Monday, August 4, 2014

Paul George and the risk is to great.

I spent the weekend listening to every one's opinions regarding whether or not NBA players should participate in the national team after Paul George's gruesome injury.

Fans are naturally saying no because they don't want their star player risking injury and therefore making the coming season meaningless for 82 games.

Many of the talk show hosts and sports reporters are saying that the genie is out of the bottle and we can't go back. that freak injuries are just that, freak injuries and life happens.

Both sides have their points but there is a third side to this that I haven't heard a single genius media type mention in the past two days and that is financial loss that George is now facing even if he does return to the game.

Paul George is in the final year of his contract. We all know that players in their final contract year usually put up their best numbers to get a new max contract if possible.

Unfortunately George will not be able to play during his final contract year and just what GM is now going to give him a max deal unsure if his leg will ever be the same again let alone if he'll be able to play at the same level. Paul George has pushed millions of dollars off the table by participating and getting injured and this leads me to my point.

No player in the final year of their contract should ever participate in exhibition games or the national team. The risk of weakening their financial future is to great.

If Paul George had two years left on his contract he could come back next season at the same rate and prove that he is back 100%. That is not an option for him anymore and I would never advise anyone I cared about to take such a risk.

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