Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blah Blah Yadda Yadda

So I wake up today with all this ruckus about how I am so wrong for saying that Anthony shouldn't have taken the final shot last night. That every other team gives their best player the final shot and I don't know anything about basketball for suggesting they attempt something other than one pass one shot.

Well, let me tell you fuckers something. Your Knicks are not every other team. Your team fucking stinks. They suck. Anthony ain't Jordan you dick heads. You have no choice but to try something not so obvious when you have a chance to win a game.

In football teams that run flea flickers, end arounds and statue of liberty plays do so because they are not big enough or strong enough to over power the opponent and execute whatever they want. That's the Knicks. They must resort to trickery when they have a remote chance of winning because Anthony against everyone else has fallen short all year.

Last night Anthony against everyone got his weak shot sent back by Randy Foye. He is not clutch right now so you have no choice but to draw up some misdirection even if the ball falls into his hands for the last shot.

Your team is 3 - 12. Let me repeat that 3 - 12 and Anthony has played in every game this season. How has just handing him the ball worked out for you douche bags?

Anthony's code for the team "lacking chemistry" means that the Shumpert/Amare faction of the team hates his guts.

I hope to God they go 3 -79. I'd take that over a Nets championship.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Only one Anthony can get away with this kind of stuff

I have the NBA League Pass and it was really interesting clicking from game to game and watching all the players that the Knicks got rid of for Anthony helping their teams win, including the team the Knicks played tonight, and watching the New York Carmelos lose miserably again.

I had to chuckle at that.

Does that mean that those teams will win championships? Of course not but what it does reinforce is the understanding that a team is comprised of players, not just hitching your wagon to a single supposed star and wishing for the best. You know, the James Dolan philosophy of team building.

With 12 seconds left in the game and down by two points instead of moving the ball and driving to the basket, which got the Knicks back into the game, you know what happened when Anthony got his hands on the ball. That's right, one pass one shot which clanked on the side of the rim and fell off giving Denver the victory.

Only one Anthony can get away with this kind of stuff.

Knicks lose again, Nuggets 97 - Knicks 95

Denver on Friday night

I should have written post about the Knicks last loss but they are beginning to bore me now.

They are so pathetic that I need to take a break from watching them every once in awhile but I will be ready for the ass kicking they get in Denver on Friday night.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It takes time

This afternoon folks are questioning last nights play of Shumpert on defense.

Clyde has even said that Shumpert he has "lost his swagger".

Well, the truth is, the same thing that is happening to Shumpert is exactly the same thing that happened to the young guys just before the Anthony trade. Trade talk is kryptonite to the confidence of a young player.

The pre-Anthony group was about to go over .500 and even Landry Fields wasn't in the witness protection program at the time.

However when the trade talks got serious Chandler, Landry, Gallinari and Mozgov all spit the bit and played like they were afraid for their very lives.

Each day there were stories about how upset many of them were about having to leave New York City.

That kind of stuff affects the play of all young players so the reporters and Mike Woodson need to back the hell off of Iman Shumpert and let him deal with this however he can.

Trades strip the naivete off young players and forces them to be hardened mercenaries. It takes time to become condotierri.

Very interesting

I find it very interesting that Jason Kidd not being in uniform as a Knick this season is quite possibly the main reason for the Nets and the Knicks starting so horribly this season.

Knicks lose again, Pistons 92 - Knicks 86

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well well well

When I created this blog my heart bled for the Knicks. I had so much hope for the future even when there was absolutely nothing to realistically indicate that happy days would return.

We don't need to get into all the failed GM's, the Isiah Thomas debacle and the awful tenure of Stephon Marbury. Madison Square Garden was a disaster and the Knicks were the laughing stock of the league.

Then, the NBA commissioner David Stern stepped in and forced James Dolan's hand to hire Donnie Walsh to handle the team and we began to see rays of hope again.

Donnie knew that he had to put an entertaining product on the floor so he brought in Mike D'Antoni who although had not won a championship did have a knack for turning a bunch bums into the basketball equivalent of Cirque Du Soleil.

Then Donnie brought in a bunch over achieving and athletic young players while managing to get rid of a bunch of over bloated contracts and keeping the team's draft picks.

Donnie's Knicks were not in position to win a championship but they were a lot of fun. The city had a team of young guys to rest their hopes on for the long term but that wasn't good enough for James Dolan.

Still listening to the likes of Isiah Thomas and sports agents James Dolan pushed Donnie to get Carmelo Anthony at all costs after Lebron James signed with the Miami heat.

All the young players were traded away in addition to future draft picks which meant hopes for long term growth were dashed. The team that Donnie was coerced to put together under the instruction of James Dolan had to win immediately but how could they?

