Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sniffing a championship

It is being reportd today by every major outlet that Carmelo anthony has decided to grace you Knicks fans with his presence for another 5 years at 129 million dollars.

As you know this is no surprise to me but I do find it interesting how Knicks fans now think they have some sort of chance of winning a championship in the near future.

Even that low life Sid Rosenburg is back on New York talk radio making excuses for Anthony's short comings and fantasizing aloud about how good a defensive player Carmelo really is. 

Although none of us has seen what old Sid is alluding to over the past 11 years.

Let me tell you what going to happen Sid.

The talent in Cleveland, Washington, Toronto and Indiana will keep the Knicks from sniffing a championship at least for the next six to seven years.

That means that Anthony will be long gone and a very wealthy man when those talented young teams and Lebron James begin to get old and start to wear down.

Lamar Odom was waived yesterday and out of New York its only a matter of time before the Fan gives Sid his walking papers too.

This might turn into a decent summer after all.

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