Sunday, July 9, 2017

How long...?

I didn't respond to the idiotic signing of Tim Hardaway Jr. for 71 million dollars because I knew there'd be more bullshit coming from the Knicks.

Well, it just went down today.

David Griffin, the former Vice President of Basketball Operations with the Cleveland Cavaliers, has pulled his name from consideration for the Knicks job.

I can't give you the title Griffin was being interviewed for and apparently the Knicks couldn't give it to David Griffin either.

The fact that Steve Mills was the person interviewing the man who should be his boss spelled nothing but trouble from the beginning.

And that ladies and gentlemen is precisely what is wrong with the Knicks.

The problem with the New York Knicks is the band of sycophants that James Dolan has surrounded this team with who don't know shit except how to fuck up whatever plans the current President/GM is attempting to do to turn this franchise around to save their own asses.

David Griffin is reported to want the power to bring in his own people. Which if you remember was the first spat that Phil Jackson had with Dolan but Phil was being paid so much money that he simply got along to get his paycheck. Big mistake Phil.

Griffin was not about to get Jackson's money or title apparently so the ability to choose his own staff was the show stopper in the negotiations and I don't blame him. Dolan's minions must be gotten rid of period.

Trainers, medical staff, coaches and all manner of advisers, executives and scouts must be cleaned out of the Garden if you fans ever expect to have a chance of winning anything.

The dysfunction is with Dolan's inability to fire his pals. So to Joe Dumars or anyone else planning to interview for the "position" of running the Knicks stay away from them at all costs. The money, your sanity and reputation are not worth it.

And for anyone who attempts to tell you that you can't give up your allegiance to this disaster of a team and find another to root for let me ask you this: Are you a fucking adult or not? Who the fuck can tell you who to cheer for?

How long are you going to sit there and allow these sick clowns to abuse you?

Leave this bum ass team alone until Dolan is gone, today if you know what is good for you.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Whodathunk it?

The first sign of sanity and good leadership in the Knicks front office in almost a decade was reported today when Steve Mills went on record stating that he has no intention of re-signing Derrick Rose.

Mills wants to develop the Knicks by staying young and maintaining cap space.

I was not happy to see the Knicks waiving of Maurice Ndour. I think that was a knee jerk reaction to get rid of Phil's most desired players and a big mistake.

It seems that years of watching the good of Donnie Walsh and the bad of Phil Jackson has rubbed off on Steve Mills and the organization might just have a sound mind running the franchise.

Apparently Steve has also convinced Carmelo Anthony to drop his no trade clause for a deal to either Cleveland or Houston if one can be worked out.

The Knicks have shown great restraint to not fly off and buyout Anthony which would cause a big hit on the teams cap room.

If Anthony is willing to waive or lower his trade kicker you could very well see Kevin Love a Knickerbocker before the end of the week and Carmelo and Lebron with championship dreams in their eyes together in Cleveland.

The Knicks might not be a fucking joke any more under Mills, whodathunk it?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Phil Jackson has been fired

This morning James Dolan had Madison Square Garden security stuff Phil Jackson's yoga mat, 12 inch seat cushion and his Alzheimer's medication into a box and sat his shit on the corner of 33rd Street and 7th Avenue.

Phil Jackson has been fired.

Don't get too caught up asking questions like: Why didn't this happen before he drafted players and invited free agents to summer league who could run an offense, The Triangle, that won't even be run?

That would be a waste of time, its the Knicks way as you should know by now. Just thank your deity or broccoli, whatever you pray too, that Phil Jackson will no longer be making ridiculous decisions for the New York Knicks.

It would be wise to sign Joe Dumars who knows how to put tough teams together quickly and is still respected throughout the league. That would be too smart so it probably won't happen.

The most recent rumor is that Masai Ujiri, yeah him, is being looked at to replace Phil. I guess if you can't beat him you hire him is Dolan's mantra.

Rejoice Knicks fans, until the next disappointment at least. Remember Carmelo Anthony is still a Knick with a record of 80-166 since he has been here so don't think a championship is on the horizon.

The best you can hope for is that a strong team president will come in with a plan and some balls.