Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am going to thoroughly enjoy this season

Did you see the Knicks play the Celtics last night? God they suck.

Phil Jackson made a huge mistake by not signing Jeremy Tyler who looked good in the summer league playing the passing center role which is so pivotal to the triangle offense.

And let's get one thing straight right now, Jose Calderon is not the second coming of Rajon Rondo that everyone in this town is trying to hype him into being.

I thought Carmelo Anthony was supposed to have been on this new no carb diet but he looked as puffy as he always did.

I even read JR Smith, its not J.R. because the j and r don't mean anything, feels that too much thinking is going on right not. JR Smith and too much thinking in the same sentence breaks me up every time.

I am going to thoroughly enjoy this season. Can't wait!

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