Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your owner is a douche bag

I came to the conclusion after the Carmelo Anthony trade that for as long as James Dolan owns this team I can't root for them so I had to go.

Two weeks ago the remaining Knicks fans and media got what they thought was great news at the time. Dolan had hired Phil Jackson to run the team.

Dolan even had a press conference to announce that he was happy to be giving up the running of the team and all operations because he wasn't good at it and it wasn't what he wanted to do.

It is now being reported by Mike Isola of the New York Daily News that James Dolan lied to everyone in New York and is back to his meddling ways.

I had heard that after Jackson fired the entire coaching staff Dolan was said that he'd "encourage" the next coach to hire Herb Williams back as an assistant.

Isola is also reporting that Phil doesn't like the medical staff controlling the playing minutes of healthy players and wanted to either get rid of the policy or the medical staff. Well, that didn't sit too well with Dolan who told Phil that he should just worry about managing the players.

Does this idiot Dolan know that this continued behavior and lying is going to make it difficult to recruit a great head coach and top notch players who want no part of his bull shit?

Hey James, we know that you are the owner but are you such a douche that you can't bare to give up all the vestiges of your losing organization because you don't want to be seen as impotent by the lackeys you gave Knicks jobs to?

Give them jobs under Cablevision if you just want to hand out checks to your buddies.

Had the Nets not moved to Brooklyn this would have made for an extremely difficult couple of years for me because I would have felt forced to stay a fan of the Knicks and at the same time completely taken advantage of by its owner.

You remaining Knicks with your battered spouse syndrome, I hope that you are happy but I can never cheer for that team again and it's all because your owner is a douche bag.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking News

Breaking News, Mike Woodson has been shown the door by Phil Jackson along with his entire staff including Herb Williams.

What took Phil so long?

This franchise keeps me entertained.

Will Steve Kerr be allowed to continue his broadcasting gig for the duration of the playoffs after he is named coach? We shall see.

All we need to know now is when and where the team's Bikram Yoga classes will be setup.

Mike now has plenty of time to find his jawline, I hope he's successful.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Can they play the triangle?

Contrary what you might think I am sorry to see that the Knicks have ended their season.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching them get destroyed, they can't lose enough to satisfy me.

There was even a reporter in today's New York Daily News crying about the Knicks having turned down the Kyle Lowry trade with the Raptors as the reason why the season was lost. The same Kyle Lowry that Masai Ujiri, GM of the Raptors, reamed before the start of the season as being a loser who was wasting his talent.

That talk is being credited for waking Lowry up enough to play as well as he has this season but how do we know that he wouldn't have gone back to being a lazy asshole had he been sent to the Knicks as he watched what would have been his former team being successful without him.

It was a gamble not worth taking and certainly was not the reason why the Knicks sucked this year.

Amare' told the truth when he said that his teammates ignored Woodson, did their own things and lacked leadership.I love how the media can't handle the truth.

If the Knicks can't get rid of Smith and Anthony this off season Phil Jackson will have very little room to do anything other than hoping that the existing team can quickly master the triangle offense and become competitive immediately but I highly doubt you fans will see it happen..

Good luck

Friday, April 11, 2014

You and Phil Jackson can thank me later

So now the major newspapers in New York City are writing about what a bust the Andrea Bargnani trade has turned into.

They are also commenting on how much they underestimated Amare' Stoudemire's ability to play well this season

Didn't I tell you fools in July of last year what an idiotic move this was and how this all was going to play out last July?

Oh you don't remember? Click Here

I'll tell you who did remember and realized what a damn idiot he'd been. His name is James Dolan.

You and Phil Jackson can thank me later.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Knicks are done

There won't be any more posts after this because the Knicks are done.

If you want to watch playoff basketball in New York you have to come to Brooklyn.

See ya next season.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Woodson sealed his fate

As a coach, Mike Woodson is about as dumb as they come.

Carmelo Anthony had been hurting since the second quarter and didn't make another shot until the fourth.

Despite Anthony's struggles JR Smith's shooting and a lineup of Smith, Hardaway, Stoudemire, Prigioni and Shumpert had the Wizard's looking slow and uninspired.

Early in the fourth quarter Shump's defense was outstanding and with Amare playing his ass off both ends of the floor the Knicks had the lead and it looked as if the Knicks had the right combination to beat Washington. Especially in a game very important because the Hawks were winning at the time.

What does fat head Woodson do?

He sits Amare' for Anthony which throws off both offense and defense for the Knicks so badly that they couldn't recover and the Knicks go on to lose the game.

Whatever lies Woodson told himself about having a chance to coach this team next season under Phil Jackson are gone after tonight.

Phil was sitting near court side watching this pathetic coaching and I am certain that if he was the least bit on the fence about Woodson tonight sealed his fate.

Jackson is not going to let a coach this stupid run his team.

Knicks lose again, Wizard 90 - Knicks 89