Friday, July 2, 2021

You have your own problems stop worrying about the Nets.


The rest of the Eastern conference no longer takes you lightly. Every game against you now has playoff consequences and your pesky defense is no longer going to sneak up on anyone to steal a game here and there that you have no business winning.

Add all that to the more difficult schedule next season and, Oh no Knicks fans you will not be making any kind of run remotely like the Phoenix Suns.

In fact, your team is going to be worse before it gets better.

I even heard some of you fools saying that the Nets are in turmoil and worse off than the Knicks because of some obscure Kyrie Irving trade rumors.

C'mon guys you cannot claim to own New York yet the Nets are in your mouths all the time.

You idiots even have the audacity to claim that the Nets window of opportunity for a championship is now closed when Brooklyn's big three have two years left on everyone's contract. A bunch of Nets role players came off the books after the season, so they are free to sign vets who want to compete for a ring immediately at veteran minimums.

Tell me, honestly, in what way does that make the Nets worse off and in turmoil. You guys are delusional.

No team could the Knicks put together next season that could come close to competing against the Nets.

It is one thing to be a fan but keep your wits about you, please or you don't sound like the informed fans you always claim to be.

Go ahead, continue to have Dame/Kawhi fantasies. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe someday your dreams will come true but, in the meantime, keep a sane head will you please?!?

Here are the things you sad Knicks fans need to ponder.

Will RJ become a toughened young vet and have a good season after all the trade rumors, or will he have a season like Ben Simmons because he is worried about his place on your team? 

Could your fan base recover from another off season that a superstar is not signed, and you have to lie to yourselves about "rebuilding" again? 

Can Mitchell Robinson's foot come back as good as new, or will he be a big man with foot problems and never reach his potential like many big men of the past? 

If everyone now wants to come to the Knicks as you claim, then you should have your choice of free agents and therefore not have any pressing need to make irrational trades for one star.... again.  

These are the things to concern yourselves with Knicks fans not what is going on in Brooklyn. Sheesh

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