Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a fucking ingrate.

So JR Smith is pissed off because the Knicks put almost half a million dollars in his brother's pocket before they cut him for a player that they can actually use. What a fucking ingrate.

Instead of being thankful that they allowed his brother to live out the dream, albeit a brief one, that millions of kids have even though he wasn't worthy based upon his game JR is now tweeting bullshit about disloyalty.


Well this is what James Dolan gets for bringing this knucklehead here in the first place. I hope JR retires an old man in a Knick uniform.

Friday, December 27, 2013

That's not the real story

I could go on about how the Knicks refused to defend the corner three point shot. I could question why Coach Woodson abandoned the zone defense in the second half that was affective enough to help create the lead in the first half. But why since that's not the real story.

Yes the Knicks lost again, we know and they are going to continue to lose because there isn't anything elite about them.

No, the real story is about Masai Ujiri.

You know, the guy who fleeced the Knicks when he was the GM of the Denver Nuggets who orchestrated the Carmelo Anthony trade.

You see, Masai is now the GM of the Toronto Raptors who got Dolan again when he talked him out of the tough old players that kept the team stable and competitive enough to get 54 wins last season for Andrea Bargnani who himself is now the subject of Knicks trade rumors.

Like the bastard or not Masai has put together a team that is now at the top of the Atlantic division with key victories against the Oklahoma City Thunder and tonight against the Knicks. It looks like Toronto is about to pull away from the rest of the division and dash all of Woodson's foolish talk about winning the division this week.

Not going to happen Knicks fans you must now contend with Masai Ujiri not only destroying any hopes of your GM putting a real team together but now the guy is building a direct competitor to your Knicks.

What is your excuse now Knicks fans?

Knicks lose again, Toronto 95 - Knicks 83.

Your fancy schmancy freakin' superstar

There are two tried and true was of building a championship basketball team.

The first way is by acquiring young players via the draft or young free agents with potential and building a solid team. Then, hopefully one or more of those young acquisitions becomes a superstar which your solid team matures around.

The second way is similar to the first with the exception of using the cap space and draft picks that you wisely hold on to as you build your solid young team to acquire a free agent superstar to take your solid team over the top.

The idea that you can trade all the pieces of a young developing team away along with draft picks all the while sacrificing cap space to acquire one superstar and still put together a solid team on the cheap is and was ridiculous. It is also the exact formula that James Dolan implemented that has failed miserably.

Today I was listening to WFAN and I have to tell you at times I think that Joe and Evan have rocks in their heads. We're not even going to talk about Bill Daughtry at ESPN radio who wears his skintight Knicks City Dancer uniform to the station every night.

These are the same guys who always argue after Carmelo gets 50 and the Knicks lose that it's not Anthony's fault because he doesn't have anyone around him to pass the ball to for help. Well guys, is it possible that he doesn't have anyone to pass to and won't anytime in the near future because of the lack of trade-able players, draft picks and no cap space? Go ahead and tell me, I'll wait.

The Knicks fan will never see Carmelo Anthony compete for a championship in a Knick uniform and with even fewer gutsy players on the team this year they may not even finish .500 with your fancy schmancy freakin' superstar.

James Dolan will never admit his error and trade Anthony while he can get something for him and Anthony knows that this group of geniuses in management don't have a clue on how to bring him the help he needs. How can Anthony possibly stay here after this season?

Patience is what is needed to turn the Knicks around but it too was included in the trade to Denver.

Monday, December 16, 2013

There ain't no moral victories you losers

With six seconds remaining down by one point the Knicks didn't call a time out after the Bullets scored what was the winning basket.

All you Knicks fans say that there is no one else to pass the ball to and he has to take the big shots I don't want to hear any fucking crying about how Anthony lollygagged his way up court.

I don't want to hear about poor time management on the part of coach Woodson for not calling a time out. What did you need a time out for when the play was just going to be "give Carmelo the ball"?!? You got what you think is your best option no matter what and you lost. Quit your bitching.

My Nets on the other hand are getting healthier by the day, guys are assuming roles that best suit the team and we dusted the 76ers by 36 points. We are taking off baby.

Apparently Prigioni broke a toe and will be out for a couple of weeks and with Raymond Felton in dress pants tonight due to a hamstring injury what are they going to do? Maybe JR can play the point, if he feels like it.

Knicks apologists will talk about all the good that was gotten out of the game like Shumpert's excellent defense, JR deciding to earn his money and make some shots. Hey your fucking team lost to the Bullets at home. There ain't no moral victories you losers.

Who cares, the Knicks lose again, Washington 102 - Knicks 101

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You are a fool to still be a fan of this team

Mike Isola reported in the New York Daily News last night an explanation for the single shot JR Smith took in the game against the Celtics the other day.

