Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thank you father!

The past few days leading up to tonight's game all I heard was the same old bull shit that despite everything that transpired everyone claiming to be a Knicks fan and sports expert swore they'd make the Carmelo Anthony trade again.

We got more of the same old "Well you have to have a superstar in order to win" and "You are an idiot and don't know anything about basketball if you think that the Knicks aren't better with Anthony" vitriol. Well how is your team working out now Knicks fans and sports experts?

The Carmelo Anthony experiment has failed miserably and all you fucking know-it-alls looked like a bunch of fools last night when the team that was made better by getting rid of Anthony and bringing in all the young former Knicks talent destroyed the Knicks last night. Not beat but pounded into the Earth and jumped on top of.

Did you get a good look at what a TEAM without a superstar looked like last night?

Did you see all the hustling, ball movement, selfless play and good coaching?

Did it finally seep into your heads you fucking idiots what basketball is supposed to be played like as your superstar got his ass handed to him so bad that he quit?

I am so got damn glad I am no longer a Knicks fan. LOL Thank you father!

Knicks Lose Again, Denver 117 - Knicks 94

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Damn this team sucks. LOL

Knicks Lose Again, Golden State a Bajillion - Knicks 60 something

Friday, March 8, 2013

Woodson is a poor coach

JR Smith played a helluva game last night. His energy on both ends of the floor was amazing by anyone's standards.

JR cannot be faulted for the loss last night because he didn't make the last shot. Cries that he is not clutch this morning is a bunch of bullshit however he was the well that the Knicks went to way to much.

The fault for last night's loss lies on the shoulders of coach Woodson for asking too much of JR Smith and running a predictable play that left the ball in JR's hands.

There was no point of Novack being on the floor if there was no play calling for JR or Raymond to penetrate the lane and then kick the ball out. I would love to see JR ask Clyde to point out two things from each game that he could improve upon and how. Clyde is a resource that could really help JR up his basketball IQ and turn him into a real star.

Tyson Chandler should have been left in the game if Woodson wanted JR to take a jump shot for two reasons. The first being the high pick and roll which would have made some space for JR for a better look against Westbrook and second so that Tyson could crash the boards in the event of a missed shot.

The most troubling thing about last nights game was not the loss. It is the confirmation the coach Woodson is a poor last minute situational coach. He's has no creativity or imagination and makes poor substitutions when the heat is on in the final few seconds.

JR played his ass off last night, too bad Woodson didn't coach his ass off or the Knicks might have pulled this one out.

By the way what the hell is up with not playing Copeland?

Knicks Lose Again, OKC 95 - Knicks 94

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Gift

The Knicks started the game fired up, playing good frustrating defense and had very good ball movement on offense which had them leading by as much as 16 points.

But, if you have followed this team this season you knew it wasn't going to last.

This team's rather low situational basketball intelligence and the need to showboat would be its demise and that's exactly what transpired.

The Knicks allowed Lebron James to cut to the basket for easy layups and dunks time after time.

J.R. Smith's telegraphed passes and ball handling laziness lead to turnovers which resulted in easy points coupled with coach Woodson's bone headed decision to keep Amare Stoudemire on the bench for much of the fourth quarter sealed the deal for today's loss against the Miami Heat.

The Heat were ready to concede the loss and focus on tomorrow's game against the Timberwolves but with all the sloppy ball handling and reckless defense from the start of the second half the Heat gladly accepted the gift the Knicks handed them.

Knicks Lose Again, Heat 99 - Knicks 93