Friday, November 21, 2014

I propose a trade

I propose a trade. Let's send Andre Kirilenko, Deron Williams and the Nets first pick in the draft to the New York Knicks for Iman Shumpert, Amare' Stoudemire and the Knicks first round pick in this years draft.

The Knicks would get Carmelo his second star who can run the triangle and score when he needs to in Deron Williams and AK-47 brings that defensive intensity that Shumpert brings to the floor.

Tonight once again proved that Jaret Jack is the best point guard on the Brooklyn Nets. Deron Williams and his big contract fit the Knicks better and Andre is frustrated at his lack of playing time and did not travel with the team for the OKC game due to "personal reasons".

It's because Andre hates Lionel Hollins guts I don't think he's much of a coach either.

Middle aged Jose Calderon is not the savior of the Knicks franchise as you will see on Saturday night. Deron Williams would be perfect for what Fisher and Jackson are attempting to accomplish over the next several years when Calderon and Prigioni will be collecting social security.

The trade would benefit both teams and I don't see why Dolan and Prokhorov couldn't put their differences aside for a business deal that helps both.

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