Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It takes time

This afternoon folks are questioning last nights play of Shumpert on defense.

Clyde has even said that Shumpert he has "lost his swagger".

Well, the truth is, the same thing that is happening to Shumpert is exactly the same thing that happened to the young guys just before the Anthony trade. Trade talk is kryptonite to the confidence of a young player.

The pre-Anthony group was about to go over .500 and even Landry Fields wasn't in the witness protection program at the time.

However when the trade talks got serious Chandler, Landry, Gallinari and Mozgov all spit the bit and played like they were afraid for their very lives.

Each day there were stories about how upset many of them were about having to leave New York City.

That kind of stuff affects the play of all young players so the reporters and Mike Woodson need to back the hell off of Iman Shumpert and let him deal with this however he can.

Trades strip the naivete off young players and forces them to be hardened mercenaries. It takes time to become condotierri.

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