Sunday, November 30, 2014

This is digusting

I know I talk a whole gang of shit about how pathetic the Knicks are and its 99.9% the truth.

However, I am not playing for the Knicks and being paid millions of dollars. It is easy for me to say that the season is over and debate what players will be gotten in the draft and free agency to attempt to turn the team around.

From last Friday's lack of effort against Oklahoma I think that the Knicks players are doing the exact same thing and just going through the motions until the season is over. That in my opinion is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong I want to watch the Knicks to lose, get destroyed even, but quitting is unacceptable and they laid down and quit like broken dogs against the Thunder.

It is time for Phil Jackson to come in, lay down the law and cut a few people or make an agressive trade to break up the chemistry and I'd start with JR Smith. He should never have been a Knick in my opinion and his selfish play even when he's shooting poorly is the worst example these young guards needs to be around.

It's really time for change.

Knicks lose again, OKC 105 - Knick 78   Record (4-13)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Uh Oh

According to RealGM dot com the Knicks are concerned that Carmelo Anthony's recent bout of back spasms could be a season long injury related to an injured disk.

Uh Oh

Last night the Knicks played decently against the Mavs until Dirk Nowitski's 30 points and Tyson Chandler's 25 rebounds were too much to handle.

Especially in overtime when there was no Carmelo around to score.

Thanks Jim Dolan for the Anthony trade, its the gift that keeps on giving.

Knicks lose again Dallas 109 - Knicks 102

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carmelo's heroics

Knicks fans you have got it twisted and I now see that you are part of the problem with this team.

You idiots actually are arguing the greatness of Carmelo Anthony because not a single Knick scored more than the 14 points he got when he left the game in the second quarter.

You people are too blind to see that the reason why the game was as close as it was going into the fourth quarter was because not a single player scored more than Anthony.

The ball moved, the players themselves moved and they actually played solid team basketball. Had Anthony remained in the game they would have spent the evening in Houston standing around waiting for Carmelo's heroics.

Because there was no Anthony everyone had to be involved in the scoring. The reason why the Knicks lost was poor interior defense in the final quarter and some blatant cheating by the referees.

Anthony being on the floor the entire game would have prevented none of that. The Knicks would have still lost but minus Anthony however, they worked as a unit and actually had a chance to win.

Who the hell cares about one guy scoring the most points?!? That is the same reasoning that created this sucky team when Dolan gave up everything to bring Anthony here.

Now the arthritic Anthony has back spasms to deal with weeks after he got 100 million dollars out of Dolan. Great signing Phil you sir are a genius.

Knicks lose again, Rockets 91 - Knicks 86

Friday, November 21, 2014

I propose a trade

I propose a trade. Let's send Andre Kirilenko, Deron Williams and the Nets first pick in the draft to the New York Knicks for Iman Shumpert, Amare' Stoudemire and the Knicks first round pick in this years draft.

The Knicks would get Carmelo his second star who can run the triangle and score when he needs to in Deron Williams and AK-47 brings that defensive intensity that Shumpert brings to the floor.

Tonight once again proved that Jaret Jack is the best point guard on the Brooklyn Nets. Deron Williams and his big contract fit the Knicks better and Andre is frustrated at his lack of playing time and did not travel with the team for the OKC game due to "personal reasons".

It's because Andre hates Lionel Hollins guts I don't think he's much of a coach either.

Middle aged Jose Calderon is not the savior of the Knicks franchise as you will see on Saturday night. Deron Williams would be perfect for what Fisher and Jackson are attempting to accomplish over the next several years when Calderon and Prigioni will be collecting social security.

The trade would benefit both teams and I don't see why Dolan and Prokhorov couldn't put their differences aside for a business deal that helps both.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Derek Fisher is doing a piss poor job

The Minnesota Timberwolves hadn't lead for more than 4 minutes in all their games this season combined. What was the cure for this? Playing the Knicks of course.

The Timberwolves had no Ronnie Turiaf, Ricky Rubio, Thad Young or Nikola Pekovic hell I don't even know if their coach should up either.

What I do know is that Derek Fisher is doing a piss poor job of making the only guy on this roster who is guaranteed to be on the team next year to buy into playing triangle basketball.

The Knicks began the third quarter down by 24 points so Fisher I suppose took a chance on the young players and allowed them to start the second half and guess what happened?

The ball actually moved, guys actually cut to the basket for layups, easy put backs off of misses and drew fouls. I couldn't fucking believe it. A lineup comprised of second and third unit players were actually playing smart basketball and cutting into the lead and not a superstar was on the floor. It reminded me of the pre-Anthony trade group of Knicks.

