Friday, December 26, 2014

No fight in'em

I needed to wait until I actually saw yesterday's game against the Wizards before writing a post. It's only fair that I suffer with the rest of you if I am going to be so critical right?!?

Well, I got to see the condensed version of the game on NBA Rewind which the NBA saw fit to censor the skirmish between John Wall and Quincy Acy. As if the entire world had no idea that the shoving took place but whatever.

It was funny watching John Wall abuse Jose Calderon.

The same Jose Calderon who went back and forth last year from back up point on the Mavericks to third string, the position Raymond Felton now holds with the Mavs at half the price and four years younger.

The zen master gave Felton no compassion or benefit of redemption after Felton went through a season of physical pain from a leg injury and mental anguish when his no good wife left him.

This same she devil delivered a weapon that Raymond owned legally in South Carolina to a precinct in New York City claiming that Raymond brought the pistol to New York illegally getting him in to the trouble that Jackson had to run him off the team over. 

Jose Calderon is here because Phil Jackson's knee jerk reaction to get rid of the bad vibe on the team went against all basket ball logic.

Calderon was brought here under the guise of being better to run the triangle offense which the Knicks have now completely abandoned.

Along with Felton, Tyson Chandler was also shipped off the Dallas to get the balance of the locker room back in order and Chandler is again having an all star season. You can't make this stuff up.

In order to catch the Wall vs. Acy skirmish I had to run the entire game and fast forward to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

Acy fouled him hard and Wall jumped up as if he wanted a piece. However when he saw and felt the fury of Acy he quickly sought the help of his teammates and refs. Acy got the help of none of his teammates during the raucous.

After the fighting was over Anthony did walk Acy down the court talking to him but he wanted nothing to do with that fight. Like all the Knicks who wanted nothing to do with fighting on court all season.

Knicks lose again, Washington 102 - Knicks 91


Saturday, December 20, 2014

I almost most tossed my sweet and sour chicken

The KNicks actually competed this afternoon against the Suns. They lost of course but at times even whne Carmelo was on the floor the ball moved and Anthony even stuck out his arm to play some defense on a stop.

I almost most tossed my sweet and sour chicken lunch I was in such shock.

However, as with every night the Knicks don't have the talent or guts to beat anyone except the 76'ers.

I was actually entertained for four quarters, wow.

Knicks lose again Suns 99 - Knicks 90

Friday, December 19, 2014

I love the universe

While watching the Knicks lose to the Bulls last night it was announced that a trade had been finalized sending Rajon Rondo from the Celtics to the Dallas Mavericks for a 2015 first round draft pick, Brandan Wright and Jameer Nelson.

Not a bad trade for either team but you know what hit me that was so fucking cool? The fact that Raymond Felton will probably win a championship ring before Carmelo Anthony. God I love the universe.

I also enjoyed the Twitter beef between Phil 'I'm in over my head' Jackson and Charles 'I don't have a brain in my head' Barkley. 

Knicks lose again, Bulls 103 - Knicks 97

5 - 23 Record

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Isn't that what the holiday season is all about?

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and wonderful day in the neighborhood. Could you be mine? Would you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?

Ahhhhhhh it feels so good to be finally vindicated.

Four years of posts and rants met with opposition, cursing, threats, you name it for my opinion on this god awful Knicks team since Carmelo Anthony and now everyone has finally joined my side.

Last week Phil Jackson correctly called the team a bunch of losers.

Last night Derek Fisher pulled the "starters" after the first quarter because they had clearly given up and he couldn't watch it anymore.

Carmelo Anthony is making documentaries about how close he was about to become a Bull and most Knicks fans are now wishing he'd leave.

The same Carmelo Anthony just given 125 Million dollars and should be sat for the season to surgically repair his knee and shoulder.

I fucking told you dummies this entire thing was going to be a god damn disaster before the trade was made now look at the Knicks.

This morning I heard radio show hosts welcoming the second string players last night actually who played smart and hustled in the defeat against the Mavs. Exactly the kind of team they were before Dolan was talked into discarding every asset for the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony, only that team was way more talented then this team's back ups.

It has all come full circle. Now, lets see if Phil Jackson has the balls to blow the entire thing up and send both Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith on their ways.

I don't want to hear a single one of you fucks say that no one could have seen this coming or that no one said anything when Anthony was scoring all those points because dammit I did.

It is too late for me. I'll never return as a Knicks fan but such moves would bring the children some hope and joy and isn't that what the holiday season is all about?

Knicks lose again, Dallas 107 - Knicks 87

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nothing to play for

The Knicks gave it all they had yesterday against the Raptors.

They scrapped the triangle, they allowed the Anthony to shoot freely, Amare played a lot of minutes and they played well enough to take the game into over time.

However, the tired old legs of New York were just not enough to keep up with the youthful and energetic Raptors in overtime.

So tired were the Knicks in OT that they didn't score a single basket, only a couple of free throws. That Knicks fans is the definition of your team.

Nine Knicks players will have contracts expiring after this season and know they won't be resigned in order to clear cap space for Phil Jackson's New Deal program to revamp the Knicks. These players therefore have no interest in learning the triangle and nothing to play for.

Carmelo Anthony's body is beginning to break down before your eyes and nothing can be done about it. You didn't get this guy fresh out of college or on his second contract. Phil Jackson's hands were tied because I am certain that if he had his way he would have allowed Anthony to walk and not given him a new contract.