Young penetrating point guards were shoved out the door, athletic small forwards were gotten rid of and a young solid back up center was made fun of as the savior Carmelo Anthony arrived in town.

Now look at this team. A mix of broken down has-beens, point guards who couldn't stay in front of the Statue of Liberty, a sixth man of the year with a bum knee and a marijuana habit which got him suspended and a one dimensional "super star". James Dolan had the balls to guarantee a championship out of this mess. The man is clearly drunk with his own power.

I was always called negative when I brought all this up in the past but today the mainstream press has now jumped all over the bandwagon and begun to call out Dolan's meddling publicly. Well well well.

I don't know if pointing out the obvious by these reporters is an attempt to shame Dolan into backing off or just stories to sell newspapers but I do know that as long as James Dolan continues to believe and act as if he knows a damn thing about running a basketball team the Knicks don't have a prayer of being a championship contender.

I know that certain people read this blog and I am not going to call anyone out but please pass the tip below to Felton and Prigioni.

When guarding a quicker point guard stop looking at the guys face and only keep the ball in your periphery. Focus instead on the space just above his belt line and stay in front of his center mass. This way you will not get beaten on cross overs or struggle with playing the screen. No matter how a guy fakes or dribbles he is not going anyplace without his belly and anyone living is quick enough to stay in front of a man's center mass. Thank me later.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

He deserves better than the Knicks

With eight guys in double figures scoring for the Atlanta Hawks you Knicks fans can't blame a single player for this loss. Your entire team, coached by a defensive guru, sucks on defense.

They looked lost and confused on switches, getting back on fast breaks and defending screens and pick and rolls.

If I were still a Knicks fan I'd be shouting for Woodson's fat head but since the Knicks constant losing at home (1-6 with 5 straight losses) benefits my team the Brooklyn Nets I'm simply going to enjoy this.

The couple of minutes when the Knicks were actually getting back into the game Felton, Anthony and Smith were off the floor. Prigioni was the point and moving the ball well to find Hardaway Jr., Shumpert and Stoudemire for good shots.

But we all know that Woodson can't let good fortune go on for to long before he makes one of his patented genius moves. So he put JR Smith into the game who stopped all ball movement so that he could jack up his off the mark shots and the game went back into the Hawks favor and they never looked back.

Anthony stood up for the last three minutes of the game on the sidelines just watching. If I could read minds I'd guess he was saying to himself, 'There's no way in hell I'm staying here for two more years of this shit.'.

Expect his management team to say to the rest of the league that it is not a forgone conclusion that he will return for the extra few dollars the Knicks can offer, when he opts out of his contract at the end of the season, so enter your deals fast and often.

I wasn't enamored with the Iman Shumpert draft pick but I have really come to like this kid. Shumpert played solid defense and stepped up his scoring in the second half tonight.

I hope he gets traded soon because he deserves better than the Knicks and James Dolan.

Knicks lose again Hawks 110 - Knicks 90

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get used to it

The Knicks were beaten by a better team tonight but there are some alarming things to realize about the game of so called veterans at this stage of their careers that makes you concluded that they will never be winners.

Dumb fouls in the final two minutes aside, when will Carmelo Anthony learn that you stick with what works and what was working tonight was dribble penetration and then passing the ball once or twice for the best shot.

Anthony was not the sole reason why the team lost the game especially with Metta World Peace allowing Lin and Harden to make three pointers in his face.

It would have also helped if Prigioni and Felton could stay in front of people but they aren't going to get any quicker with their lateral movement any time soon so why not continue to attack the Rockets in the only way that they could not stop which was ball movement and dribble penetration.

Well Knicks fans it's going to be just like this for the next two years so get used to it.

Knicks Lose Again, Rockets 109 - Knicks 106

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dolan's ass

It was reported today by Mike Isola in the New York Daily News that the New York Knicks are considering trading Iman Shumpert to Denver for Kenneth Faried.

Last year Stephen A Smith went on a rampage when he discovered that James Dolan had a personal problem with Shumpert and was thinking of trading him at that time.

Knicks fans your meddling ass owner is the sole reason why your team will never win a championship and the main reason why I jumped ship as a fan never to return.

This idiot Dolan actually thinks he knows something about putting a winning basketball team together and hasn't managed to get out of the second round of the playoffs in 18 years.

It appears that if you don't kiss Dolan's ring he wants no part of you. If you dare speak up or look out for yourself his little ego simply can't handle it.

In order to stay in the good graces of this guy you must humble yourself and accept whatever money or position he gives and receive it gladly.

Shumpert is not just a young talent with the potential to be great, Shumpert stood up for himself numerous times to management it is burns Dolan's ass to have this "ingrate" around. Especially now that the savior JR Smith has returned to the lineup Shump is expendable in Dolan's mind.

