Sunday, May 30, 2021

Fool's Gold

I tried to warn you Knicks fans, but you didn't want to listen. I couldn't convince you that what you were seeing in the regular season would not carry over to the playoffs. But I'll bet you are convinced now.

The regular season is a marathon. Teams are going to manage minutes and effort to not exhaust players and minimize injuries. All that "hustle" and "tough defense" you were watching was mostly the result of other teams pacing themselves in preparation for the playoffs. Why would any top-notch free agent come to the Knicks only to be whipped through the regular season by this coach.

The Knicks regular season was fool's gold.

Unfortunately, the fans and this group of young players had no idea how much the intensity would be ramped up by all teams including the Atlanta Hawks. So let this be a lesson to you.

You can have all the hustle and feel-good moments you want during the regular season, the playoffs come down to talent and experience which this Knicks team has very little of. 

Your team overachieved, enjoy the fun you had during the regular season but your team has been exposed. This nucleus of players will not ride in any ticker tape parades down the canyon of heroes. Just typing that makes me laugh hysterically.

Hopefully the Knicks will draft intelligently, and the head coach will finally learn how to pace veterans while developing young players. I really do want to see the team become competitive to really drive up the rivalry this city needs. If they are one and done over achievers this team is only good for yucks. 

The Hawks return to Madison Square Garden next Wednesday hoping to close out the series and I really think they will. Atlanta has found its game and knows how to exploit the weaknesses of this team as today's game showed.

The Knicks Lose Again, ATL 113 - 96 NYC.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Tough Out My Ass

The biggest fear of Knicks fans was not potentially losing last night. The fear was Julius Randle was going to be exposed and proven not too big a cornerstone piece to building a championship. With Randle's play in three games, I think that the fear has become reality.

All season the offense ran through Randle, and not only did he put up big numbers but the other players learned their roles on the offense which helped to propel the Knicks team into the playoffs. However, in the playoffs Randle has played with little or no confidence and the most improved player in the league has choked when games matter the most.

If not for the play of Derrick Rose, the Knicks would be down 3 to 0. Rose's good play on offense had Thibs forced to start him om game 3. However it is the most important cause for concern. 

All regular season the supporting players grew comfortable in their roles following the lead of Randle on offense. But now that Rose has become the focal point on offense the past two games the offense is in disarray. The team, including Randle, are now standing around watching Rose because they don't have a clue what to do.

I don't know if Randle is just in a slump or is really a choke artist when it comes to being the leader of a team in big games. But I do know that he is not playing like he is worthy of a franchise player level contract right now and his future as a Knick might be in jeopardy.

Let's give Atlanta a little credit also. They not only came home and hit the shots they missed in game two, but they also played Knicks style defense more than the Knicks did. Giving the Knicks a taste of their own medicine by stepping into passing lanes and being more physical around the basket made mice out of men and the Knicks looked like they can't handle a team that isn't afraid of them.

A lot of media people and YouTubers swore this was going to a tough series because the Knicks are so much trouble on defense and not an easy out. All that "We play hard" doesn't scare anyone and it certainly doesn't scare Atlanta. 

Did they not think that the Hawks were grown men and they had no coaches that could make an adjustment to the Knicks juggernaut defense? Atlanta made an adjustment which worked. Give them credit.

Ironically, the only thing the Knicks could do that might be of help is the Triangle Offense, the pinch post part in particular. I don't know if coach Thibodaux however has the guts or the ability to teach and implement it in the next two days. Great teams and coaches adjust in the playoffs, let's see if the Knicks and coach Thib are ready to begin functioning like a great team.

This playoff run for the Knicks was never about making a run to the championship. This series was all about finding out if Julius Randle was the man. And now, it is clear that he is not going to be the cornerstone of a championship franchise in MSG. Julius can be a solid piece  but let's face it, the Knicks don't even have a big one yet let alone a big two or three like most teams vying for a ring.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 105-94 Knicks.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

I didn't think the first round would be so entertaining.

Awww Knicks fans, don't cry. It's just one game. You guys will be okay.

Will you please now stop with all the fake tough talk about how you are the best team in New York City? 

Will you please now stop with all the defense wins championships stuff and your team will be a tough out? No you won't. Your star had an awful game and the rest of the team has no playoff experience.

Don't blame Frank Ntilikina because Trae Young got around him for the winning shot. Trae goes around everyone. 