However, that would have made what Dolan did to destroy this team's future just to secure Anthony an admission of guilt that Dolan would never want to have to discuss publicly.

It will be years before the Knicks are competitive and for some weird reason, I thoroughly enjoy that.

Knicks lose again, Raptors 95 - Knicks 90

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What a fat fraud

It is being reported this afternoon that Carmelo Anthony threatened to fuck up Tim Hardaway Jr. up after the Brooklyn Nets game because he yelled at him on the court to move his lazy ass and get a rebound.

How dare Hardway point out that he doesn't hustle on the glass.

But you want to know what the funny thing is? I remember Anthony yelling and Jared Jeffries on the court after Jefferies made a pass to the closest man to the basket with seconds remaining instead of him.

The shot was missed but it was the correct play, like going hustling for a rebound, but Anthony had no problem disrespecting Jared on the court that night but don't you dare do it to him. What a fat fraud.

Tell me the game that Carmelo shutdown a star on defense to win the game or dominated the boards to win the game or had assists in the teens to win the game.

All he can do is score and when he doesn't have that going at an efficient rate he is a liability on the floor. He is a good scorer not a great player. Stop it already.

Phil Jackson should have let him go to the Bulls and began the rebuilding this season.

What have I been saying

"Rodman said Jackson must “feel like s–t’’ watching the Knicks lose, adding Carmelo Anthony isn’t passing, Derek Fisher isn’t coaching and the team isn’t running the triangle." Dennis Rodman, NY Post

What have I been saying all season?

Knicks lose again, Pelicans 104 - Knicks 93

Sunday, November 30, 2014

This is digusting

I know I talk a whole gang of shit about how pathetic the Knicks are and its 99.9% the truth.

However, I am not playing for the Knicks and being paid millions of dollars. It is easy for me to say that the season is over and debate what players will be gotten in the draft and free agency to attempt to turn the team around.

From last Friday's lack of effort against Oklahoma I think that the Knicks players are doing the exact same thing and just going through the motions until the season is over. That in my opinion is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong I want to watch the Knicks to lose, get destroyed even, but quitting is unacceptable and they laid down and quit like broken dogs against the Thunder.

It is time for Phil Jackson to come in, lay down the law and cut a few people or make an agressive trade to break up the chemistry and I'd start with JR Smith. He should never have been a Knick in my opinion and his selfish play even when he's shooting poorly is the worst example these young guards needs to be around.

It's really time for change.

Knicks lose again, OKC 105 - Knick 78   Record (4-13)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Uh Oh

According to RealGM dot com the Knicks are concerned that Carmelo Anthony's recent bout of back spasms could be a season long injury related to an injured disk.

Uh Oh

Last night the Knicks played decently against the Mavs until Dirk Nowitski's 30 points and Tyson Chandler's 25 rebounds were too much to handle.

Especially in overtime when there was no Carmelo around to score.

Thanks Jim Dolan for the Anthony trade, its the gift that keeps on giving.

Knicks lose again Dallas 109 - Knicks 102

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carmelo's heroics

Knicks fans you have got it twisted and I now see that you are part of the problem with this team.

You idiots actually are arguing the greatness of Carmelo Anthony because not a single Knick scored more than the 14 points he got when he left the game in the second quarter.

You people are too blind to see that the reason why the game was as close as it was going into the fourth quarter was because not a single player scored more than Anthony.

The ball moved, the players themselves moved and they actually played solid team basketball. Had Anthony remained in the game they would have spent the evening in Houston standing around waiting for Carmelo's heroics.

Because there was no Anthony everyone had to be involved in the scoring. The reason why the Knicks lost was poor interior defense in the final quarter and some blatant cheating by the referees.

Anthony being on the floor the entire game would have prevented none of that. The Knicks would have still lost but minus Anthony however, they worked as a unit and actually had a chance to win.

Who the hell cares about one guy scoring the most points?!? That is the same reasoning that created this sucky team when Dolan gave up everything to bring Anthony here.

Now the arthritic Anthony has back spasms to deal with weeks after he got 100 million dollars out of Dolan. Great signing Phil you sir are a genius.

Knicks lose again, Rockets 91 - Knicks 86

Friday, November 21, 2014

I propose a trade

I propose a trade. Let's send Andre Kirilenko, Deron Williams and the Nets first pick in the draft to the New York Knicks for Iman Shumpert, Amare' Stoudemire and the Knicks first round pick in this years draft.

The Knicks would get Carmelo his second star who can run the triangle and score when he needs to in Deron Williams and AK-47 brings that defensive intensity that Shumpert brings to the floor.

Tonight once again proved that Jaret Jack is the best point guard on the Brooklyn Nets. Deron Williams and his big contract fit the Knicks better and Andre is frustrated at his lack of playing time and did not travel with the team for the OKC game due to "personal reasons".

It's because Andre hates Lionel Hollins guts I don't think he's much of a coach either.

Middle aged Jose Calderon is not the savior of the Knicks franchise as you will see on Saturday night. Deron Williams would be perfect for what Fisher and Jackson are attempting to accomplish over the next several years when Calderon and Prigioni will be collecting social security.

The trade would benefit both teams and I don't see why Dolan and Prokhorov couldn't put their differences aside for a business deal that helps both.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Derek Fisher is doing a piss poor job

The Minnesota Timberwolves hadn't lead for more than 4 minutes in all their games this season combined. What was the cure for this? Playing the Knicks of course.

