Thursday, June 23, 2016

What a shit show

One day after the great news that the Knicks traded for a sack of peanut brittle and future cap space we got more great news this morning.

Apparently Carmelo Anthony thinks it is important to expose himself and his family to the Zika virus by playing in the Olympics in Rio this summer.

Risking injury to his arthritic knee and shoulder by playing in Rio isn't enough for Anthony. Why not add a little excitement to the mix and gamble on getting Zika fever?!?

Hell yeah, go for it dude.

What a shit show the Knicks are. Fucking hilarious.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS The Knicks have acquired Derrick Rose


The Knicks have acquired Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls in a five player trade.

An arthritic Carmelo Anthony along side a point guard made of peanut brittle is certain to make a very shallow run for the playoffs next year.

More details to come.

So glad I am no longer a Knicks fan. Thank you JEEBUS!

The sports talk meat heads are already saying the Knicks gave up nothing and this is a good deal because they have to attract other free agents. Isn't that exactly what they said for the Carmelo Anthony trade which turned into NOTHING.

You people have got to stop listening to these fools they don't know anything. They just have a job talking on the radio and you don't.

Derrick Rose
12/30/2015Right hamstring tendinitis
11/16/2015Sprained left ankle
09/29/2015Orbital fracture
02/24/2015Torn right knee meniscus

This was just last year. For a complete list click the link below.