Monday, June 16, 2014

If Anthony returns, God help you

As I watched San Antonio totally dismantle the Miami Heat yesterday I was wondering if both New York teams weren't simply watching to taking notes. More so the Knicks and especially Carmelo Anthony.

The Spurs displayed what it means to have a superior team and how easily it could defeat one dominate player.

For years Anthony has been fed a great deal of misinformation about the importance of his game. The rhetoric went to extreme heights when he arrived in New York City.

Before Anthony arrived every idiot in the city with any tie to the Knicks lauded what a major upgrade he was to all the previous talent and that the Knicks were no closer to competing for a championship when nothing could have been further from the truth.

The reason why I started this blog was to voice my frustration against the low basketball IQ of the team which naturally resulted in losing during the regular season and the playoffs.

When Dolan traded a bunch of selfless underachievers for a guy who would wind up going through three veteran head coaches all because he refused to give up the isolation game which got him so much money I basically knew that my days as a fan of the team were over.

Even if Popovich had miraculously become the coach of the Knicks he too would have been unsuccessful because Anthony's game always takes precedence over solid team basketball and that was exactly the way that James Dolan and his sycophants wanted it.

I remember when Jeremy Lin had the audacity to wave Carmelo off his familiar spot and attempt to run the offense as instructed by then coach Mike D'Antoni.

Carmelo's disgust and subsequent rants and ravings by the likes of Stephen A Smith and the rest of the talk show hosts in this town told you all you would ever need to know about the only thing that mattered in this city pre-Phil Jackson.

The only hope for Knicks fans of seeing anything remotely close to the level of team play that the Spurs displayed is seeing Carmelo Anthony take his talents else where and the Knicks buying or trading for draft picks. I think they could actually get a first rounder this season and a second rounder next for Tyson Chandler.

For now all Knicks fans have is NBA league pass where they can watch the Spurs play real basketball over and over again.

If Anthony returns, God help you.

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