The Timberwolves had no Ronnie Turiaf, Ricky Rubio, Thad Young or Nikola Pekovic hell I don't even know if their coach should up either.

What I do know is that Derek Fisher is doing a piss poor job of making the only guy on this roster who is guaranteed to be on the team next year to buy into playing triangle basketball.

The Knicks began the third quarter down by 24 points so Fisher I suppose took a chance on the young players and allowed them to start the second half and guess what happened?

The ball actually moved, guys actually cut to the basket for layups, easy put backs off of misses and drew fouls. I couldn't fucking believe it. A lineup comprised of second and third unit players were actually playing smart basketball and cutting into the lead and not a superstar was on the floor. It reminded me of the pre-Anthony trade group of Knicks.

However, if you have been following the Knicks you knew that this would not last. As soon as Anthony and Stoudemire were brought back into the the game the team went back to that faux triangle offense that masks the same old isolation game to get Anthony and Amare' their points.

It did work out that way when you look at the individual stat sheets, they both had decent nights scoring but the final stat of wins and losses shows the usual result of playing basketball this way.

Sorry Knicks fans but it is going to stay this way for the remainder for Carmelo's contract and he too is now limping around on a bum knee.

Knicks lose again, Timberwolves 115 - Knicks 99 (3-10)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Clearly nothing has changed

The Knicks played tonight as well as they are going to play this season. They practically abandoned the triangle for the isolation knowing that it is the best way this group can be competitive.

This actually worked for awhile keeping the Knicks close for 3 and 3/4 periods. But like the past four years it boiled down to Carmelo Anthony scoring a bunch of points on isolation plays and the Knicks lost.

The Hawks only had to wait until Anthony got cold and then make their own shots waiting for the Knicks to foul to stop the clock. That has been the formula for beating the Knicks around the league and clearly nothing has changed.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 91 - Knicks 85

Record 2 - 6

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The whole thing is offensive

Now Knicks fans have realized that despite all the zen talk and triangle philosophical spiel we've heard after the signing of Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire work best as isolation players.

61 - 48 lead at half time wasn't enough for the Knicks against the Hawks last night.

There is no hustle no transition defense or offense on this team. The whole thing is offensive.

Fans and radio hosts are still waiting for Jose Calderon to ride a talking ass into Madison Square Garden and save the Knicks. You are going to be waiting a long time for the savior to arrive.

Knicks lose again, Atlanta 103 - Knicks 96

Friday, November 7, 2014

As a consolation Knicks fans

The Brooklyn Nets did exactly what they were supposed to do when they faced the Knicks in their arena last night.

They took advantage of an undersized, talent lacking and offensively confused Knicks team and whooped that ass from start to finish.

My only regret as a Nets fan is that Jose' Calderon missed the game and didn't get his share of abuse from Deron Williams. Shumpert and Hardaway had to get thrashed instead of Jose or Pablo Prigioni who was out injured also.

Joe Johnson was on fire tonight also and he was able to force Carmelo Anthony to expend energy on defense which definitely contributed to Anthony's poor shooting.

The Nets are healthy and too sharp for the Knicks to be able to do anything with.

As a consolation Knicks fans you can get 50% off your Papa John's order on Saturday when you enter the code: NETSWIN.

Knicks lose again, Nets 110 - Knicks 99

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do you know why?

When the Knicks fell behind the pistons by 18 points I was certain that the game was over, especially with Carmelo Anthony's poor shooting night.

However, a little hope did spring when the young Knicks took the floor and fought back to get close enough to tie the game.

Unfortunately, the Knicks didn't have a second dynamic scorer on the floor who could make baskets and draw fouls late in the game and do you know why?

Because that other dynamic player who might have helped the Knicks win last night was suspended for his attempt to crack the nuts of Glen Davis Jr.. That's right the league got wise to JR Smith's antics against the Wizards and suspended his ass for last night's game.

JR's roster spot could be had by someone who is going to be on the floor when needed but what the hell do I know.

One more thing. What the hell is up with this fantasy that you guys have with Jose Calderon? He's in his mid thirties, has been on damn near every team in the league and was coming of the bench last season in Dallas. If he was as freaking great as the local media is playing him up as the Knicks would never have had a shot of getting him.

Calderon is a middle aged player at the tail end of his career he ain't the second coming of Isiah Thomas so stop it already.

We're not even going to discuss Andrea Bargnani, "the great stretch four", these same media types had Amare' Stoudemire losing his playing minutes to when he was traded here.

Knicks lose again, Detroit 98 - Knicks 95

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Wizards are better than the Knicks.

The answer for last nights loss is simply that the Wizards are better than the Knicks. It's not anymore complicated than that.

Once the Wizards tightened the defense against New york in the third quarter the Knicks fell right back into the routine of isolation basketball looking for Carmelo to bail them out instead of sticking to the system and every man stepping his game up.

Did Phil Jackson really get rid of Raymond Felton because he was a bad influence on the team when JR Smith is still elbowing guys in the nuts?

JR will be suspended for last nights shenanigans you can bet money on it leaving the Knicks short handed and will cost them games in his absence.

Knicks lose again, Washington 98 - Knicks 83

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I can't even laugh at this debacle

last nights game was so revealing and honest on so many levels Knicks fans can't have anything but hope for the future.

So, a triangle has only three sides?!?
Finally you now can admit to yourselves that this entire team including Carmelo Anthony are made up of isolation basketball players. That is their skill set and how their motor skills are set. No new system or philosophy on life is going to change that.

