not disappoint.

What was disappointing was a lack of effort given by the Knicks.

From the opening tip they didn't play with enough energy to match the Los Angeles Clippers and they couldn't hit a shot to save their lives.

However, that wasn't the worst of it. The major factor in this loss was Derek Fisher. Fisher is in over his head and he still doesn't know what he's doing.

De'Andre Jordan is shooting at a 71% rate from the floor because of only one reason. That reason is his point guard, Chris Paul, and his an amazing ability to beat his defender as he slashes to the basket which usually draws Jordan's defender over to help on Paul leaving Jordan wide open for easy dunks and layups.

You'd think that Derek Fisher would know this and not start the slowest of the four point guards on the team against Paul but you'd be wrong because that is exactly what Derek Fisher did when he started Jose Calderon.

On a good day Jose Calderon has a hard time staying in front of the statue of liberty he wasn't going to have a single chance against Chris Paul and Paul ate him alive and Jordan was adding to his dunk highlights.

Paul was only slowed down a little late in the third quarter when the game was out of hand and Jerian Grant got some run.

Grant's abilty to slash himself forced Paul to expend energy on the defensive end which did seem to slow him down on offense. That and Grant's quickness and being smart enough to play against Paul's dominant hand forcing him to go left more often than he wanted to seem to bring Paul back to earth.

Even with the poor night shooting had the Knicks defense forced more outside shots the Knicks would have had a much better chance of winning. Unfortunately because Derek Fisher is the coach the team had no chance of winning.

Knicks Lose Again, Clippers 116 - Knicks 88