Shumpert balked at playing in the summer league to showcase himself to other teams for the benefit of Dolan. When reporters asked him how walking out of the summer league would bother Dolan Iman had the courage to say that he isn't worried in the least about James Dolan. The same James Dolan who himself fell asleep during a playoff game last season.

Knicks fans you keep all your ridiculous championship fantasies because I know that they keep you warm during the cold winter nights but if you will ever get honest with yourselves you'll know that as long as James Dolan continues to meddle your team isn't going anywhere.

If the trade rumors are right the Knicks will lose again without even playing a game.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Knicks would be destroyed

I didn't bother to watch today's game against the Spurs and I don't understand how anyone who wasn't paid to cover that game would. We all knew that the Knicks would be destroyed and they were.

Knicks lose again, Spurs 120 - Knicks 89

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

James Dolan's pets need to run and hide, now!

Since Woody has been coaching the Knicks I have yet to see a single stretch of minutes in which Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire shared to floor together while Carmelo Anthony was getting a blow.

The few minutes Amare did play tonight he looked lost and confused because he was on the floor with Anthony. We know two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time but Woody can't seem to get that through his fat head.

It seems that this ball headed idiot of a coach refuses to allow Felton and Stoudemire do for five minutes what they were so successful doing when D'Antoni was coaching this team.

It's almost as if there is some conspiracy to not see those two actually be successful on the floor without Anthony because it would reveal how unwarranted the Anthony trade ever was. LINK

I do know this for a fact, Andrea Bargnani did not get his first rebound until 7:57 of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter when the Knicks were fighting to get back into the game, yes they were losing to the Bobcats for most of the game, Andrea Bargnani was nowhere to be found. In fact he didn't play a single second in the final period. Where is all that seven foot stretch awesomeness fans were promised when the Knicks made this trade?

With Woody's sucky coaching and the one dimensional offense it will be a miracle if the Knicks make the playoffs and Woody keeps his job.

This Knicks actually lost to the Charlotte Bobcats tonight in Madison Square Garden. At least Charlotte fans can get 50% off Papa John's tonight.

What a pathetic basketball team. James Dolan's pets need to run and hide, now!

Knicks Lose again, Bobcats 102 - Knicks 97

Mr. Dolan, with all due respect sir

It is being reported today that while the Timberwolves were kicking the crap out of the Knicks the owner James Dolan was having a meltdown.

Dolan is said to have torn the new GM Steve Mills a new asshole; even though Mills had nothing to do bringing in any of the players, the coaches or the scouts. According to Dolan, the Timberwolves' 40 point 1st quarter was all Mills' fault.

Dolan was so pissed that the team that he guaranteed would win a championship this season was sucking so hard that he even demanded that the Knick City Dancers, get this, stop dancing. You gotta love this.

Three games into the season James Dolan had a moment of clarity while watching his team getting waxed, had a panic attack and lost his freaking mind.

It is now apparent to him that the past ten years of his meddling, weird relationship with Isiah Thomas, not allowing Donnie Walsh to have autonomy over trades and negotiations and pushing all his chips in on Carmelo Anthony have really screwed this team for the foreseeable future. He is now lashing out hell bent on kicking ass to cover for his mistakes.

Mr. Dolan, with all due respect sir, the ass you need to kick is your own.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Don't make me laugh

Before the 2008 draft I was hoping briefly that Kevin Love would fall to the Knicks because I saw his great potential.

It was brief hope because I knew that the Knicks would either not be fortunate enough to select him or to dumb to take him if he were there. I was still a fan at the time.

At the very least I thought they'd get Roy Hibbert and begin building the team from the inside out.

We all know that neither scenario played out. Gallinari, who was drafted, is no longer on the team because he and half the team along with a bunch of draft picks were traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2011 for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

Five years later the Knicks are no better in the playoffs and Hibbert and Love have turned into front court beasts.

Kevin Love came into the Garden yesterday and showed Knicks fans what happens when you nurture potential and let it grow with the same or similar offensive and defensive philosophy for five years.

Kevin Love went Reggie Miller on the Knicks yesterday and whipped the Knicks handily. Roy Hibbert ran them out of the playoffs last season and you fools think your team has a chance to win a championship this season? Don't make me laugh.

The Knicks lose again, Minnesota Timberwolves 109 - New York Knicks 100

Friday, November 1, 2013

That's just the way it is

Let's see, so the Knicks trade Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, Marcus Camby and a draft pick for Andrea Bargnani and he isn't even on the floor in the last seconds as a decoy? And of course down by a point the ball goes to Anthony with mere seconds left and he missed the shot.

James Dolan is Jerry Jones and Carmelo Anthony is Tony Romo. That's just the way it is.

Knicks lose again, Chicago Bulls 82 - New York Knicks 81.