This season is strictly for the benefit of Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson to learn their new positions.

The Knicks are not going to even make the playoffs this season so its best you stop torturing yourselves now.

The hope of the Knicks fan is in the future. Specifically what players Phil can acquire after the expiring contracts clean out the locker room.

I will save the witty jokes about JR Smith's inability to handle a Pythagorean theorem latter this season, I promise.

Last night was so disgusting I can't even laugh at this debacle.

Knicks lose again, Bulls 104 - Knicks 80

Monday, October 13, 2014

Who lights the incense

It has been reported on RealGM dot com that the Knicks have now hired a "mindfulness" trainer. Is he the guy who lights the incense before each game and practice? This should be good for another 20 wins at least.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am going to thoroughly enjoy this season

Did you see the Knicks play the Celtics last night? God they suck.

Phil Jackson made a huge mistake by not signing Jeremy Tyler who looked good in the summer league playing the passing center role which is so pivotal to the triangle offense.

And let's get one thing straight right now, Jose Calderon is not the second coming of Rajon Rondo that everyone in this town is trying to hype him into being.

I thought Carmelo Anthony was supposed to have been on this new no carb diet but he looked as puffy as he always did.

I even read JR Smith, its not J.R. because the j and r don't mean anything, feels that too much thinking is going on right not. JR Smith and too much thinking in the same sentence breaks me up every time.

I am going to thoroughly enjoy this season. Can't wait!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mark it down

Chris Broussard of ESPN is reporting that Carmelo Anthony told him that he, Carmelo Anthony is the most under rated superstar in the NBA.

Last time I checked superstars take their teams to playoffs every year, make deep runs in the playoffs and occasionally play defense.

Carmelo Anthony does none of the above. This guy is a legend in his own mind and I will say it again: You Knicks fans ain't winning nothing as long as he's in NYC.

Mark it down.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Umm what?!?

The Knicks brain trust which is comprised of Jackson, Fisher and Mills had a press conference today.

 You just learned exactly what they had to say to Knicks fans. Nothing! Get used to it.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Brian who?!?

It has been reported today that the Knicks have hired Brian Keefe as an assistant coach.

You are probably saying, "Brian who?!?" I know right.

Well apparently this hiring is a manuever in anticipation of the 2016 free agent class and I'll explain.

Brian Keefe is apparently very close to Kevin Durant who becomes a free agent in 2016.

I believe that Knicks management, meaning Phil Jackson, believes that Keefe will be a chip to use when trying to persuade Durant to join the Knicks.

Well, I can tell you now that it ain't gonna work.

Durant will get his money from OKC with no question and he actually enjoys playing in a small market.

Also by 2016 Kobe and Tim Duncan should be gone freeing up the West to be his domain to rule for years to come.

Phil is out thinking himself again and I love it. If Phil had any smarts he'd resign Jeremy Tyler who was just released by Sacramento.

Tyler quickly picked up playing the passing center and hitting mid range jump shots in the new triangle offense during this year's summer league. Two skills Dalembert are sorely lacking.

However, I don't think Phil the genius has the ability to admit a mistake and bring Tyler back.

Maybe Billy King can scoop Tyler up to replace the scoring center threat gone with Andre Blatche'.

Tyler would make the ideal back up center to Brooke Lopez and allow Mason Plumlee to slide to the power forward position he is best suited to play.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Maybe Phil does have some faery dust

Why is everyone in New York talking about Jose Calderon as if he's Rajon Rondo? He's not.

He sucks at defense and was the back up point guard in Dallas last year.

Except for occasionally getting hot hitting threes, ehh.

If Phil Jackson has you guys believing this is a major upgrade at the point worth the additional six million paid over Felton's salary, and that includes the local media, then maybe Phil does have some faery dust.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carmelo's new body

This week Carmelo Anthony showed off his new bod, the result of a very low carb diet.

It is thought that the weight loss will help Melo hold up with the constant running and cutting of the triangle offense.

There's also the case for losing weight made by his nickname which had been Marshmelo the past three seasons.

I don't know if this no carb diet will help him take his game to the next level but we all know that his no pass diet sure hadn't.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I get to laugh at all this

Today Phil Jackson traded to the Sacramento Kings 6'11" Center Jeremy Tyler and 6'4" Guard Wayne Ellington for the Kings' 2016 second round draft pick, Travis Outlaw a 6'9" forward and Quincy Acy a 6'7" forward.

Of course the New York media is trying to put a positive spin on this move but they are really grasping for straws by trying to put lipstick on this pig.

First of all, the Knicks most pressing issues are at the point guard and center positions. This trade doesn't address either.

In fact it makes things worse because Jeremy Tyler would have actually played big minutes at center this season.

During this year's summer league session Tyler got comfortable quickly passing from the elbow in the triangle and consistently hit wide open ten to fifteen foot jump shots.

Who will Outlaw and Acy take minutes from? Cleanthony Early? Carmelo Anthony? Andrea Bargnani? Amare' Stoudemire who barely gets to see the floor now?

Acy barely averages more than three rebounds and 2 points per game. Travis Outlaw who will be 30 by the start of the season averages 5 points and only 3 rebounds a game. They do play defense though so that should be new for Knicks fans to see.

However the Knicks do get a 2nd round pick in 2016 to look forward to.

What a fucking joke. I am so glad I am not a fan of this team, I get to laugh at all this.

