Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He's going to be the size of the Hindenburg

Before last nights loss to Memphis Phil Jackson attempted a new strategy to help the team. I think it's called minimalism.

That's right addition by subtraction.

Phil got the Knicks in a three way deal with the Cavaliers and Oklahoma that sent Shumpert and JR Smith to Cleveland for a bunch off stiffs that will be razed and a 2016 draft pick I think coming from OKC.

Dalembert was such an upgrade over Tyson Chandler that he's being simply released today.

So with Andrea Bargnani, Anthony and Stoudemire sitting out due to injury you Knicks fans should see some very interesting games through the end of the season.

Speaking of Anthony, how selfish is it of him to delay surgery just so he can participate in the all star festivities.

We all know when he stops running he's going to be the size of the Hindenburg when it reached Long Island.

Why not do it now so he can recuperate before the spring and be in top shape for camp? Oh no. He has his millions and he has his way. Every move Phil has made including re-signing Carmelo has been nothing but a complete cluster fuck. And let's not even talk about that head coach of yours.

What a disaster.

Knicks lose again, Memphis 105 - Knicks 83