Monday, July 21, 2014

Go Kick Rocks

Look for JR Smith, not J.R. because the J and the R don't stand for anything, and possibly Iman Shumpert to be traded for size very soon.

Phil Jackson watched Tim Hardaway, Jr. play himself into an invite to the national team as he shot the lights out of the summer league and he now is confident that he can get JR's offensive production minus the headaches and drug suspensions.

The team defense that he preaches doesn't really need a shutdown defender who is hit or miss offensively so I can't see Iman staying with so much demand for him in the league.

There are some decent power forwards such as Antwan Jameson and Willie Reed who played in the D league that I can see the Knicks signing and trading Smith and Shumpert for a gaggle of future draft picks if teams don't want to part with their big men.

However it plays out both guys probably won't be Knicks next season.

I only hope that Shumpert lands on a good team like the Spurs or the Thunder. Smith can go kick rocks as far as I am concerned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I will believe it when I see it.

Many people whom have watched the Knicks summer league team play really think that the Knicks have found something with this triangle offense of Phil Jackson.

The summer Knicks find themselves with a 3-0 record as of this post and sports writers and fans a like really enjoy the fluid ball and player movement on offense. The antithesis of the last four years of throw it to Anthony and get out of the way.

And that brings me to this point.

Do you really believe that Carmelo Anthony is going to screen, cut to the basket set picks and be happy with whomever has the best shot? Really?!?

You mean everything that Mike D'Antoni wanted Carmelo to do he is now going to change his stripes and get it done?

I will believe it when I see it. 

Once a ball hog always a ball hog. 

One of the reasons why he didn't go to the Bulls was because he had no intention of sharing the basketball or spotlight with Derrick Rose. 

 If you think that Anthony is going to become Manu Ginobili because Phil Jackson arrived you need your head examined. 

Enjoy watching the summer league team play unselfishly and be successful because you will not see it during the regular season.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sniffing a championship

It is being reportd today by every major outlet that Carmelo anthony has decided to grace you Knicks fans with his presence for another 5 years at 129 million dollars.

As you know this is no surprise to me but I do find it interesting how Knicks fans now think they have some sort of chance of winning a championship in the near future.

Even that low life Sid Rosenburg is back on New York talk radio making excuses for Anthony's short comings and fantasizing aloud about how good a defensive player Carmelo really is. 

Although none of us has seen what old Sid is alluding to over the past 11 years.

Let me tell you what going to happen Sid.

The talent in Cleveland, Washington, Toronto and Indiana will keep the Knicks from sniffing a championship at least for the next six to seven years.

That means that Anthony will be long gone and a very wealthy man when those talented young teams and Lebron James begin to get old and start to wear down.

Lamar Odom was waived yesterday and out of New York its only a matter of time before the Fan gives Sid his walking papers too.

This might turn into a decent summer after all.

Friday, July 4, 2014

He'll accept it

It has been reported by the New York Daily News that Phil Jackson offered Carmelo Anthony the max contract of 129 million dollars.

Let's be honest for a minute, all Phil Jackson could offer is 129 million dollars.

There is no great master plan of change, no big time free agents coming next season because Amare and Andrea Bargnani's contracts are still on the books.

But don't worry Knicks fans all Carmelo Anthony wants is his money so he'll accept it and maybe you will make it out of the first round of the playoffs a couple times before this contract runs out. That's about all you are going to get over the next four years.

Now let's see if Anthony will do the right thing and make a quick decision so that other teams can get about their business for other free agents or potential trades.