Phil Jackson is giving Pat Riley a run for executive of the year already.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Paul George and the risk is to great.

I spent the weekend listening to every one's opinions regarding whether or not NBA players should participate in the national team after Paul George's gruesome injury.

Fans are naturally saying no because they don't want their star player risking injury and therefore making the coming season meaningless for 82 games.

Many of the talk show hosts and sports reporters are saying that the genie is out of the bottle and we can't go back. that freak injuries are just that, freak injuries and life happens.

Both sides have their points but there is a third side to this that I haven't heard a single genius media type mention in the past two days and that is financial loss that George is now facing even if he does return to the game.

Paul George is in the final year of his contract. We all know that players in their final contract year usually put up their best numbers to get a new max contract if possible.

Unfortunately George will not be able to play during his final contract year and just what GM is now going to give him a max deal unsure if his leg will ever be the same again let alone if he'll be able to play at the same level. Paul George has pushed millions of dollars off the table by participating and getting injured and this leads me to my point.

No player in the final year of their contract should ever participate in exhibition games or the national team. The risk of weakening their financial future is to great.

If Paul George had two years left on his contract he could come back next season at the same rate and prove that he is back 100%. That is not an option for him anymore and I would never advise anyone I cared about to take such a risk.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Go Kick Rocks

Look for JR Smith, not J.R. because the J and the R don't stand for anything, and possibly Iman Shumpert to be traded for size very soon.

Phil Jackson watched Tim Hardaway, Jr. play himself into an invite to the national team as he shot the lights out of the summer league and he now is confident that he can get JR's offensive production minus the headaches and drug suspensions.

The team defense that he preaches doesn't really need a shutdown defender who is hit or miss offensively so I can't see Iman staying with so much demand for him in the league.

There are some decent power forwards such as Antwan Jameson and Willie Reed who played in the D league that I can see the Knicks signing and trading Smith and Shumpert for a gaggle of future draft picks if teams don't want to part with their big men.

However it plays out both guys probably won't be Knicks next season.

I only hope that Shumpert lands on a good team like the Spurs or the Thunder. Smith can go kick rocks as far as I am concerned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I will believe it when I see it.

Many people whom have watched the Knicks summer league team play really think that the Knicks have found something with this triangle offense of Phil Jackson.

The summer Knicks find themselves with a 3-0 record as of this post and sports writers and fans a like really enjoy the fluid ball and player movement on offense. The antithesis of the last four years of throw it to Anthony and get out of the way.

And that brings me to this point.

Do you really believe that Carmelo Anthony is going to screen, cut to the basket set picks and be happy with whomever has the best shot? Really?!?

You mean everything that Mike D'Antoni wanted Carmelo to do he is now going to change his stripes and get it done?

I will believe it when I see it. 

Once a ball hog always a ball hog. 

One of the reasons why he didn't go to the Bulls was because he had no intention of sharing the basketball or spotlight with Derrick Rose. 

 If you think that Anthony is going to become Manu Ginobili because Phil Jackson arrived you need your head examined. 

Enjoy watching the summer league team play unselfishly and be successful because you will not see it during the regular season.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sniffing a championship

It is being reportd today by every major outlet that Carmelo anthony has decided to grace you Knicks fans with his presence for another 5 years at 129 million dollars.

As you know this is no surprise to me but I do find it interesting how Knicks fans now think they have some sort of chance of winning a championship in the near future.

Even that low life Sid Rosenburg is back on New York talk radio making excuses for Anthony's short comings and fantasizing aloud about how good a defensive player Carmelo really is. 

Although none of us has seen what old Sid is alluding to over the past 11 years.

Let me tell you what going to happen Sid.

The talent in Cleveland, Washington, Toronto and Indiana will keep the Knicks from sniffing a championship at least for the next six to seven years.

That means that Anthony will be long gone and a very wealthy man when those talented young teams and Lebron James begin to get old and start to wear down.

Lamar Odom was waived yesterday and out of New York its only a matter of time before the Fan gives Sid his walking papers too.

This might turn into a decent summer after all.

Friday, July 4, 2014

He'll accept it

It has been reported by the New York Daily News that Phil Jackson offered Carmelo Anthony the max contract of 129 million dollars.

Let's be honest for a minute, all Phil Jackson could offer is 129 million dollars.

There is no great master plan of change, no big time free agents coming next season because Amare and Andrea Bargnani's contracts are still on the books.

But don't worry Knicks fans all Carmelo Anthony wants is his money so he'll accept it and maybe you will make it out of the first round of the playoffs a couple times before this contract runs out. That's about all you are going to get over the next four years.

Now let's see if Anthony will do the right thing and make a quick decision so that other teams can get about their business for other free agents or potential trades.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'll wait.

Jose Calderon averaged 11 points and 4 assists last season. Raymond Felton average 9 points and 5 assists.

Can someone tell me how that makes Jose Calderon ten times better than Raymond Felton? I'll wait.

I know you people are happy to see Raymond go and so am I but when you call yourself a professional sports talk host and you make such statements you look like a pure idiot. And you know exactly who you are.

Every Felton hater was waiting to see him go to jail and when he didn't and got traded they are all circle jerking each other as they spew their vitriol against him

I can provide a link to a game video showing Raymond destroying Jose Calderon. Can anyone proved a video depicting Calderon getting the best of Raymond?

Again, I'll wait.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If there is a God

Michael Kay is a big mouth punk who slurps Carmelo Anthony every chance he gets.

