Thursday, June 3, 2021

Enjoy your summer

Welp, it's finally over.

No more delusional fans dreaming of a magical playoff run that would see them defeating Brooklyn in the Eastern Conference finals and on to a chance at a championship.

Yeah, I know, crazy talk right. But hey these fools were really on one just because the Knicks made the playoffs.

The most important source of angst for the Knick fan this morning is the realization that this team is not one "more" star player away from competing for a title. Unfortunately, this team... has no stars.

Julius Randle, whom I like to call Regular Season Randle, is not on the level of Trae Young when it comes to performance in the playoffs. This team is still two stars away from vying for a championship.

Will the Knicks have enough cap room for two max contracts, Julius, and RJ Barrett? I don't know but that is the only way for this team to be competitive sooner than later.

Derrick Rose tried his best to will the team forward but if he is your best player, as he was this playoff season, you cannot count on being more than a one and done team.

Is there a veteran point guard willing to step in and take control of this team while being young and healthy enough to be the corner piece for the next five years? Oladipo maybe? Trade for Caris LeVert maybe? I don't know but that is the position that needs to be addressed first.

When Randle lost his confidence and the offense needed to make adjustments there was no point guard to direct this team on the fly and put players in position to be effective as well as showing ultimate leadership.

All I know is the Hawks of all teams came into the Garden game 1 and punked the Knicks out of homecourt advantage before running them out of their own building and the playoffs last night.

I don't ever want to hear a Knicks fan talk about how tough a team this is and how great they play defense. Clint Capela ripped your hearts out and laughed in your faces. Your team sucks. Its okay to admit that. It's the first step towards healing and getting better.

Knicks Lose Again and for the last time, Hawks 103 - 89 Knicks. Enjoy your summer. 😅