Friday, April 18, 2014

Can they play the triangle?

Contrary what you might think I am sorry to see that the Knicks have ended their season.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching them get destroyed, they can't lose enough to satisfy me.

There was even a reporter in today's New York Daily News crying about the Knicks having turned down the Kyle Lowry trade with the Raptors as the reason why the season was lost. The same Kyle Lowry that Masai Ujiri, GM of the Raptors, reamed before the start of the season as being a loser who was wasting his talent.

That talk is being credited for waking Lowry up enough to play as well as he has this season but how do we know that he wouldn't have gone back to being a lazy asshole had he been sent to the Knicks as he watched what would have been his former team being successful without him.

It was a gamble not worth taking and certainly was not the reason why the Knicks sucked this year.

Amare' told the truth when he said that his teammates ignored Woodson, did their own things and lacked leadership.I love how the media can't handle the truth.

If the Knicks can't get rid of Smith and Anthony this off season Phil Jackson will have very little room to do anything other than hoping that the existing team can quickly master the triangle offense and become competitive immediately but I highly doubt you fans will see it happen..

Good luck

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