I hope that Anthony stays in New York and moves in with him.

Kay has conveniently forgotten that when both were healthy Raymond and Chandler were critical to that 50 win season two years ago. Now they are bums and albatrosses around Anthony's neck according to Kay.

Kay has conveniently forgotten that Chandler broke his leg and Felton had a serious thigh injury in addition to facing his marriage failing and his wife's lawyer setting him up for a gun charge. How could either have had a good season you idiot?

I am sure that the acquisition of Dalembert, Jose Calderon and Larkin has Roy Hibbert and Lebron James turning in their retirement papers because they are so scared of the Knicks now.

I can only hope that other players on the Knicks whom I like personally are traded to teams as good as the Mavericks so they too can play on winning clubs and Melo resigns with the Knicks because the Knicks can't lose enough to satisfy me.

The only thing that would make me happier than seeing the Knicks not make the playoffs again would be seeing Chandler, Felton and Nowitzki hoisting the championship trophy next year. If there is a God.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lebron James Walks Away From Miami Heat

Chris Broussard of ESPN is reporting that Lebron James has decided to opt out of his contract and field offers from other teams.

What does it mean for the Knicks? Absolutely nothing.

Lebron could very well re-sign with the Heat but I think that Dwyane Wade is going to opt in to his current deal looking to make that 22 million which might just force Bosh or Lebron to leave.

However it works out in Miami I know one thing for certain.

Go back to sleep Knicks fans and don't even fix your mouths to make up any fantasies about Lebron James playing for New York. Not gonna happen.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Good luck Raymond and stay out of trouble

According to today's New York Times Raymond Felton has been given a deal to pay a $5000 fine and serve 500 hours of community service with no jail time in return for a guilty plea to his illegal weapon possession charge.

As many of the regular readers know I begged Raymond in a previous post to force the District Attorney's hand and not plea to anything. Hopefully forcing the burden of proof on the state of New York so hard that they either drop the case or offer a none jail deal.

I highly doubt that his lawyer took my advice but the outcome is the same. No jail time for Raymond, he can get rid of that rat of an ex-wife of his and now focus on getting in shape for the next team he gets to play for since Phil Jackson was so hell bent on getting rid of him that he announced his desires to trade Raymond the day after Steve Kerr told him to take his coaching job and shove it.

Raymond can't guard the statue of liberty but neither can Prigioni however, the city is not clamoring for Jackson to get rid of the old Argentinian. I wonder what that's about?!?

Raymond clearly had more on his mind last season than dealing with the band of misfits called the Knicks and had a so so season.

Good luck Raymond and stay out of trouble.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Carmelo Anthony Opts Out

Today ESPN reported that Carmelo Anthony handed papers to opt out of the final season on his contract to the Knicks and the league. Below is how most Knicks fans reacted on the talk shows this afternoon.

However, the Knicks fans with half a brain are reacting like this.

Monday, June 16, 2014

If Anthony returns, God help you

As I watched San Antonio totally dismantle the Miami Heat yesterday I was wondering if both New York teams weren't simply watching to taking notes. More so the Knicks and especially Carmelo Anthony.

The Spurs displayed what it means to have a superior team and how easily it could defeat one dominate player.

For years Anthony has been fed a great deal of misinformation about the importance of his game. The rhetoric went to extreme heights when he arrived in New York City.

Before Anthony arrived every idiot in the city with any tie to the Knicks lauded what a major upgrade he was to all the previous talent and that the Knicks were no closer to competing for a championship when nothing could have been further from the truth.

The reason why I started this blog was to voice my frustration against the low basketball IQ of the team which naturally resulted in losing during the regular season and the playoffs.

When Dolan traded a bunch of selfless underachievers for a guy who would wind up going through three veteran head coaches all because he refused to give up the isolation game which got him so much money I basically knew that my days as a fan of the team were over.

Even if Popovich had miraculously become the coach of the Knicks he too would have been unsuccessful because Anthony's game always takes precedence over solid team basketball and that was exactly the way that James Dolan and his sycophants wanted it.

I remember when Jeremy Lin had the audacity to wave Carmelo off his familiar spot and attempt to run the offense as instructed by then coach Mike D'Antoni.

Carmelo's disgust and subsequent rants and ravings by the likes of Stephen A Smith and the rest of the talk show hosts in this town told you all you would ever need to know about the only thing that mattered in this city pre-Phil Jackson.

The only hope for Knicks fans of seeing anything remotely close to the level of team play that the Spurs displayed is seeing Carmelo Anthony take his talents else where and the Knicks buying or trading for draft picks. I think they could actually get a first rounder this season and a second rounder next for Tyson Chandler.

For now all Knicks fans have is NBA league pass where they can watch the Spurs play real basketball over and over again.

If Anthony returns, God help you.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Whoopty Damn Do

Derek Fisher has just been named the head coach of the New York Knicks.

Early reports are five years at five million dollars per year.

Now the interwebs are all abuzz with Knicks fans wondering what this will mean if Carmelo Anthony stays or goes.

Relax guys as I explain this pretty easily.

Your fucking team sucks, you have no draft picks and few players that anyone wants to trade for which means whether or not Anthony stays your season is going to suck, AGAIN.

Three seasoned head coaches couldn't get Carmelo Anthony to move without the basketball what in the hell makes you think that Anthony will now with an unproven and brand spanking new head coach? Are you that delusional?

