Sunday, June 30, 2013

Andrea Bargnani, Really?

Hold on, wait a minute, so the Knicks think that acquiring Andrea Bargnani is an improvement that will keep them on par with the powerhouses of the East? Really?

The same Bargnani with a history of injuries, the most recent resulting in elbow surgery in March of this year that ended his season? Really?

Oh Ok

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Knicks Fans, Your Team Sucks a Fatty

I don't really have anything significant to say but I needed to articulate just how much I am loving how bonkers and desperate the Knicks fans are after the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics trade.

I am listening to the radio and all these idiots are calling shows with all sorts of their ridiculous fantasy Rondo for everyone except Carmelo Anthony trades. They are absolutely hysterical.

If they aren't trying to make foolish trade packages they are attempting to poo poo Garnett and Pierce going to Nets which is just stupid.

Pierce and Garnett without Rajon Rondo took the Knicks to a game 6 in the first round of the playoffs. With the Nets they aren't being asked to carry nearly the load they had too hump last season because they are now on a team with three other all stars.

Knicks fans, your shit is done. Your team sucks a fatty and will do so for the next two years. Just pull up your big boy pants and ride it out you will never see a championship with this group of players including Carmelo Anthony.

Honey Nut Cheerio Treats, mmm mmm

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jeff Van Gundy ain't the only fucking idiot around here

Yesterday J.R. Smith officially opted out of the remaining two years on his contract. Anyone who is fond of the Knicks and possessing half a brain would be jumping for joy right now. However, from everything that I have been reading and hearing the past few days that doesn't include the fans of the Knicks. These idiots are actually begging for Smith to remain a Knick. It's now apparent that Jeff Van Gundy ain't the only fucking idiot around here.

Listen people the good Lord has given you the greatest gift and you can't even see it.

When Smith elbowed Jason Terry he for all intents and purposes pulled down his pants and took a dump on your hopes in the playoffs and you want him back? Are you bastards so used to being a bunch of losers that you can't see an opportunity to get better when it is presented to you?

The focus of the Knicks management should be in trying to offer a decent one year contract to Copeland with the promise that when money comes of the books in the 2014-2015 season they will load him up with a fat deal.

Copeland and Shumpert will more than make up for Smith's 18 points and they certainly will not behave in a manner that is detrimental to the team's success, unlike Smith.

It's time to let J.R. Smith take his lounge act on the road and its time for Knicks fans to grow the hell up.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kevin Durant Partners with Jay-Z, Fuck Loyalty

This post will be brief but I had to write something after listening to radio talk show hosts publicly scratching their heads over the recent signing of Kevin Durant by Jay-Z.

One radio host had a current agent on who made follie of the signing and they both chuckled how foolish this signing was because in their opinion Jay-Z doesn't know anything.

They were also taken aback at the "disloyalty" Durant showed to his current agent.

Well, let me explain to these morons very plainly why Jay-Z is so appealing to today's athlete.

Anyone with a radio or television has heard or seen stories of big name athletes in all the major sports winding up sleeping under bridges, dying of cancer destitute, unable to support themselves and their families when their playing days were done. Guess what, all those guys had "experienced" agents too.

The Geno Smith's, Kevin Durant's and Robinson Cano's of the world didn't sign with Jay-Z because of the the next contract but so that Jay-Z can advise them on wealth management.

These young cats do not want to be the subject of the next ESPN 30 For 30 about broke former athletes.

Jay-Z has not simply made a lot of money rapping he is a very astute
businessman who has turned his rap riches into what will be generational wealth for his descendants. That is nothing to joke about or giggle over.

For anyone to see Jay-Z attracting young and wealthy athletes as simply a matter of these young people wanting someone to hangout with is at least ignorant and at worse borderline racist. Fuck loyalty.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Beast at the Point

Yesterday, June 3rd, the Knicks aged point guard Jason Kidd decided to retire after 19 years of playing in the NBA.

When J.Kidd was young he was a beast at the point and was only second in my opinion to Magic Johnson when comparing pass first point guards and his run with the New Jersey Nets in the early 90's pulled the team up from being the doormat of the NBA to back to back appearances in the NBA Finals.

I can only hope that the current owner of the Nets speaks to Jason about signing a one day contract so that he can officially retire as a Net and we can retire his jersey and raise it to the rafters in Brooklyn.

It's being reported today that J.R. Smith has decided to opt out of his last two years believing that the Knicks will offer him a new larger contract. Between Shumpert and Copeland the Knicks will easily make up J.R.'s erratic 18 points per game. J.R. is making another huge mistake.

I believe the Knicks GM Glen Grunwald did back flips out of bed this morning when he heard the news because J.R. gave the Knicks a way out of dealing with his foolishness and an opportunity to couple his money with Kidd's retired salary to acquire someone like O.J. Mayo.

Mayo would be a instant upgrade over Smith and can assume some point guard duties as well. He'd be the perfect fit for the Knicks and would allow the team to focus on big men in the draft and as free agents.

The Knicks are going to have to deal with the Bulls, the Pacers and the Nets for years to come, all three teams have formidable big men on their front lines.

What am I saying? The Knicks will probably fuck this opportunity up too and resign JR Smith.