Friday, August 19, 2022

See what player development can do?

I was watching videos of Donovan Mitchell to see what the hype is and I kept seeing this lanky dude shutting him down. Just making his life miserable.

On closer inspection I saw that the guard giving Michell so much most trouble was none other than Frank Ntilikina. I couldn't believe it either.

So, I searched for a Frank Ntilikina highlight tape of the past season on YouTube. I was floored by his development from the last time I saw him, which was in a Knicks uniform.

Don't get me wrong, Frank is not setting the league on fire averaging 4 points per game, but his game had improved so significantly I had to find out it happened.

Frank is now crossing up dudes, euro stepping, hitting jumpers, setting up alley-oops so much so that his game now looks a lot like Caris LeVert's. But how could this be?

My digging paid off. I found out that the Dallas Mavericks added a couple of years ago a new point guard coach and you can clearly see his influence. That coach is God Shammgod.

For you whipper snappers who may not know. God Shammgod is a point guard from New York City that changed the way the ball is handled in the NBA today.

Now that Brunson is out of the way in Dallas I can see Frank getting a lot more minutes and finally becoming the player that Knicks fans had been hoping for. And get this, Frank is only 24 years old! See what player development can do? 

Very interesting.

By the way, the Nets roster has only gotten better since the end of the season. Tsai ain't giving KD nothing but a doorag and some nunile, his ass ain't going nowhere.