If Melo does opt out will the triangle offense resurrect Amare' Stoudemire's game and make the Knicks a winning ball club?

Who is going to play point on your new triangulated team? Old man Prigioni? Raymond Felton who might be in jail?

Wow Derek Fisher is the new head coach, whoopty damn do.

The only thing that could help everyone would be for the Knicks to determine a salary that the Bulls or Golden State is willing to pay Anthony and do a sign and trade for picks and cash. Yeah, the same kind of deal that fucked the Knicks in the first place.

We know that will never happen so look for more seasons of losing to come with your new little head coach.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Phil, get it together.

Phil Jackson's disciple Steve Kerr flatly turned him down and chose to take the Golden State coaching job.

I find it odd that on the day that rumors are circling about the possibility of Derek Fisher coaching this team and Steve Mills taking meetings with Scottie Pippen that it would leak out that Phil told Raymond Felton that he plans to trade him in the off season.

Really Phil? You couldn't put out a better diversion than that to take the focus from your failures so far as the president of the team?

This is New York Phil you need to do better than that and I think Raymond's first court date on gun charges in a couple of weeks is more pressing to him than the two years left on his guaranteed contract.

That was bush league Phil. Get it together.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your owner is a douche bag

I came to the conclusion after the Carmelo Anthony trade that for as long as James Dolan owns this team I can't root for them so I had to go.

Two weeks ago the remaining Knicks fans and media got what they thought was great news at the time. Dolan had hired Phil Jackson to run the team.

Dolan even had a press conference to announce that he was happy to be giving up the running of the team and all operations because he wasn't good at it and it wasn't what he wanted to do.

It is now being reported by Mike Isola of the New York Daily News that James Dolan lied to everyone in New York and is back to his meddling ways.

I had heard that after Jackson fired the entire coaching staff Dolan was said that he'd "encourage" the next coach to hire Herb Williams back as an assistant.

Isola is also reporting that Phil doesn't like the medical staff controlling the playing minutes of healthy players and wanted to either get rid of the policy or the medical staff. Well, that didn't sit too well with Dolan who told Phil that he should just worry about managing the players.

Does this idiot Dolan know that this continued behavior and lying is going to make it difficult to recruit a great head coach and top notch players who want no part of his bull shit?

Hey James, we know that you are the owner but are you such a douche that you can't bare to give up all the vestiges of your losing organization because you don't want to be seen as impotent by the lackeys you gave Knicks jobs to?

Give them jobs under Cablevision if you just want to hand out checks to your buddies.

Had the Nets not moved to Brooklyn this would have made for an extremely difficult couple of years for me because I would have felt forced to stay a fan of the Knicks and at the same time completely taken advantage of by its owner.

You remaining Knicks with your battered spouse syndrome, I hope that you are happy but I can never cheer for that team again and it's all because your owner is a douche bag.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking News

Breaking News, Mike Woodson has been shown the door by Phil Jackson along with his entire staff including Herb Williams.

What took Phil so long?

This franchise keeps me entertained.

Will Steve Kerr be allowed to continue his broadcasting gig for the duration of the playoffs after he is named coach? We shall see.

All we need to know now is when and where the team's Bikram Yoga classes will be setup.

Mike now has plenty of time to find his jawline, I hope he's successful.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Can they play the triangle?

Contrary what you might think I am sorry to see that the Knicks have ended their season.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching them get destroyed, they can't lose enough to satisfy me.

There was even a reporter in today's New York Daily News crying about the Knicks having turned down the Kyle Lowry trade with the Raptors as the reason why the season was lost. The same Kyle Lowry that Masai Ujiri, GM of the Raptors, reamed before the start of the season as being a loser who was wasting his talent.

That talk is being credited for waking Lowry up enough to play as well as he has this season but how do we know that he wouldn't have gone back to being a lazy asshole had he been sent to the Knicks as he watched what would have been his former team being successful without him.

It was a gamble not worth taking and certainly was not the reason why the Knicks sucked this year.

Amare' told the truth when he said that his teammates ignored Woodson, did their own things and lacked leadership.I love how the media can't handle the truth.

If the Knicks can't get rid of Smith and Anthony this off season Phil Jackson will have very little room to do anything other than hoping that the existing team can quickly master the triangle offense and become competitive immediately but I highly doubt you fans will see it happen..

Good luck

Friday, April 11, 2014

You and Phil Jackson can thank me later

So now the major newspapers in New York City are writing about what a bust the Andrea Bargnani trade has turned into.

They are also commenting on how much they underestimated Amare' Stoudemire's ability to play well this season

Didn't I tell you fools in July of last year what an idiotic move this was and how this all was going to play out last July?

Oh you don't remember? Click Here

I'll tell you who did remember and realized what a damn idiot he'd been. His name is James Dolan.

You and Phil Jackson can thank me later.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Knicks are done

There won't be any more posts after this because the Knicks are done.

If you want to watch playoff basketball in New York you have to come to Brooklyn.

See ya next season.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Woodson sealed his fate

As a coach, Mike Woodson is about as dumb as they come.

Carmelo Anthony had been hurting since the second quarter and didn't make another shot until the fourth.

Despite Anthony's struggles JR Smith's shooting and a lineup of Smith, Hardaway, Stoudemire, Prigioni and Shumpert had the Wizard's looking slow and uninspired.

Early in the fourth quarter Shump's defense was outstanding and with Amare playing his ass off both ends of the floor the Knicks had the lead and it looked as if the Knicks had the right combination to beat Washington. Especially in a game very important because the Hawks were winning at the time.