According to Isola, Woodson and Smith got into a heated exchange after the Chicago game over some very foul and insulting language JR said to Woodson during the game. Woodson had been trying to get Smith to improve his shot selection and last year's sixth man of the year took exception to Woodson's coaching and let off some very rude slick talk on the bench.

Well, as geniuses do, the next opportunity JR got to show who's the boss was the Celtics game in which he registered a single shot and got two points from two free throws. Acting like a goddamn baby he really showed up Woodson by waiting until the fourth quarter to take one shot. How you like those apples coach?!?

This is all Dolan's fault. He signed this guy unbeknownst to the coach at the time who did not want him, didn't do his due diligence to check out the knee he wrecked while playing in China, and paid no attention to his past antics in Denver.

JR destroyed any chance of advancing in the playoffs last year with his selfish cheap shot on Jason Terry and he started this season suspended for five games because he had drugs in his system.

WTF are they holding on to this idiot for?

It should be JR, Felton and Metta World Peace going through luggage checks at JFK before their flight to Toronto not Shumpert or the 2018 first round pick.

These fucking Knicks lose even when they win. LOL You are a fool to still be a fan of this team.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Guess what the outcome was?

With the woeful shooting of Shumpert and last year's sixth man of the year JR Smith deciding not to take a shot until the fourth quarter, the bulk of the scoring had to come from Carmelo Anthony with a little help from Amare who went into the fourth quarter with 18 points.

As is the norm with this team the offense in the last five minutes went into complete isolation for Carmelo Anthony and zero ball movement. However with Melo being so exhausted he had no energy left for good shots.

Now you'd think he'd try going hard to the basket and looking for Amare, who has turned back time in the past week, but nooo. Sir Shootalot has it in his head that he is the only one allowed to shoot with five minutes or less on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Guess what the outcome was? Go ahead, guess.

Knicks lose Again, Boston 90 - Knicks 86

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can you believe that?

Last night, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers had Pablo Prigioni and Raymond Felton spinning like tops with the assortments of crossovers and behind the back dribbling he did to them.

I almost felt sorry for them because I know they'll have to fly back to New York with the ankles wrapped and elevated on the plane which can't be the most comfortable position.

Yet again I heard Michael Kay running his big mouth defending Carmelo Anthony and exclaiming "Who should he be passing the ball too!?!".

Kay, he should be passing the ball to the four other millionaires on the floor with him so that the team can play "good" basketball.

I know you have been a Knick fan your entire life and you have rarely seen well played team ball in the Garden but sound basketball will always get more wins than not especially in today's league when so few teams do and it doesn't require a great deal of talent which is exactly the state of the Knicks.

Stephen A is right and I have said it for months myself, if you fools think that Melo is signing up for more of this crap you are as stupid as I think you are.

Amare and Andrea Bargnani were the only players blocking shots and attempting to hustle on defense last night, can you believe that?

Knicks lose again, Cleveland 109 - Knicks 94.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

They're baaaack

You silly Knicks fans. LOL

Your team beat up two bums last week and you thought that the season had turned around. Hilarious.

I told you before that this team has very poor memory of success. The ball movement stopped today, they went back to those ugly ass orange uniforms and got blown out but the Celtics today.

The Boston club is supposed to be rebuilding and it began on the Knicks' asses.

If anyone was wondering where the Knicks were who started the season, they're baaaack.


Knicks lose again Celtics 114 - Knicks 73, you read that right.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The real Knicks showed up

And the Knicks lose again.

Anthony Davis, of the New Orleans Pelicans,  fractured a bone in his hand early in the first period in Madison Square Garden and the Knicks were able to play inspired basketball in his absence.

Anthony Hardaway Jr. had his best night as a pro hitting open shots which were the result of ball movement on the offense. The likes of which hadn't been seen by this team since the days of Mike D'Antoni.

Raymond Felton was a huge factor in the first half with his timely dishing and swishing.

Even Carmelo Anthony got into the act finding the open man and passing the ball for the better shot.

But we know the Knicks by now. They can't handle prosperity.

The Knicks get amnesia in the fourth quarter when they are playing well and resort back to that same old game which now has them 3 - 13 with nine straight losses.

Playing good basketball for four quarters is an impossibility for this group because of he whose name shall not be mentioned.

Those wacky Knicks fans showed up at the Garden tonight and acted as if this was finally going to be the night that their loyalty and devotion would be rewarded. But it was all for naught. The real Knicks showed up for the last half of the fourth period and handed the Pelicans a victory gift wrapped for the holiday season.

 And the Knicks lose again. New Orleans 103 - Knicks 99