Sunday, November 27, 2022

There is no one taking leadership on defense.

The Knicks were down as much as 12 points today and a Herculean effort by, Jalen Brunson kept them in the game until the final seconds.

Brunson finished the game with 30 points, 9 assists and 5 rebounds. Jalen had an opportunity to land the game winning shots with seconds remaining, but it clanked off the front rim and fell short.

Ja Morant was too much for the Knicks. His triple double was more than the Knicks could handle today.

The Knicks could have easily won today, but they are not a high IQ defensive team.

There is no one taking leadership on defense. Someone needs to yell at guys and communicate when defending the basket.

I suppose it could be the center, but what about Randle or RJ Barrett, the guys they are paying superstar money to.

I think it could be Cam Reddish if some of these overpriced vets were out of the way, and he is given the responsibility. Ja Morant would probably have had 50 tonight had it not been for Reddish.

Cam is healthy now and should be starting, but for whatever reason your genius coach has him riding the bench. 

Grimes still hasn't figured his offensive game fully to take Cam's minutes and should return to the second team.

Thibodeau clearly does not believe in his young players, and that will keep this team hovering .500 for the season.

Knicks lose again Grizzlies 127 - Knicks 124