However, if you have been following the Knicks you knew that this would not last. As soon as Anthony and Stoudemire were brought back into the the game the team went back to that faux triangle offense that masks the same old isolation game to get Anthony and Amare' their points.

It did work out that way when you look at the individual stat sheets, they both had decent nights scoring but the final stat of wins and losses shows the usual result of playing basketball this way.

Sorry Knicks fans but it is going to stay this way for the remainder for Carmelo's contract and he too is now limping around on a bum knee.

Knicks lose again, Timberwolves 115 - Knicks 99 (3-10)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Clearly nothing has changed

The Knicks played tonight as well as they are going to play this season. They practically abandoned the triangle for the isolation knowing that it is the best way this group can be competitive.

This actually worked for awhile keeping the Knicks close for 3 and 3/4 periods. But like the past four years it boiled down to Carmelo Anthony scoring a bunch of points on isolation plays and the Knicks lost.

The Hawks only had to wait until Anthony got cold and then make their own shots waiting for the Knicks to foul to stop the clock. That has been the formula for beating the Knicks around the league and clearly nothing has changed.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 91 - Knicks 85

Record 2 - 6

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The whole thing is offensive

Now Knicks fans have realized that despite all the zen talk and triangle philosophical spiel we've heard after the signing of Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire work best as isolation players.

61 - 48 lead at half time wasn't enough for the Knicks against the Hawks last night.

There is no hustle no transition defense or offense on this team. The whole thing is offensive.

Fans and radio hosts are still waiting for Jose Calderon to ride a talking ass into Madison Square Garden and save the Knicks. You are going to be waiting a long time for the savior to arrive.

Knicks lose again, Atlanta 103 - Knicks 96

Friday, November 7, 2014

As a consolation Knicks fans

The Brooklyn Nets did exactly what they were supposed to do when they faced the Knicks in their arena last night.

They took advantage of an undersized, talent lacking and offensively confused Knicks team and whooped that ass from start to finish.

My only regret as a Nets fan is that Jose' Calderon missed the game and didn't get his share of abuse from Deron Williams. Shumpert and Hardaway had to get thrashed instead of Jose or Pablo Prigioni who was out injured also.

Joe Johnson was on fire tonight also and he was able to force Carmelo Anthony to expend energy on defense which definitely contributed to Anthony's poor shooting.

The Nets are healthy and too sharp for the Knicks to be able to do anything with.

As a consolation Knicks fans you can get 50% off your Papa John's order on Saturday when you enter the code: NETSWIN.

Knicks lose again, Nets 110 - Knicks 99

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do you know why?

When the Knicks fell behind the pistons by 18 points I was certain that the game was over, especially with Carmelo Anthony's poor shooting night.

However, a little hope did spring when the young Knicks took the floor and fought back to get close enough to tie the game.

Unfortunately, the Knicks didn't have a second dynamic scorer on the floor who could make baskets and draw fouls late in the game and do you know why?

Because that other dynamic player who might have helped the Knicks win last night was suspended for his attempt to crack the nuts of Glen Davis Jr.. That's right the league got wise to JR Smith's antics against the Wizards and suspended his ass for last night's game.

JR's roster spot could be had by someone who is going to be on the floor when needed but what the hell do I know.

One more thing. What the hell is up with this fantasy that you guys have with Jose Calderon? He's in his mid thirties, has been on damn near every team in the league and was coming of the bench last season in Dallas. If he was as freaking great as the local media is playing him up as the Knicks would never have had a shot of getting him.

Calderon is a middle aged player at the tail end of his career he ain't the second coming of Isiah Thomas so stop it already.

We're not even going to discuss Andrea Bargnani, "the great stretch four", these same media types had Amare' Stoudemire losing his playing minutes to when he was traded here.

Knicks lose again, Detroit 98 - Knicks 95

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Wizards are better than the Knicks.

The answer for last nights loss is simply that the Wizards are better than the Knicks. It's not anymore complicated than that.

Once the Wizards tightened the defense against New york in the third quarter the Knicks fell right back into the routine of isolation basketball looking for Carmelo to bail them out instead of sticking to the system and every man stepping his game up.

Did Phil Jackson really get rid of Raymond Felton because he was a bad influence on the team when JR Smith is still elbowing guys in the nuts?

JR will be suspended for last nights shenanigans you can bet money on it leaving the Knicks short handed and will cost them games in his absence.

Knicks lose again, Washington 98 - Knicks 83