Thursday, January 23, 2014


Knicks lose again 76ers 110 - Knicks 106

Oh Andrea Bargnani is out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his elbow too.

Monday, January 20, 2014

James Dolan is forced to rebuild

I have to admit that I did not see today's game. I was asleep in my lazy-boy sleeping as my body attempts to fight off this flu that I caught out of nowhere. With my lungs congested and my throat on fire I was in no mood to see a game.

When I woke up and turned the radio on I was not surprised to hear that the Knicks had been blown out by the Nets. The Nets since moving Pierce to the power forward position and commitment to rotate the ball have seem to found their game.

What did surprise me was the ranting from relatively famous talk show hosts yelling about how talentless the Knicks are.

One point was made about how difficult it is to take children to the games because they play horribly and are usually beaten before the end of the second quarter.

Well you guys wanted your superstar at all costs and you got him. Quick, selfless young players be damned. Carmelo Anthony makes up for every single kid and draft pick traded to bring him here right?!?

Of course not.

Coach Woodson needs veterans to run the locker room because he simply can't do it. The inmates are running the asylum.

Hopefully the next time James Dolan is forced to rebuild this team he will allow it to be done the correct way and not allow himself to be talked into foolish moves by sports agents who are only looking out for their interests.

I am so glad I am not a Knicks fan anymore, thank you God.

Knicks lose again Nets 103 - Knicks 80

Beno Udrih has demanded a trade and the team has promised to try and honor his request. "The ship be sinking" - Michael Ray Richardson

Saturday, January 18, 2014

You're right, probably not.

Last night the Knicks got crushed by a Clipper team minus Chris Paul. To hear from all the Knicks fans and sports talk show hosts this game was supposed to be the beginning of a nice run of weak teams that the Knicks could take advantage of including the Nets on Monday. Well, what happened?

I wake up today to hear all the crying and gnashing of teeth because Amar'e and Kenyon Martin were hurt last night and are out for at least two weeks. However, I don't understand what all the panic is for.

Isn't Amar'e the same guy all of you said had nothing left and was an albatross around the neck of this franchise. Just last week you were yelling at the top of your lungs about how much better this team would be without him around. Well you fished your wish and now you can't live without him? Give me a fucking break.

Let's see your brilliant GM go out and sign someone to a ten day contract who according to all of you would be an upgrade over Amar'e anyway.

Kenyon Martin wasn't going to help you on the score board so finding a big body for two weeks in the D league shouldn't be that hard should it?

And besides Tyson Chandler is back to hold down the middle you guys should be fine. Maybe last night was the beginning of a 9-1 run.

You're right, probably not.

Knicks lose again, Clippers 109 - Knicks 95

Friday, January 17, 2014

Head and shoulders above the Knicks

I didn't watch last nights loss to the Indiana Pacers for two reasons.

The first, I was just very tired and wanted to relax and get some early sleep.

The second reason was because I knew they were going to lose miserably and I could always watch the game again on NBA League Pass.

Before the playback after work all I heard from Knicks fans and so called sports talk hosts was how bad Raymond Felton was and is such a disgrace. Well I can say that they all were full of shit. Raymond was the only aggressive player the entire game. Did Raymond make some mistakes and turn the ball over, yes because the rest of his team didn't match his hustle.

We all know that Raymond is not an all star point guard but I really am sick of all the left over Jeremy Lin fans knocking the guy every chance they get. Stop acting like a bunch of fuck boys and root for the guys you have. What other choice is there?

As for why the Knicks lost? It was because the Pacers slowly built an outstanding team, allowed their young unbridled talent stay with in a system for several years to mature and looked internally for stars to develop.

Now this team is head and shoulders above the Knicks in every facet of the game including professionalism, coaching and toughness. But you guys have Carmelo Anthony. LOL

Knicks lose again, Pacers 117 - Knicks 89

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

JR Smith the voice of reason?!?

Only God, Woodson and James Dolan know why JR smith didn't play last night against the Bobcats.

I do know that the team had zero energy and could have used Smith if he was mentally prepared to attack the rim and shoot enough to unburden Anthony.

Carmelo expended most of his energy the previous evening to defeat the Suns in overtime and didn't have his shot in last nights game.

Would JR have been enough to beat the Bobcats especially with no interior defense to contest Jefferson? Probably not but the Woodson/Dolan dog house is now getting in the way of opportunities to be competitive.

JR Smith was the voice of reason after the game when he stated that if he isn't going to help then he shouldn't be there. If I were a Knick fan I would hope that management took that statement seriously and moved Smith before the deadline.

Smith's 18 points can and will be made up by the Shumpert/Hardaway combination and they are both better defenders than JR. Even a late round draft pick for Smith would be worth doing a little house cleaning. 

Who would have thought that JR smith would have been the voice of reason in that organization?!?

However, the Knicks lose again Charlotte 108 - Knicks 98

Saturday, January 4, 2014

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend

Listen I have grown to absolutely love JR Smith. He is the Ralph Kramden of professional basketball players. You can always count on him doing something stupid to louse a perfectly good situation and it's hilarious.

With the game tied at the final 23.3 second mark Tyson Chandler grabs a possession of the ball and passes to JR Smith giving the Knicks an opportunity, for all intents and purposes, to wind down the clock and take the last shot.

JR didn't know the score and with 19.9 seconds left he cranks up a three point shot.

It would have been nice of him to have known that the score was tied but had he I wouldn't have laughed as hard as I did tonight. I mean isn't the purpose of me watching the Knicks is to be entertained?

You can probably guess he missed the shot and Houston went on to win the game with some free throws.

As I type this I am now enjoying the rancor from sports radio hosts and their call ins questioning JR Smith's IQ. I mean you just can't beat this.

“We were right where we wanted to be, but at the end of the game, we had some mental breakdowns.” Tyson Chandler

I hope JR Smith stays a Knick forever.

Knicks lose again, Houston 102 - Knicks 100

The Final Shot