It is not fair to ask a guy who only played about 90 seconds to come off the bench cold and no feel for the game to save the day with a stop on defense. Blame Julius Randle whose shot was tighter than Lizzo's waist band. Julius couldn't hit an elephant in the ass with a 2 by 4 tonight.

If Julius doesn't find his confidence in his day off the Knicks will get swept.

I told you guys that making the playoffs was the accomplishment to build on and not have false hopes about a playoff run. That was ridiculous. Now all the pressure is on the Knicks who have lost the homecourt advantage.

I didn't think the first round would be so entertaining. 

The Knicks kept the game close until the final seconds I must admit. The home crowd thought they were on the verge of witnessing the first playoff win in damn near a decade.

We saw Spike Lee jumping around, Tracy Morgan dancing, all up in the videos. Or so they thought until Trae Young crossed up Frank and gave the fans the kiss of defeat with the tear drop of death.

I'm loving this.

Knicks lose again, Atlanta 107 - 105 Knicks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Bunch of Choke Artists.

Despite Andre Drummond destroying the Knicks in the paint and RJ Barrett having a horrendous game the Knicks were up by 5 points with 3:17 left on the clock in the 4th quarter and I knew they were going to lose. Why? Because against good teams they are a bunch of choke artists.

With Lebron nowhere in sight and Anthony Davis barely able to walk the Lakers took it to the Knicks in the final minutes of the 4th quarter, taking the game into overtime and sending the hapless Knicks back home with a 3-3 west coast road record.

With all the talk about the 90's style defense the current group of Knicks play it is apparent that when matched with equal defensive effort by their opponent they don't have the fire power to win and fold like cheap suits.

Playing their asses off is the only victory to take from this season Knicks fans. Remove any silliness about getting the right playoff spot to get to the second round. They still haven't clinched a spot in the playoffs. Just enjoy the fact that your team entertained you this season. 

This collection of Knicks will not be here next season. Enjoy them while you have them.

Knicks lose again, Lakers 101- 99 Knicks.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Knicks are no problem for good teams

Again the Knicks hustled and kept the game close for three quarters. But as usual, in the fourth quarter the apposing team's superstars assert themselves and the Knicks simply do not have the fire power or seasoning to stave off defeat.

Jae Crowder and Chris Paul kicked it into gear and pulled away from the Knicks to cruise to an easy victory.

It was quite hilarious watching Knicks fans before the current road trip talk about how many wins the Knicks would manage away from home and how much of a problem this team is. 

This is a scrappy unit the beats terrible teams. It is not a problem for teams with seasoned veteran superstars to beat them at the end of games. And that us not going to change in the playoffs.

What you need to really need to be happy about this season Knicks fans is that Obi Toppin has finally settled down and now looks like a professional basketball player.

Be happy that Julius Randle has accept the responsibility of being a leader and the star of a franchise and not simply a guy chasing a max contract.

Be delighted that you have a coach that is not going to put up with any meddling from James Dolan. 

You now have a chance to have players experience years of continuity and learn how to win together. That is until they get tired of hearing Thib's voice and begin to tune him out which has been his history and every other coaching job he's had.

Let's hope you can eek out a good playoff run in a couple of years before the fans and players chase Thibodaux out the door. 

Knicks lose again, Suns 128 - 105 Knicks

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Knicks were exposed last night.

Please forgive me for putting up this post so late. I spent all night at the police precinct trying to bailout Nikola Jokic from jail for beating the Knicks asses on national television.

It was a brutal beating but the Knicks had it coming. The took the Broadway Bully bullshit out to mile high and got mollywapped by a bunch of Nuggets.

Down by 30 late in the game coach Thibodaux kept his star Julius Randle on the court for what I can only think of as punishment for embarrassing him in front of the planet.

That's the thanks you get Julius for carrying this team on your back the entire season.

Coach can be a very petty man when he is angry and no one is spared his wraith.

The only Knick to manage more than 14 points was Immanuel Quickley who had 18. Trouble is Quickley is a point guard and managed to finsh the game with zero assists. Why is the teams center registering more assists than the point guard?

The Knicks were exposed last night. For all the hustling that everyone is so impressed with the weakness of the team is against a center in the low block. Any center who is aggressive in the low post is too much for the Knicks to handle and there is nothing they can do to fix that this season.

Knicks lose again, Denver 113 - 97 Knicks.