Monday, October 25, 2021

One things for damn sure...Knicks lose again

How can it be? The Knicks lost to Orlando?

From all the Knicks YouTube channels and local media the Knicks were supposed to crush the Magic. What had happened?!?

I'll tell you what happened. Cole Anthony did give a tinker's damn about any of the Knicks hype. The rookie Cole came into the Garden and abused the Knicks' backcourt for 29 points. 

The Knicks got so happy with the shooting success in the past couple of games that they completely forgot about the identity of the team which is defense.

The question now is can the Knicks find a balance between playing hard defense while keeping up with guys off screens and looking to out score the opponent?

Time will tell, but one thing's for damn sure... Knicks lose again.

Orlando 110 - Knicks 104