What does fat head Woodson do?

He sits Amare' for Anthony which throws off both offense and defense for the Knicks so badly that they couldn't recover and the Knicks go on to lose the game.

Whatever lies Woodson told himself about having a chance to coach this team next season under Phil Jackson are gone after tonight.

Phil was sitting near court side watching this pathetic coaching and I am certain that if he was the least bit on the fence about Woodson tonight sealed his fate.

Jackson is not going to let a coach this stupid run his team.

Knicks lose again, Wizard 90 - Knicks 89

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What a disgrace

No Gasol, No Kobe and No Nash and the Knicks got fucking destroyed.

What a disaster.

The season officially ended last night because all heart and guts have left the building.

What a disgrace.

Fortunately NBA League Pass has adopted condensed versions of games so now Knicks fans only have to endure 30 minutes of despair instead of two hours worth.

Knicks lose again, Lakers 127 - Knicks 96

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Same Old Sorry Bunch

In the fourth quarter of last night's game all that Phil Jackson pass the ball move the man magic wore off and the Knicks went right back to the Anthony isolation game and promptly gave up the lead and lost.

The audition is over for these guys and maybe including Anthony.

This one man gang isolation offense is too ingrained in this group of players for anything to change going forward.

Unfortunately its not like the Knicks have any money, cap space or draft picks to maneuver.

This squad has to suck it for another season for things to start getting better unless Anthony takes his talents elsewhere.

There is nothing that any coaching or early morning meditation is going to change. It's the same old sorry bunch.

Knicks lose again, Cleveland 106 - Knicks 100

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Slow down partner

I listened to the Phil Jackson press conference and learned two things. No, really I did.

First, James Dolan had the guts to admit that he was out of his element running the Knicks and didn't know what the hell he was doing. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog this is nothing new to me but to state it publicly is the first step to recovery for Dolan and the Knicks as an organization.

The second thing I learned is Phil Jackson has no basketball faerie dust. He has nothing in his satchel that he can toss a handful of and magically make this a better team next season.

Jackson clearly stated for anyone bothering to listen that the team you see today is for all intents and purposes the team that you will see next year.

Jackson took a very long pause when asked about the security of Woodson's job which means that he was searching for a nice way to say that Woody has about 16 games left as head coach of the New York Knicks.

Jackson wants the triangle offensive philosophy implemented because he believes that it will raise Carmelo Anthony's game. Woodson knows nothing about the triangle so nice knowing you coach.

What happened during the press conference that was nothing new was the jackbooted thug mentality of the Knicks media policy. New York Daily News writers were waived off, again, when they wanted to ask questions. I am no fan of Isola or Lupica but they are a part of the press and deserve to have their questions addressed. There is still some cowardice at Madison Square Garden.

Knicks fans desperate for any ray of hope will be jumping for joy that Phil is running the Knicks which in their minds means that a championship is just a few weeks away. Slow down partner.

The Knicks still won't have any cap room after this season and if they did there aren't any great free agents anyway. The Knicks don't have a first round draft pick until this time next year and Carmelo Anthony has stated publicly that Phil Jackson being President of the team has no bearing on his desire to test the free agent market.

Knicks fans you will have a new coach next season and I am sure you will begin the season with optimism but realistically your team still has a lot of losing to do before getting remotely better.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The little Dutch Boy would lose his mind

Why are the Knicks leaking reports of their efforts to reach out to Phil Jackson before the man gives a definitive answer to their supposed proposition?

Is it to keep Anthony here since they have no draft picks or cap space to acquire new players? Or is it to appear to the fans that management is attempting to make efforts to change while at the same time shaming Phil Jackson before he gives an answer?

Maybe Dolan does not really want Phil to say yes and keep himself in position of running the team?

The little Dutch Boy would lose his mind trying to keep up with all the leaking.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I almost fainted on the subway

In today's New York Daily News, our favorite Knicks beat writer Mike Isola wrote a surprisingly interesting article.

Mike wrote about the topic that I have been making an argument for almost a year now which is the Knicks would be better off allowing Carmelo Anthony to leave.

 I couldn't believe it. I almost fainted on the subway.

Isola made some very familiar points about how it would be in both parties best interest to shake hands and part ways.

Isola unfortunately did not go far enough in his argument.

It is not enough to start over. If James Dolan does manage to have the balls to let Anthony leave and face rebuilding does he also have the courage to fire all the nice sycophants in management and turn over all basketball operations to a basketball mastermind?

That management turn over must also include "reassigning" likeable folk like Allen Houston, John Starks and Larry Johnson to basketball ambassador roles having nothing to do with the running of the team, free agent negotiation or talent evaluation. Those nice guys must go too.

The entire Knicks organization must be blown up from the management offices to the locker room for the light at the end of the tunnel to final turn into hope for the fans instead of the speeding train they have been hit with for the past 14 years.

Monday, March 3, 2014

What had happened?

Don't tell me these bastards lost again?

I saw the Knicks score just before turning on my Nets and they had like a 15 point lead. What had happened?

These Knicks fans on the radio sound like they need the toll free number to the suicide hotline.

I want to say that I really feel sorry for you guys...but I can't. LOL I'm fuckin' lovin' this. I can't wait to watch this tomorrow morning while I'm on my exercise bike.

Knicks Lose Again, Pistons  96 - Knicks 85