Monday, July 1, 2024

The Knicks' Plight: An Ode to Isaiah Hartenstein's Departure


The Knicks suffered a blow on a fateful Monday,

When Isaiah Hartenstein decided not to stay.

To Oklahoma City, he took his flight,

Leaving the New York faithful in a state of fright.

Three years, eighty-seven million was the deal,

Confirmed by Ian Begley, making the news quite real.

Hartenstein, a center with a touch so fine,

Averaged 7.8 points, which was quite divine.

His shooting, oh so precise at sixty-four point four,

Made fans cheer loudly and beg for more.

But it wasn't just scoring that made him grand,

His passing, too, was a sleight of hand.

With 2.5 assists, matching his career best,

He showcased his skills, passing the test.

But now he's gone to the Thunder's embrace,

Leaving the Knicks in a somber place.

Oh, Hartenstein, how you'll be missed,

In the Garden, your presence will persist.

But for now, it's Oklahoma's gain,

As New York fans sigh in collective pain.

So here's to you, Isaiah, in Nash's style,

May your new journey be worthwhile.

And though the Knicks must now regroup and fight,

Your memory in New York will burn ever bright.

Thunderstruck in Eugene: OKC's Hartenstein Hustle


In Eugene, Oregon, where the pine trees grow,

The Thunder came calling, all set for a show.

Isaiah Hartenstein, tall and quite grand,

Met with OKC, a contending band.

The Thunder, they traveled to Hartenstein’s town,

Where the Knicks’ center was born and still hunkers down.

Flush with salary-cap space and ambition untold,

They sought out Isaiah, their plans to unfold.

Sam Presti, the wizard of OKC’s lore,

Sat with Isaiah, opportunity galore.

In free agency’s opening, they made their pitch clear,

A chance for a championship drawing quite near.

Last season, the Thunder soared high in the West,

But rebounding, alas, was not at its best.

A physical presence was what they now sought,

And Hartenstein’s prowess was what they had bought.

The Knicks, bound by limits of Early Bird Rights,

Couldn’t compete in these high-stakes fights.

Sixteen million they offered, but not a cent more,

While the Thunder’s offer, a championship bore.

In a market so weak, he stands as the best,

The top center available, a cut above the rest.

Nic Claxton, you see, signed for a great sum,

But Hartenstein’s talents are where hopes come from.

So, in Eugene, with family near,

The Thunder made their intentions clear.

Isaiah Hartenstein, will he take the leap?

For a chance at glory, with OKC to keep?

The weekend passed with talks in the air,

Oklahoma’s Thunder, a dream to share.

Will Isaiah join in, for a championship run?

Only time will tell, as free agency’s begun.