Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Knicks Keep On Knicking

I had to sit on Twitter watching Knicks fans talk so much shit after the trades that got those two idiots, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant out of Brooklyn.

Knicks fans just knew for certain that the Nets would slip to barely being a play in team and the Knicks would firmly secure the 5th seed in the east which they covet so much because they are afraid of every team above the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All the trash talking about me not wanting any smoke and they were going to set me on fire for being in their posts. And for a few games the Knicks went on a streak of winning that had me second guessing my preseason predictions. 

The Nets certainly weren't helping as the new additions struggled to understand Vaughns ridiculous switching defense and the shortened rotation resulting in a couple of bad losses. 

But as long as you keep the faith the Knicks will eventually go back to Knicking, in a nick of time.

The Knicks have come down from their high as teams have figured out their new players and Julius Randle flames out down the stretch just like every season.

This afternoon the Knicks took their act on the road to face the Los Angeles Clippers and Kawhi Leonard. They should have stayed home.

Leonard got a quiet yet deadly 38 points as the Clippers ground the Knicks to dust.

It was a pleasure to watch Spike Lee suffering with all of his Knicks crap on looking like a fool.

However, nothing gave me more delight than watching that doofus Julius Randle meltdown when he knew that losing was inevitable, mostly due to his 5 of 25 shooting. 

The Knicks have lost three in a row and just like that the Nets are back in 5th place in the Eastern conference. 😝

Knicks lose again, Clippers 106 - 95 Knicks