Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can Craig Carton stop slurping Carmelo Anthony?

So this morning as I am preparing to go to work I heard Craig Carton of the Boomer and Carton show screaming at some Knicks fan about how stupid the fan was because he dared to conclude, and rightly so in my opinion, that Anthony will never when a championship in a Knicks uniform.

Carton went on and on about how ridiculous a statement it was because, it was too "definitive".

Well Carton, Anthony's history as a player in the NBA and his growing list of  injuries including a bum knee  and bad shoulders, nothing could be more definitive.

Your dumb owner gave up to much to acquire Carmelo leaving the team nothing to build a team around the guy.

Now that salary is being cleared out and the league wide cap increasing we find out that Anthony has to have dead tissue removed from his knee and his patella reconstructed making him unable to do anything on a basketball court for the next six months.

This means that buy the time the Knicks build a half decent team Anthony will be on the other side of 35 years old and if you think he can't play defense now just wait until 2018 when he is attempting to guard guys who weren't born before he came into the league.

This guy Carton actually said this morning that Anthony was a superstar. Oh really?

Carton when was the last time Anthony played shutdown defense to win a game? When did he own the backboards and rebounded the team to victory? When did Anthony give up the isolation game and carried his team to victory with a gang of assists?

The answer to all is that he never has. If Carmelo isn't scoring efficiently he's useless. Anthony has never been a superstar and never will be Carton despite all the slurping you do on your show.

Phil Jackson is a fraud Knicks fans. Your best hope for building a contender had been Donnie Walsh but that chapter has been over for awhile thanks to James Dolan.

Now that Amare' is in Dallas with Raymond Felton, for brief stretches you will be reminded of what these two do together with the pick and roll when there is no Anthony and Dolan getting in the way.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Amare' is a Knick no more

Mike Isola of the New York Daily News has reported that indeed the Knicks and Amare' Stoudemire have agreed to a buyout.

All that is left for Amare' to clear waivers and seek a contender to sign with for the remainder of the season but Amare' is a Knick no more.

My last favorite Knick is gone and the door is closed.

Let's see if Phil Jackson is wise enough to re-sign Jeremy Tyler from that Chinese team, Shanxi Zhongyu now that Anthony and Stoudemire are gone.

Probably not, since that would be the intelligent thing to do.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good luck

As you have noticed I haven't put up any posts in quite awhile. Well, that's because there is no way in hell I am going to sit here and write 60 of the same articles about how pathetic the Knicks are. Just not going to do it.

I am motivated to write something today because of how significant a day of demarcation this is going to be in future Knicks history.

Tonight will be the last time Carmelo Anthony is seen in a Knicks uniform this season.

As I told you months ago when his knee began to bark that Anthony would prolong the surgery just to make an appearance in the All-Star game. Selfish? Yes, but look at who we are talking about.

Also, today is probably the last day, or weekend that Amare' Stoudemire will be a Knick.

It is very likely that the Knicks and Amare' will agree to a buy out and allow Amare' to move on to a contender seeking a ring before he retires from the league.

Many people in this city are still hopeful that embracing losing in hopes for more ping pong balls and Jackson's questionable trades thus far will lead them to the promise land. If not, I can see James Dolan writing nasty emails to Phil Jackson instead of diehard fans who question his ability to manage the Knicks simply based upon his membership in the lucky sperm club.

However you slice it you Knicks fans have endured a lot but brace yourselves because you have about four more years of this before things begin to turn around.

Good luck.